25 Best Content Creators on Instagram 2022

What is Instagram’s key to success? Undoubtedly, it is the variety and uniqueness of visual content added there. The modern audience isn’t already satisfied with blurry and low-quality images and videos, so users should use all their creativity and skills to offer something exclusive and visually appealing to others.

Where to look for inspiration and what content is appreciated more? One of the ways is to follow the best content creators on Instagram. Some people have found out how to attract more viewers and likes by making their posts outstanding. Do you want to learn their secret? This list of content creators has been made to offer everyone an opportunity to enjoy only awesome posts and get inspired by experts!

What is an Instagram content creator?

Basically, all Instagram users create some content. You can’t get your likes and views if you don’t post photos or videos. So what’s the difference between Instagram influencers and Instagram content creators.

Instagram content creator is a person who is specified on one type of content and could make it for other accounts.

For example, Zack King. He is a filmmaker posting funny videos with magic tricks (in fact, ingenious visual effects). His skills and dedication helped him to found a studio and collaborate with Disney, Apple, Sony, Nike and more.

So, an influencer is usually hired for the audience while a content creator is hired because of his or her skills (audience is a bonus). An Instagram content creator can make trends and be highly influential for the followers.

25 most inspiring content creators on Instagram

In fact, everyone who adds unique content to Instagram can be a content creator, but what differs successful creators from amateurs? Those who managed to understand what is wanted by the audience and which content caters specifically to some group of people often attract more followers and become influencers in one of the niches. They can boast an impressive following and cooperation with different brands as well as become inspiration for users who also want to reach recognition and success on Instagram. So who has taken top positions on the Instagram content creators list? Look at the following profiles.

1. Karen X – @karenxcheng



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Допис, поширений Karen X (@karenxcheng)

Karen X is an award-winning director with over 500 million views. She creates amazing videos for a variety of brands. She has collaborated with such world’s renowned companies as LG, Apple, Puma, Gucci, Gap, Adobe, Lego, and others. Her clips are irresistible and always go viral. Her video has been selected to be an official splash cover art for Adobe Premiere Rush. She has even received a commission from Instagram to make their Holiday campaign. She has also become popular thanks to shooting so-called “donut selfies” when a video is filmed by moving a phone in a circular motion.

2. Julian Bass – @thejulianbass

Visual effects


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Допис, поширений Julian.aep (@thejulianbass)

The Instagram profile of Julian bursts with an abundance of colors though the number of posts isn’t very big. The majority of his unique visuals are spread across several social media channels, but the most popular ones are special effect videos and they can be found on IG too.

Julian is a student of Georgia State University who is a fan of superhero movies. He has developed editing and visual graphics skills himself and created a video that attracted the attention of Disney Bosses. This video has been also forwarded to Industrial Light & Magic, the famed animation and special effects firm, so Julian’s amazing videos may be soon watched not only on IG and TikTok.

3. Kevin Parry – @kevinbparry

Stop-motion animator


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Допис, поширений Kevin Parry (@kevinbparry)

Kevin is a stop-motion animator and video wizard who impresses people with amazing video effects. He is a professional based in Toronto, Canada and he creates videos based on emojis and high-quality animations. His animation skills have been used in such popular films as the Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings, Missing Link. He specializes in mind-blowing illusions and mesmerizing stop-motion and can boast over 1 million subscribers on each of the most popular social media platforms. He has even developed a stop-motion course for newbies interested in filmmaking and animation.

4. Hermon & Heroda – @being__her

A fashion-meets-travel bloggers


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Допис, поширений Deaf Twins • Hermon & Heroda © (@being__her)

Though it is difficult to spot this fact at first glance, these two amazing models are deaf twins. They lost the ability to hear others at 7 and now being 34 they can boast blossoming careers in modeling and acting. Currently, they are successful black fashion bloggers whose message to others sounds as follows: you should embrace disability, not hide from it. In their blog, they model affordable urban and traditional Eritrean outfits and inspire others to look amazing even wearing reasonably priced clothes. All their IG posts break barriers and their sense of style has attracted several popular brands to these influencers. Sisters can be proud of their partnership with Invisalign UK and F+F. They have also been featured in Vogue too.

5. Olivier Wong – @wonguy974

Travel photographer


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Допис, поширений Olivier Wong (@wonguy974)

A true creator who is also a travel photographer has already inspired lots of people to share only the best posts on IG. His follower number is over 800k people and his IG account is devoted entirely to his fabulous photographs. They include portraits, hotels, prints, trips to Greece, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc.

Olivier is from Paris so the core of his collection is amazing photos of his native city. He has even created open and limited edition prints to get inspired with. The majority of his creations are lifestyle and street photographs with a remarkable play of light, shades, colors, and backgrounds. It is enough to look at several examples of his masterpieces, and you’ll fall in love with his wonderful style.

6. Amanda Cerny – @amandacerny



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Допис, поширений Amanda 𝕮𝖊𝖗𝖓𝖞 (@amandacerny)

Do you want to look at a real witch? Amanda Cerny suggests getting a daily dose of happiness for her multi-million audience with gorgeous images she posts. Being an actress and UN ambassador she used to be a wife of the month in Playboy magazine back in 2011. Now she makes funny videos to let people smile and enjoy their free time. Her IG profile has reached the top of the five most-viewed Instagram story accounts in the world. She has partnered up with many popular brands and directed, written and produced over 3k comedic skits and music videos showcasing famous actors, top chart musicians, and the most influential personalities online.

7. Zach King – @zachking

Visual effects


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Допис, поширений Zach King (@zachking)

Calling himself an author of the digital content Zach’s audience includes over 24 million people. The main thing that attracts these people is his funny stories that make people smile.

Zach is a US-based filmmaker famous for his magic tricks. He is the owner of King Studio that has partnered with many popular brands including Disney, Apple, Sony, Nike, Coca-Cola, and others. He has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,

Good Morning America, Adweek, and People. He is recognized as a motivator for many beginner filmmakers thanks to his extraordinary approach and love for short-form content.

8. Liza Koshy – @lizakoshy



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Допис, поширений Liza Koshy (@lizakoshy)

Do you want to hear witty jokes from a beautiful and funny lady? Liza Koshy is ready to make you laugh. She is a US actress, comedian, and TV star. She began to add funny content on Vine back in 2013 and now she is one of the most-viewed comics on Youtube. Vogue has added Liza to the top 7 female comics everyone should know and she has won four Streamy Awards, Kids ‘Choice Award’, and Teen Choice Awards.

Her IG account includes almost 2k posts while the follower number has almost reached 20k million. Every post of this tender sweety is a masterpiece of humor, so let yourself smile more often by following her too.

9. James Charles – @jamescharles

Make-up artist


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Допис, поширений James Charles (@jamescharles)

James is a popular make-up expert and model who has become the first boy to be an official face of “Cover Girl”. His Youtube channel is dedicated to unbelievable makeup ideas, and lots of his work examples are displayed on Instagram too. There are over 24 million people following his account there.

James is an award-winning make-up enthusiast who participated in Los Angeles fashion week and cooperated with Morphe Cosmetics. He has also been remembered for a conflict with Tatty Westbrook and his gay and transgender experience.

10. Nikkie De Jager – @nikkietutorials

Make-up artist


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Допис, поширений NikkieTutorials (@nikkietutorials)

Another make-up professional is Nikkie De Jager whose IG account is followed by over 15 million people. She is a talented artist who teaches others how to become a guru in this niche. Her Youtube channel has been online since 2008, but her breakthrough in her career was a video called “The Power Of Makeup” released in 2015. It has gone viral and attracted lots of popular brands to her personality. She has even shot videos with several celebrities and was recognized as one of the top most influential people in the beauty sphere by Forbes.

11. Negin Mirsalehi – @negin_mirsalehi

Fashion influencer


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Допис, поширений Negin Mirsalehi (@negin_mirsalehi)

Negin is a fashion blogger born in Amsterdam in a family of Iran origin. She has started her blog back in 2012 and her main features were a romantic and sexy look. She calls her style an everyday elegance and over 6 million people have already appreciated it on Instagram. She has cooperated with many popular brands including Dolce&Gabbana, Forever 21, Dior, L’Oreal, Temptu Ferragamo, Revolve и Lancôme, as well as adorned the covers of several popular magazines too. Her love for fashion encouraged Mirsalehi to create her own brand called Gisou. She is also 30 on Forbes among people who are under 30.

12. Julie Sirinana – @sincerelyjules

Fashion influencer


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Допис, поширений JULIE SARIÑANA (@sincerelyjules)

This gorgeous girl from California can boast an extensive following on IG since her audience is over 6 million people. She is a lifestyle and fashion blogger who offers her own vision of the latest trends and shares how to look up-to-date in the clothes of popular brands. She is also a founder of Colordebt brand that offers vegan nail polish!

Julie launched her fashion blog in 2009 when she assisted several celebrity stylists while studying at college. She does the things she genuinely loves and doesn’t consider it work – it’s her favorite hobby!

13. Mike – @witness

Travel photographer


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Допис, поширений Mike (@witness)

Mike is a travel photographer based out of NYC. His IG account contains spectacular photos of the most impressive places on the planet including the Maldives, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and others. He has an impressive collection of breathtaking wallpapers, and each picture of his is characterized by a burst of amazing shades and colors. He has formed close bonds with his followers using the approaches of virality, scheduled meetups, Live Q&A Sessions and can boast collaboration with Visit Aruba (tourism).

14. Don – @vxfashion



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Допис, поширений DON 🧠EDUCATION📚is King🤴🏿 (@vxfashion)

Don is a photographer and creative person who helps people build their talents. He also refers himself to marketing, managing, life coaching, the fashion industry, and so on. He has established the Vx Fashion brand that helps to promote online marketing and generate leads organically.

His IG account is not very informative, but it gives a clear image of Don and his activity.

15. VladTV – @vladtv



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Допис, поширений VladTV (@vladtv)

Looking for the latest celebrity news and interviews? VladTV is definitely the IG account you should follow then. This man has created a source of videos that open the truth about celebrities. All his videos are gathered on the official website, though some short pieces of them can be watched on Instagram too. His audience is calculated in hudreds of thousands people and it is constantly growing because his content is really fresh and shocking.

16. Vivi Castrillon – @vvcastrillon.fit


Despite not being a fitness trainer Vivi has selected a healthy style of life and promotes it to over 700k people subscribed to her account. This hot babe from Miami, Florida has participated in beauty contests and now she is also a model and a TV star who helps others to be fit and slim by making physical activities. She was also recognized as a winner of the Miss Playboy TV Star Contest and traveled to over 150 countries as a spokesperson. Currently, she is the third most followed Colombian woman on Instagram, while her OnlyFans account is an attraction for many guys too.

17. Traveling Hoppy – @travelinghoppy



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Допис, поширений Traveling Hoppy (@travelinghoppy)

If you think that only slim models attract the big audience on IG, you are mistaken. It is enough to look at a plus-size model known as Traveling Hoppy on the web. This blonde beauty from Denver calls herself a lifestyle content creator and her daily images have already attracted over 600k viewers. She enjoys traveling and shares eye-catching photographs from different corners of the world!

18. Andrea Russet – @andrearussett



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Допис, поширений andrea russett (@andrearussett)

When you access Andrea’s profile on IG, you will be surprised by what makes it different from others. However, this girl managed to attract over 5 million people with her lifestyle content and continues to impress online. Being originally the Internet personality with a focus on music and DJ experience, this girl has dived into songwriting in 2020 and released her first songs. She began her blogger career in 2009 and now takes a decent position in the world’s music industry.

19. Lily MayMac – @lilymaymac



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A post shared by lilymaymac (@lilymaymac)

A stunning beauty from Sydney called Lily has achieved success online thanks to her modeling career. She has also released her lipstick line called LilyMayMac. Currently, she showcases her the events of her life on social media and her net is estimated at over $500k. She has worked with such popular brands as Oscar Wylee, General Pants Co, Bondi Sands, and others. She joined IG in 2012 and now can boast over 4 million followers there.

20. Rickey Thompson – @rickeythompson



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Допис, поширений Rickey Thompson (@rickeythompson)

The audience of over 5 million is an achievement of a popular actor, comedian, and Internet personality Rickey Thompson. He has become appreciated by millions thanks to posting comedic videos. Originally, he grew as an influencer on Vine and then transferred his activity to Instagram. He was also filmed in the Youtube series called Foursome and appeared in music videos and designer runway shows. Rickey is also very interested in fashion and does not hide being gay.

21. Caspar Lee – @caspar_lee

Videos and interviews


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Допис, поширений Caspar Lee (@caspar_lee)

Caspar introduces himself to the audience as a person who creates stuff with good people. This young and handsome guy was born in England and raised in South Africa. He became popular thanks to his Youtube channel that features celebrity interviews, sketches, and musings. He can boast collaboration with wordl’s renowned stars including d Sheeran, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, Kevin Hart, and Anna Kendricks. Caspar also established several companies and achieved great success in business being listed in the Forbes top 30 under 30 years. Now his IG audience is over 2 million people and lots of people are looking for inspiration from him.

22. Jack Morris – @doyoutravel



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Допис, поширений JACK MORRIS (@doyoutravel)

Being a businessman in Madrid Jack has also organized his blog where he shares the pictures from his trips. Traveling all around the globe with his girlfriend he became one of the most successful bloggers whose annual income is estimated at over $1 million. Now he is a popular travel influencer with a state-of-art IG account. Jack captures natural beauty everywhere he travels and shares it with millions of his followers.

23. Kelsey Calemine – @fatherkels



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Допис, поширений kelsey (@fatherkels)

A truly appealing content can be found by males on Kelsey’s IG page. This fabulous lady has become a famous internet celebrity by posting pictures of herself. Her pretty face has attracted not only over 2 million followers but also stars including Lucy Hale. She attracts viewers by displaying her latest styles and new hairdoes.

24. Summer McKeen – @summermckeen

Make up, fashion


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Допис, поширений sums (@summermckeen)

A girl known as Summer has started her Youtube channel focusing on makeup, fashion, and making videos. Being only 22, she is an enthusiast of different girly things and her audience number has already beaten the 2 million threshold on IG. Summer has also appeared in the web series called Afterschooled and became a partner in the channel called Style Haul.

25. Luka Sabbat – @lukasabbat



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Допис, поширений Mr. Fallback (@lukasabbat)

An actor and an influential American model Luka Sabbat can boast collaboration with popular US brands including Warren Lotas and YEEZY. Being a New York native Sabbat calls himself a stylist, creative director, design director, actor, model, etc. He used to work as a stylist for John Galliano and was exposed to fashion since childhood. In 2016 he teamed up with Noah Dillon to create their own brand Hot Mess which has collaborated with American Apparel. Currently, the account of Luka is followed by over 2 million people and he continues to surprise them with high-quality photos and content.


Instagram can boast a variety of quality creators but not all of them managed to receive worldwide recognition and attract a multi-million audience to their accounts. This list of creators includes those personalities who made themselves influential and continue to deliver inspiring content that is interesting to the public.

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