Top 27 Family Instagram Influencers to Follow in 2022

Does it seem to you that there are already influencers from any niche on Instagram? Yes, that’s right, there are. The development of a personal brand on social media is at its peak now.

Everyone is trying to tell his story and share his experience. Fashion and beauty influencers, travel and business bloggers are doing their best to show their unique vision of the world and attract more followers. Family influencers and their cute children are also shining bright on Instagram. Besides sharing nice pics, mothers and fathers share their opinions about parenting, give advice or just entertain their audiences, shooting funny videos.

Who are they, the most famous family Instagram influencers? Let’s glimpse into their lives!

List of the most famous family influencers on Instagram

Look through our list of the top family Instagram influencers and get acquainted with incredibly cool family tribes.

Austin McBroom & Catherine Paiz (@austinmcbroom, @catherinemcbroom)


Both Austin and Catherine have their personal accounts. The fact that they don’t have one common family profile on Instagram has not influenced their popularity. Together with their children Elle, Alaïa & Steel they have one of the top family blogs. They became famous thanks to their YouTube channel and later got an audience on Instagram. These guys from California are an example of a happy family that goes crazy, makes fun, visits interesting places and just shares the most important moments together. “When we have each other, we have everything!” – writes Austin under one of the posts. I have nothing to add, honestly.

Savannah Rose LaBrant & Cole LaBrant (@sav.labrant, @cole.labrant)


Cole and Savannah are husband and wife from California. They have three adorable kids, thus, know a lot about parenting. Their “together pics” are like the covers of glossy magazines about families. It’s pure pleasure to look at them. Besides Instagram where they share their family moments, The LaBrant Family has also a YouTube channel with a large audience. They are religious and often refer to the Bible proverbs in their posts.

Roman Atwood (@romanatwood)



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Roman Atwood is a popular YouTuber who also has millions of followers on Instagram. He is a father of two boys – Noah and Kane and a girl Cora. He produces family-friendly and kid-friendly content along with making fun. He is known as a prankster as well but his focus was shifted to the family some time ago. Roman’s credo is “Family First”, therefore, everyone who shares his values will be a perfect match to his community.

The Bucket List Family (@thebucketlistfamily)


This is the most known travelling family in the digital space who has one of the top family travel blogs. Garret and Jessica are family travel journalists who left home to discover the world together with their three kids. They want to show their children the most wonderful places on Earth and make their lives an amazing journey. Their way of life and vibrant pics take millions of followers’ breaths away and make them get off the couch, pack a suitcase and set off on a journey. Check yourself!

The Bee Family (@ehbeefamily)



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Family. Friendly. Fun. This is what this family from Toronto preaches. Andres (father), Rosanna (mom), Roberto (son), and Gabriela (daughter) became popular on Vine, and later on YouTube and Instagram. In 2015, they even won the Armstrong Vine Award Grand Prize. The Eh Bee Family are fond of challenges and other crazy things to do with their kids. Their main goal is to entertain their audience and make family life funnier.

Anna Saccone (@annasaccone)



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Being a wife of Jonathan and a mum of four, Anna Saccone is definitely good at the area of raising kids. There are also 6 Maltese dogs in the family, therefore, it’s quite big. They often appear in the same clothes as pyjamas in the pics, and it looks sooo cute.

On her Instagram account, Anna tells life stories, shares cute videos, and inspires everyone who has kids to treat their families as the most precious gift.

Amber Fillerup Clark (@amberfillerup)


Amber is a famous hairstylist who has founded two businesses: hair care products and clip-in extensions for hair volume & length. Her Instagram account is the photo album of family pics, life stories, beauty, and fashion. Together with her husband, three kids, and a dog, Amber lives in Arizona. “Being a mom is always my first priority”, – says Amber. And I can understand her. Having such adorable kids and a caring husband, it can’t be otherwise.

Familia Diamond (@familiadiamond)


Would you like to be one of the diamonds in the collection of this family? Be their guest! Sdiezel, Esthalla, Txunamy, Diezel, Solage, and Baby Ranger will show you how a perfect family looks. Besides Instagram, the Ortiz family is popular on TikTok and YouTube. Their element is funny videos. However, cute pics on Instagram also show them from the other side – strong and warm relationships within the family.


Carly Waddell (@carlywad)



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Carly Waddel is a singer, YouTuber, the part of the Bachelor, and mom of two sweet kids. Her Instagram account is mostly dedicated to her daughter and son, therefore, our list of family Instagrams can’t do without Carly. “My life is a constant balancing act between being a wife, a mommy, and taking time for myself!” – says Carly. It seems to me that she does great with that.

Shay Butler (@shaycarl)



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Shay Butler is a happy father in a big family that consists of seven members. Their YouTube channel The SHAYTARDS brought them fame. However, they are also a famous insta family. “If life’s worth living then it’s worth recording!!!” – is written on the “About” section on their YouTube channel. Shay regularly documents their family moments and shows to the wide audience that being happy together is the thing that everyone should strive for.

N O R R I S N U T S (@norrisnuts)


The Norris Nuts consist of Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Disco, Mama (Brooke), Papa (Justin). This username greatly describes the way of life of these seven. They entertain and go nuts together. The Norris Nuts have launched a shop with bright clothes that represent their vibrant style. It’s always fun and never boring in the company of this family. Join them on Instagram or YouTube and make your life brighter!

Jenna Kutcher (@jennakutcher)



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Jenna Kutcher is a digital marketer, podcaster, educator, wife, and mother from Minnesota. In a word, she is a woman of many talents. Every day Jenna inspires thousands of people, showing how contributes to herself, her family, and the world. This “imperfectly empowering woman” emits light and warmth. And family pics, by the way, are the most frequent in her account.

Simon Hooper (@father_of_daughters)



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Simon Hooper is a father of four amazing girls, author of parenting books, and one of the top dad bloggers. It’s always interesting to glimpse behind the scenes and see how other people raise their children. It’s even more interesting how a man copes with this complicated task. Funny videos, nice family photos, and Simon’s family stories will capture your attention, I am sure.

The Holderness Family (@theholdernessfamily)


Penn and Kim are the parents behind the Holderness Family. They have two amazing kids who join them in content creation for Instagram, YouTube, and other social media. “We make goofy videos and lose phone chargers”, – is written on their Instagram BIO. Okay, it’s gonna be fun with them, I guess. The Holderness Family is one of the most sought-after content creators for various family brands. All the family members are definitely on the same wavelength, otherwise, their videos would not have become so popular.

Family Fizz (@familyfizz)



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“Treasure others Be yourself!” states Instagram BIO of the Family Fizz. Welcome Darren, Georgie, Mia, Sienna, Karma, and Koa! They are a happy family and famous content creators. The Family Fizz travels together, tricks each other, goes crazy but always sticks to the main goal – entertain and inspire other people. If you want to laugh and get some good vibes, their family Instagram will be to your taste.

Christina & Robert (@newdarlings)


Christina and Robert are photo takers, adventurers, and a lifestyle family from Arizona. Their cute son Oliver often appears in the pics that are impossible to take the eyes off. Christina and Robert are very stylish and have good taste for interior design. “We spend much of our time outdoors, exploring all that the Southwest has to offer, living the slow life, and appreciating every day as a family of three!” – say a husband and wife. Looking at them, I’ve found myself thinking that this is an exemplary modern family in my opinion. And what do you think?

Naomi Davis (@taza)



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Mostly known as Taza, Naomi Davis is a wife to Josh and a mother of five kids. In her Instagram blog, she shares her life adventures, family moments, celebrates motherhood and simple joys. Naomi is also an author and a fan of good food. Their family pics and videos are always full of love and warmth.

Other Instagram families worthy of your attention

Bonnie Hoellein (@bonniehoellein)
Rachel King (@rachelmking)
Courtney Adamo (@courtneyadamo)
The Unmumsy Mum (@theunmumsymum)
The Ohana Adventure (@theohanaadventure)
The LeRoys (@the.leroys)
Mona – Jane Hannemann (@rocamoons)
AprilAthena7 (@aprilathena7)
Ilana Wiles (@mommyshorts)
Family Fun Pack (@familyfunpack)


Family influencers and parenting bloggers are some of the most sought-after accounts on Instagram. People like to get a peek at how others raise their children, entertain and educate them. Our list of the top family Instagram influencers is handpicked for you to get to know the models of a healthy marriage and what it has resulted in. Choose your favourites and follow their lifestyle!

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