8 Best Instagram Influencer Email Templates

It has been already proved a thousand times that influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools to reach your target audience, increase your brand awareness, strengthen your position in the market, and save your money above all. Once you came up with an idea of a striking marketing campaign and selected the right blogger for it, start crafting an email to attract his attention and persuade him to collaborate with your brand.

Here are our pieces of advice on how to start the dialogue with opinion leaders and illustrative examples of influencer email templates to reach them out and certainly get a response as a part or influencer outreach strategy.

How to write an eye-catching email to influencer? Tips & Tricks

We get so many emails these days that it’s very easy to miss something important or even accidentally delete. Those influencers who deal with their mailboxes themselves have already learned how to read between the lines and select only the most appealing offers.

Let’s delve into details and find out the tricks of relevant and persuasive emails.

  • Rough copy first. Make a rough copy of the email to define what you want to say and crystallize your ideas. Deep thinking will help clarify your questions, make it easier for an influencer to give the right answers, and prevent misunderstanding. Drafts also help avoid errors and typos that usually negatively affect your image in the eyes of the interlocutor.
  • Always write the subject of your email in a specially designed line. If it is your first appeal to the influencer, come up with an informative and complete subject line but not too long. In case you have the thread of emails, stick to the same subject not to get lost in a myriad of emails or come up with a new one. The more understandable is the topic, the faster the interlocutor will open the message.
  • Use appropriate greeting including the name of an influencer, and honorifics if it is in order. Avoid being very informal as it is business correspondence and you are writing with a business offer after all.
  • Avoid unnecessary details. Keep your email short but provide an influencer with details. This will show that you respect the person’s time and are not going to waste it. Describe who you are, the reason you are writing for, and what kind of collaboration you would like to offer. Make an accent on the explanation of why he is a perfect match for your campaign, including some proofs. For example, some pieces of content he has already produced. Also, clarify what you can offer in return: free products or services, discounts, commission, etc.
  • Use personalized emails. You can use very simple substitution, like name or username, or collect more information about the influencer and use it in your template. For example: “We’ve seen your post about {{post}}, so we’ve supposed we have much in common”. {{post}} is a substitution. It means that you export this data in your email tool with the influencer’s name and email to make the letter more personal.
  • Attach more materials. If you have some additional materials about your campaign, send them as attached files not to overload the letter. In case your email provokes influencer’s interest, he will definitely look them through.
  • Be polite and thankful for the time and attention, an influencer has spent on your email.
  • Include the signature with your name and the name of the company you work for, your post, and contact details.

There is different digital etiquette for different countries. The basic rule is to pitch the influencer you need to use a channel, this influencer added in his bio. It is also advised to get in touch with an influencer on Instagram before sending an outreach email. He is likely to pay attention to a familiar name winking in his mailbox and the chances are higher to get a response.

Keep in mind: the key ingredients of successful outreach emails are politeness, conciseness filled with details, and personalization. Avoid undue familiarity, include clear explanations, and season with personalized touch based on your knowledge of influencer’s preferences and communication style.

Never give up if you have not got a reply. Do not hesitate to send a follow-up email or come with other creative methods to reach an influencer up. Produce a video message or deliver a gift with your offer. All the techniques depend on how interested you are in a particular influencer.

Email Template for Influencers’ Agents

Since the CEO of any company has a personal assistant or secretary, so absolutely the same influencers have their own agents who deal with organizational issues. They often create separate Instagram accounts, mentioning that they are managed by the assistant. Usually, there is an email address to send your cooperation offers to. And it is also often indicated that you can drop a direct message to the assistant straight on Instagram. It seems like there is nothing special and complicated to reach the person needed. However, you need to stick to some rules to get the desired results. Basically, most of them are the same as written above. Politeness, genuine interest in this particular influencer and the proofs, clarity in thoughts and understanding of what you need to get from the person will help you succeed.

Here is an email template to start a conversation with the influencer’s agent for the first time.

Good morning [name],
Hope you have enjoyed the Christmas holidays and are full of energy and enthusiasm to start a new year.
My name is July from [name] company, and I am the marketing manager. We are among the top organic brands in [country]. Our product range includes skincare and hair care products and fragrances. As far as I know, you are the right hand of [name of influencer], and the person who she confides in. On behalf of our brand, I would like to make a collaboration offer to [the name of influencer]. We met each other at the event [ name of the event] in December, and she was quite interested in our products. At the moment, we are about to introduce a new range of skincare products with avocado and glacier water to the market and would like to invite [name of influencer] to become an integral part of our marketing campaign. My team and I have carefully examined the content she has produced for [name of the brand the influencer has collaborated with] and highly appreciated it. Such a creative and well-thought approach resonates with our brand and it seems we look in the same direction.

Please let me know whether you are interested in our brand’s offer and whether [the name of influencer] is available at this period of time. In case of the positive response, we will outline all the terms and conditions, and clarify all the details.

Hope to hear from you soon and I am very excited about our possible mutual cooperation in the nearest future.

Have an inspiring day!

July Johns

General Influencer Collaboration Email Template

write email

This is a kind of email to introduce your company and a marketing campaign you would like to engage a social media star in. Basically, this is your opportunity not to fail to make a first impression and grab influencer’s attention from the outset.

Good morning [name],
Hope you have already enjoyed a cup of your favorite green tea, and will be able to spare a few minutes for me.
My name is Jane from [name] company. We are among the best manufacturers of natural and organic cosmetics in the USA. At present, we are about to introduce a new range of skincare products with avocado and glacier water to the market and would like to invite you to become an integral part of our marketing campaign. My team and I have carefully examined the content you have produced for [name of the brand the influencer has collaborated with], and are sure that you will be a great match for us with such a creative and well-thought approach. In a word, we would like to offer you a collaboration with our company if you are interested and have time.

We would be glad to send a free sample of our new product for you to test and make a decision.

Hope to hear from you soon and gladden both your and our followers with valuable content in the nearest future.

Have an inspiring day!

Jane Quinn

The Follow-up Email Template

This is an email template to use when you have an intention to remind about your letter and are still waiting for a response. Avoid being annoying but one follow-up email is a good idea to pay influencer’s attention to your offer.

Hello [name],
Hope you are in a good mood today despite rainy and dull weather outside.
This is Jane from [name] company.
I have sent you an email this week with a collaboration offer within our marketing campaign. Have you already managed to look it through?
It would be great if we could start a mutually beneficial partnership as you are a perfect fit for our brand. Hope to become the same for you.

Reach me via this email or via phone mentioned below to discuss the details.

Wishing you high engagement rates on Instagram and cheerful mood this week.

Jane Quinn

The Free Sample Instagram Email Template

Influencer email

Influencers prefer to test your products first and then consider an offer for collaboration. And this is not because they are spoilt. They just want to assure themselves of the quality and relevance of your product to display in front of their audience.

Hello [name],
Hope this letter finds you well.
This is Jane from [name] company. We have recently met at [name] event. I am that fair-haired woman in a white midi dress. [include such a personalized touch if there is one]

I am writing to you with an offer for mutual collaboration. Our marketing department has already come up with an appealing idea that is likely to resonate with you. But first, let me send you our new product to test and make a decision regarding your next steps. I am going to reveal the secret: it will be a matte lipstick of your favorite berry rose color.

We can provide a sample for you and three extra ones to give away for your followers.

Let me know if you are interested in the affair.

Have an inspiring day!

Jane Quinn

The Sneak Peek Email Template

This is the kind of email that is impossible not to pay attention to. You provide an influencer with a privileged position informing him about a novelty before it goes public. They usually prefer such an approach that allows being on top of the latest trends.

Hello [name],
Jane from [company name] is on air. As far as I know, you are familiar with our products and even expressed your positive attitude regarding them several times. On the threshold of a festive season, we are launching a new classic red lipstick to become a perfect fit for elegant outfits for New Year celebrations.

Thought that you would be glad to know it first. The lipstick will appear in the boutique next week. Stay tuned!

Have a nice day!

Jane Quinn

The Guest Post Email Template

Instagram Influencers
Guest post or sometimes called guest blog makes part of SEO strategy. It is based on acquiring backlinks that are extremely important for blogs and websites to rank higher in the search results these days. You can write a letter to an influencer with a suggestion to shelter your post on his blog, for example.

Hello [name],
We don’t know each other, but it seems I have been your close friend for many years. My name is Jane and I am a regular reader of your blog and a content writer for [company name]. Yesterday I finished writing a blog-post [Blog Post Title], which might be a great addition to your blog. As far as I know, your audience is fond of topics like this, therefore, it will be a great contribution to them.

Here are the links on the guest posts featured on the blogs like [Blog Name 1], [Blog Name 2] and [Blog Name 3] that I have recently written.

Don’t you mind if I send you the draft of my blog-post to look through?

Waiting eagerly to listen from you soon.

Thanks and Regards,

The Affiliate Marketing Email Template

Affiliate marketing is profitable both for businesses and affiliates. Influencers like to become part of affiliate programs because it guarantees them passive income. Basically, they partner with brands, encourage their followers to buy particular products, and then get commission or payments based on the number of customers they brought to the business.

Hello [name],
Hope this letter finds you well.
My name is Jane and I am a marketing manager at [company name]. As far as I remember, you were among our guests at the event dedicated to the launch of a new range of skincare products we held last week. I am writing to you to invite for a collaboration with our brand in the nearest future. We are sure that both of us could benefit from our mutual partnership. Would it be interesting for you to join us as an affiliate partner?
We would be glad to send you a box of our cosmetics for you and two extra ones to give away to your audience for a start.

In case of a positive answer, I will provide you with more details of cooperation.

Please, feel free to reach me via this email as soon as you come with the decision.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Have a wonderful day!

Best regards,
Jane Chapman

Influencer Event Invitation Email Template

Invitation email
Companies usually hold theme events and invite influencers to attend them. Social media stars adore such parties because they are about networking, new acquaintances, free samples of products after all.

Dear [name],
[company name] was missing you! Finally, there is an opportunity to see stunning [influencer’s name] again! We are holding our annual event Best [company name] Beauty Conference on the 20th of December and would like to invite you to share this day with us. The conference starts at 10 a.m. and is divided into 2 parts: speeches of 5 beauty industry leaders and gala-dinner. Lots of gifts and surprises are waiting for each participant of the event as well. I will attach the ultimate guide of the conference with the line-up, topics of speeches, and other details.

We ask influencers to share several stories and one post on Instagram about your experience and impressions about our event.
We have a limited number of free tickets for influencers that is why I would be very grateful to know whether you agree with our offer and whether you will be able to attend the event.

Looking forward to your answer.

Have a wonderful day!

Best regards,
Jane Chapman

Brand Ambassador Email Template

It is always pleasant for influencers to be chosen as the face of the brand which aligns with their values and preferences. Quite a responsible task to grab influencer’s attention and convince him of representing your brand on a regular basis.

Dear [name],
I am Jane from [company name]. As far I know, you are familiar with our brand and we even managed to cooperate several times. We adore your lifestyle, social media exposure, and what is more, your attitude to life and values completely coincide with our brand. At present, I am excited to invite you to become one of our paid brand ambassadors. You wonder what the perks are of collaboration with [company name].

  • You will receive a particular number of clothes before it goes public.
  • Get invitations to exclusive events in the country and abroad.
  • Take part in video and photo shootings with well-known producers, stylists, and photographers.
  • Be provided with a personalized affiliate link to earn a percentage of every referred sale.
  • You will get additional bonuses due to ammount of sales.

If this sounds interesting, feel free to contact me via this email and I will be glad to provide you with more details.

Jane Quinn


Now you know how to write email to Instagram influencer. Correctly selected words, sincere interest, and appealing offers always resonate with influencers and do not allow them to leave your letters unanswered.

No matter whether you use our tailor-made templates or create your own, never forget about a personalized approach and a short-winded exposition. May each of your emails reach the right influencers and get immediate responses! Use trendHERO to find, check and even outrech influencers:

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