Top 15 Marketing Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2021

Gone are those days when we treated Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. as the platforms for communication only. At present, they are powerful tools for doing business and generating more profit.
Fortunately, most brands revalued the significance of marketing (especially, digital marketing) and started investing money in it. However, this is only half the success. Great marketing is impossible without great specialists. Fortunately, there are such.
It would be strange if marketing experts haven’t been building their personal brand on social media. In most cases, the moment comes when you want to share your experience and pass on your knowledge. This is one of the reasons why experts in this or that industry become influencers. There are also the influencers in marketing, of course, who help us stay informed on the latest marketing trends, learn new approaches, and contribute to our professional development.

We have compiled a list of the top marketing influencers to follow on Instagram to expand your expertise, get valuable insights, or inspiration.

No matter whether you a business owner, marketer, or someone who is not from this area, it will be useful for everyone to keep up with the greatest marketing professionals.

List of the best expert marketers you should start following on Instagram

Here is the list of the most famous marketers you should start following on Instagram. There are experts in all areas of marketing: traditional advertising, social media marketing, digital marketing, and content marketing, SEO, public relations, branding, and more.

Gary Vaynerchuk

It can be said without exaggeration that one of the greatest marketers in the world is Gary Vaynerchuk. You might know him as a serial entrepreneur, investor, the CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports, writer, and lecturer. However, he is also an expert in marketing and social media, especially. He was one of the first to introduce innovations into digital marketing and social media while managing New York-based companies VaynerMedia and VaynerX.

Gary’s Instagram account is filled with entrepreneurial wisdom and practical advice that is realized in inspiring short videos. If you want to assimilate experience from a marketing giant, start following Gary Vaynerchuk on Instagram right away!

Nathan Allen Pirtle

Nathan Allen Pirtle is an outstanding digital marketer, speaker, host, entrepreneur, and CEO of Work With The Coach, a leading digital media company. It advises industry-leading artists and companies such as Nicki Minaj, Gavin Rossdale, Apple Music, Youtube, Lil Wayne, BET Networks, and more.

Nathan believes that “his purpose is to help leaders understand how to use social media to connect authentically”.

“Nobody wants to be sold to on social media. When you engage with your fans in a genuine way, the fans will organically spark business”, – says Pirtle.

Nathan Allen Pirtle is one of the best online marketing professionals that you should start following if you want to become a better marketer.

Simon Sinek

It’s quite difficult to find a marketer who has never heard of the Golden Circle theory by Simon Sinek. If you are that rare person, I will explain what I am talking about. The Golden Circle model is used by many marketers and strategists to form a powerful brand’s value proposition. There are three questions at its core that you need to answer to build a great brand. What? How? Why? – these are the questions.

Besides a legendary model, Simon Sinek is also known as a coach, author, motivational speaker, and one of the top marketing influencers.

Simon’s Instagram account consists of quotes, marketing tips, inspiring videos where he shares his opinion on this or that topic as well as other content to help you and your business grow.

Do not miss one of the best marketers in the world!

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is an expert in entrepreneurship and business growth via building sales funnels. He is also a co-founder of a software company called ClickFunnels that is a service for creating marketing funnels. In a word, Russell Brunson knows firsthand how to generate leads, sell your products, and make a profit.

In addition, Russell is New York Times Bestselling Author who sold over 450,000 copies of his books, popularizing the concept of sales funnels.

Follow Russell Brunson on Instagram to dive deep into the topic of sales funnels, make your marketing expertise wider, and fuel your business.

Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is a business strategist who helps entrepreneurs grow social platforms. She is also the CEO of Social Curator that is a social media training as well as resources for business owners.

Jasmine is also a photographer who can tell you a lot about perfect visuals for social media. Being an Instagram marketer, she knows what your brand really needs for a great social media presence. On her account, she gives advice on branding, marketing, and also shares stories about her entrepreneurial journey.

“I left law school, picked up a camera, pursued curiosity, and built the business of my dreams. A decade later, I educate entrepreneurs on how to do the same” – says Jasmine.

Jasmine Star is a real motivator and inspirer. You just can’t pass her account by!

Neil Patel

If you work in the marketing industry, you are likely to hear about Neil Patel. He is one of the most successful online marketers, entrepreneurs, and marketing influencers. In addition, Neil Patel is also a New York Times bestselling author, and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by President Obama.

Being the expert in SEO, content, social media, and paid media, Neil Patel is also a co-founder of a digital marketing agency. Neil’s Instagram account is a mine of useful tips on digital marketing and everything in between in this area. All the content is conveniently arranged in cards, videos and pics to better seize the point.

Neil Patel has already built a large community of people interested in digital marketing. Will you also join?

Brian D. Evans

When it comes to entrepreneurship and digital marketing, Brian D. Evans often comes to mind. He is one of the most famous expert marketers, business consultants, and strategists. Brian has already helped a lot of companies advising on digital marketing, product development, sales and growth strategy, etc.

According to Inc. Magazine, Brian D. Evans is one of the most influential millennial entrepreneurs as well as Top Digital Marketer according to Forbes.

On his Instagram account, Brian shares inspiring quotes that look like tweets. If you want to get a dose of motivation from an expert who is really passionate about a lifetime of digital marketing experience, keep an eye on Brian D. Evans.

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a business and leadership expert. He is the founder of Michael Hyatt & Company with the goal in mind to help leaders get the focus they need to win at work and succeed in life.

Mike has experience in managing a $250 million dollar publishing company that was led through an economic recession to winning results.
Actually, Michael Hyatt is not a marketer in the classical sense. His main task is to help leaders change their mindset and teach them how to set the goal the way that will contribute to their business.

“I help leaders & their teams get the vision, alignment, and execution they need to win at work and succeed at life” – says Michael Hyatt.

Michael’s content on Instagram is not about brand awareness, sales funnels, or low cost per click. Nevertheless, he is focused on helping CEOs make changes to their productivity, and yield big results!

Mari Smith

Mari Smith is one of the world’s best experts on Facebook marketing. She is often called “the Queen of Facebook”, and believe, it’s the case. Besides, Mari is a strategist, speaker, and one of the social media marketing bloggers.

Mari and her team consult businesses around the world, helping accelerate their profits by integrating proven social media marketing strategies.

“I show you how to get high integrity exposure for your brand in front of your ideal audience” – says Mari.

Her educational posts on Instagram are really helpful and clarify a lot of details on Facebook marketing.

Follow her, and find out how to succeed in advertising applying the “Mari Method”.

Ann Handley

If you want to know how to create marketing magic that gets real-world results, start following Ann Handley. Being a digital marketing expert, writer, and speaker, this woman has already taught, inspired, and motivated a lot of people. Ann was named the world’s first Chief Content Officer aka a great content marketer. Her “Everybody Writes” and “Content Rules” books gained her the title of a Wall Street Journal best-selling author. She was named one of the most influential women in social media and a top blogger by “Forbes” which makes her a real queen of content marketing.

Follow her on Instagram for knowledge and inspiration to finally bring your content marketing to the next level!

Larry Kim

Lary Kim is one of the most recognizable online marketing professionals, the founder, and CEO of MobileMonkey marketing platform and WordStream Inc. MobileMonkey helps brands connect with customers on messaging platforms such as Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Website Chat, and others. WordStream is a leading provider of AdWords, Facebook, and keyword tools used by millions of marketers worldwide.

To cut a long story short, Lary Kim is a notable expert in the industry who has a lot to teach you. Being one of the best marketing specialists, he is definitely worthy of your attention!

Steve Mellor

Steve Mellor is an Instagram marketer, content creator, expert in influencer marketing, and educator of marketing strategy. His professional goal is to help everyone to build a highly engaged and profitable following through content.

Steve’s Instagram account is a real godsend for marketers. He shares lots of tips arranged in cards that help learn how to generate more traffic to your Instagram account, what mistakes to avoid as well as tells other Instagram growth hacks. If you are interested in thriving on Instagram, follow Steve Mellor, and finally find out how to succeed in this social media.

Dain Walker

Dain Walker is a digital marketer and brand strategist. He has founded As a full-service digital marketing agency – Victory Front with the goal to help business owners to achieve greatness through a brand.

Together with his team, Dain Walker builds strategies and solutions customized specifically to each individual business. Among the services of Victory Front there is Brand and Website Design, Marketing Strategy, Paid Ads Services, Social Media Creative, Content Production.

Dain actively publishes useful posts to his Instagram account. Following him, you will boost your expertise in branding and marketing for free.

Lauren Salaun

Lauren Salaun is is a PR and marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and healthy lifestyle expert. Lauren also calls herself “a visibility Pro” which means she knows how to elevate your brand’s visibility and stand out as an authority in the industry. She is also the founder of the public relations agency – Influence Impact – that can take on influencer marketing and social PR.
On her Instagram account, Lauren shares her tips and tricks on PR and influencer marketing as well as her personality pictures accompanied by texts about her life and business.

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy aka fementrepreneur is a content marketing expert, brand builder, 4x author, and educator. She is also the founder of Express Writers content creation agency and The Content Hacker education service. Among the clients of Julia’s agency, there are both growing names as well as big ones such as Johnson & Johnson and Nordstrom.

If you are looking for new knowledge on content marketing, SEO, and copywriting, Julia is that very expert to follow on Instagram.


Here are the top 15 marketing influencers on Instagram that are a must-follow if you want to learn, self-develop, and stay on top of marketing trends. All of them are notable experts in the industry and can be a great example to follow.

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