Top 25 Successful Couple Instagram Influencers to Follow in 2021

If you pay attention, you will notice that couple photos get more likes and prompt people to engage with “they’re happy together Instagram pics” more actively. Probably, this is the magic of love, or probably something else. To put it shortly, this inexplicable force has a huge impact on people and makes them closely follow the life of two lovers on social media. Would you like to take a look at those charming duos?

Let’s get acquainted with the most popular couple Instagram influencers that amaze with their incredibly wonderful photos and give an illustrative example that there is nothing more heartwarming in this world than a loving couple looking at each other with admiration.

Be careful, the level of romantic vibes in this article is off the scale!

The most famous Instagram couples. Who are they?

Here is the selection of the prettiest, and the cutest young couples on Instagram. They work, travel, spend free time, train, create, do nothing or do something weighty together, and share their couple moments on social media. Lots of inspiration and pleasing to the eye content is guaranteed!

Raquel & Miguel (@explorerssaurus_)

Love and travel, travel and love – this is an unofficial slogan of Raquel and Miguel! This is the most followed, therefore, one of the most famous Instagram couples. Their travel pics are good enough for a magazine cover and harmony between them serves as a great example for every relationship.

Raquel and Miguel are from Portugal but it’s hard to understand from their account. They don’t stay in one place for a long time.

Raquel and Miguel have launched several projects: a clothing brand, an online academy (together with the next couple on our list), and a sale of photo filters (presets). What a match!

Marie & Jake (@mariefeandjakesnow)

Marie and Jake are an Australian-German couple that lives in Bali. It’s not that easy to keep jealousy to yourself looking at their magical pics. They are lovely when posing for a frame, they are cute when training together, and they are so inspiring when kissing somewhere in a spectacular place. Marie once confessed that she met Jake after the worst period in her life. “It taught me that no matter how bad it is now, happiness can be right around the corner! Don’t give up and always believe in the best!” said the woman. You can contemplate the result of Marie’s belief right now.

Domi & Frida (@weloveourlife)

It seems this couple has traveled all over the world! Domi and Frida position themselves as high-end travel content creators. And they are, no exaggeration! Their adoration of each other is felt through the screen.

Along with colourful shots, the guys share tips on what to see in a particular city, where it is better to stay, and what entertainment to choose. Domi and Frida also share short stories about their relationship to make their blog useful from a psychological side.

Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís (@drcuerda + @anniset)

Anna and Daniel have two separate accounts on Instagram. However, this article would be incomplete without them. These two are an amazing duo of artists, storytellers, photography makers, and world explorers. Their accounts are a rave of colour, unique ideas, and a dose of inspiration. There is no point in introducing this couple for a long time. Just take a look, and you will be glued to their accounts. Each pic is a masterpiece!

Murad and Nataly Osmann (@followmeto)

You are likely to know this legendary couple. If not, you must have seen at least one of their recognizable photos. Murad holds Nataly by the hand against the background of beautiful places, as if urging people to follow them.

At present, they have one of the most famous couple travel blogs on Instagram. In addition, Murad and Nataly organize unique trips (take a look here), have a YouTube channel, and continue to inspire people to travel, create, and love.

Christina & Robert (@newdarlings)

Stylish, cute, and creative – these three adjectives describe this couple in the best way. Christina and Robert are wife and husband from Arizona. They have a sweet baby Oliver who often appears in their Instagram account. They are the advocates of slow life who prefer to enjoy it in a family circle. On their Instagram account, Christina and Robert share a lot of things: from nice details that make part of their apartment to tips on parenthood. Oh, yes, and their shots from the desert are absolutely amazing!

Katerina & Yinon (@katerinandyinon)

Katerina (from Bulgaria) and Yinon (from Israel) met each other in New York. It was a meeting by chance that radically changed the lives of both. At present, Katerina and Yinon are among the top Instagram couples that explore the world together and have turned this passion into a business. They sell their photo filters as well as have their own story editing app. “Just trying to make you feel things” is written in the couple’s Instagram BIO. What a great mission!

Polina Brz & Alexander Lapuk (@polinabrz + @alexander_lapuk)

These guys from St. Petersburg are real wanderlusters and explorers of the world. They don’t have a couple Instagram account but regularly share “together pics” in their personal ones. Being a photographer and illustrator, Polina has a knack for setting the frame, editing pics, and getting incredible photos as a result. Check it out, and you will see that I do not exaggerate.

Even when Polina and Alexander stay in their native city, they manage to produce great content! Just take a look at their super cozy home pics. So warm and so nice!

Johannes & Vivian (@jovi_travel)

Vivian and Johannes are a couple from Germany living in Bali. It is clear from the first sentence that their photos on Instagram are most likely fantastic. Besides incredible locations and pics to save, they share their stories about life in Bali and describe everything that is going on with them. I can’t take my eyes off them, and you?

Hannah & Nick (@saltinourhair)

Hanna and Nick invite everyone to travel through their eyes. Sounds like an offer we cannot refuse. These two creatives produce so adorable content that it’s difficult not to be jealous. Showing incredible corners of the world, Hanna and Nick have already gained recognition as one of the best social media couples and the owners of a great couple travel blog. They sell their photo filters to help you make your pics as stunning as they do.

Scott & Collette (@roamaroo)

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Worldwide represented by Scott and Collette! They are “a husband and wife who are hopelessly in love with each other and with the world”. These two are travel journalists and travel hosts who have appeared on Disney, Travel Channel, and BBC. “We rented our house, quit our jobs, and threw caution to the wind all with an end goal of viewing the world and all its wonders”, share Scott and Colette. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Our planet through the eyes of this travel couple is incredible. Take my word for it or check out their Instagram account.

Charlie & Lauren (@charlieandlauren_)

Charlie and Lauren are a British travel couple creating to inspire. And they do the job so well! Their couple pics from around the world are so vivid and colorful that I just want to jump off the bed and join them. Charlie and Lauren have a little narrowboat and a stealth campervan, therefore, their journeys are very exciting and unusual.

Xavier & Katie Ritzi (@xkflyaway)

These guys are digital content creators based in LA. Their travel pics are real pieces of art: shots of underwater kisses or pictures at the sunset take my breath away! Xavier and Katie are real inspiration for everyone who dreams of vibrant travels holding the hand of the dearest person.

Kelly & Kody (@positravelty)

Adventure, art, positivity, and love – these are the main bricks Kelly and Kody build their lives from. They travel the world and capture their journeys, and share on social media, seasoning with tasty stories. This cute couple on Instagram also deserves the title of a very sporty and fit couple on Instagram. Their sculptured bodies are worthy of the rhapsodies of praise.

“When you believe in yourself you can do anything you set your mind to”, say Kelly and Kody. Do you believe?

Sion Walton-Guest & Ben Walton-Guest (@theglobetrotterguys)

Ben and Sion are one of the most famous gay couples on Instagram. Posing on the beach or having fun in the apartment, these guys are nice to look at in any setting. Sion and Ben have launched their own project – an agency that organizes gay sailing trips. Positive, funny and so much in love. Check them out!

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Here are 25 couples that are so much in love and it makes them look impressive and inspiring! Choose your favourite couple from our list of love Instagram accounts, and make them an example to follow in your relationship. Love, be loved, and explore the world (and each other) with your better half!

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