TOP 25 Home Decor Instagram Influencers to Follow for Inspiration

Some of them liked to decorate dollhouses, someone else helped their parents to make repairs or adored building treehouses. These are just our guesses about how passion turned into their life’s work. At present, they are home decor Instagram influencers who daily inspire thousands of people with their creative process of home improvement. “There is no place like home”, and the influencers from our hand-picked selection teach how to make it the most comfortable island on Earth!

List of the most awe-inspiring home decor influencers you should start following on Instagram

We have selected the top 25 home decor bloggers on Instagram who are passionate about interior design and home improvement. Whether you are looking for inspiration, ideas, or resources to develop your own sense of style, these people will be your guiding stars in this matter.

Amber Lewis

Amber Lewis is a renowned interior designer, founder of Shoppe Amber Interiors, and author of ‘Made for Living: Collected Interiors for All Sorts of Styles’ book. This woman is also an owner of one of the most followed interiors Instagram accounts and is a famous influencer in this niche. Amber is the creator behind the interior designs with California-inspired aesthetics. She shares the photos of her works on Instagram, and they are so great!

Becki Owens

If you’ve ever been interested in interior design, the name of Becki Owens is most likely to be familiar to you. Becki is an interior designer and Instagram influencer who has been transforming spaces since 2001.

The goal of Becki is “to create spaces to gather that leave a warm, lasting impression”. And she does great, we need to say! On her Instagram account, Becki Owens shares before/after cases, nice home decor details, and inspiring interiors that you want to find yourself in once you see them.

Angela Rose

Angela Rose aka angelarosehome is a true motivator when it comes to home improvements. If you are at the stage of making repairs or improving your apartment, and this process annoys you, take a look at Angela’s Instagram account! Her enthusiasm is felt even through the screen. Angela can’t stop transforming (read improving) her home. She always repairs, creates, changes, and shares her DIY projects on Instagram.

“I love to get inspiration from designer accounts, and then come up with ways to recreate that look in my house for a fraction of the cost. Whether it is knocking down a wall, painting, building a table, or sewing a pillow…I will learn and do whatever it takes to achieve my vision” – writes Angela. Oh yes, and “STOP pinning and START DOING!” – this is Angela’s motivational slogan to all of those who needed a sign from above.

Engaging texts are always paired with appealing//funny visuals in her blog.

Grace R. (N.C)

Grace aka lovefordesigns is an interior designer and one of the most famous interior design influencers on Instagram. Grace is focused more on luxurious spaces with marble walls, expensive furniture, and fancy details. Inspired by art and truly passionate about decor, Grace creates unique designs with a touch of luxury and glamour. Check out her Instagram account where she showcases her stunning works that are worthy of the magazine covers!

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is a woman of many talents. She is an interior designer, stylist, TV host, author, and mom of two. In addition, she is an Instagram home blogger with a huge fanbase. Emily is an adherent of vintage-inspired home styles affordable for the majority of people.

“Your home should look like you, that every room is soulless without something vintage or antique” – states Emily.

She shares a lot of amazing interior pics on Instagram, and you will definitely find something in her collection that will catch your fancy!

Deirdre Renee

Deirdre Renee is an interior decorator and creator behind lavish and very stylish spaces. Deirdre has been in love with colors, fabrics, textures since early childhood. She is an illustrative example of how people pursue their goals no matter what.

“My desire is to help everyone be proud of your home no matter what stage and income of life you are at” – says Deirdre.

The designs by Deirdre Renee are really zingy. You can make sure of it by taking a look at her Instagram blog. Deirdre also writes posts about her rates, work process, and approach, therefore, you will get both visual treat and educational content.

Melike Kazar

Melike Kazar aka easyinterieur is a home decor Instagram influencer and an owner of a nice Instagram blog. Melike shares a lot of content about interior, DIYs painting, and home design, accompanying appealing pictures with descriptions in German and English. Amazing details Melike brings to spaces make them super cozy and full of personality. Soft cushions, extraordinary chandeliers, stylish rugs – Melike does wonders with apartments!

My Texas House | Erin

Erin Vogelpohl aka mytexashouse is an interior decorator and adorer of nice things that can make your home truly YOURS. Erin has already designed a lot of amazing spaces. They are all different but each of them is nothing short of a great place to live in. Whether you prefer wooden decor, rich upholstery, or white, airy interiors, Erin’s Instagram blog has a lot to offer! And one more detail that won our hearts over: there are flowers in stunning vases almost in each space. How beautiful it is!

Justina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney is a designer, author, entrepreneur, and one of the most influential personalities in the home decoration niche. Justina is also the founder of Jungalow – an online shop where you can buy bohemian home decor. Boho style is the hallmark of interiors by Justina. Her works stand out from the crowd thanks to bold patterns, vibrant colors, and a lot of artsy details. Justina’s Instagram blog is bustling with eye-catching home decor ideas that you can borrow and introduce into your apartment!

Christina & Robert

This couple from Arizona is known for their Instagram name – newdarlings. Christina and Robert are wife and husband who document their everyday life and adventures and share them on Instagram. They are more lifestyle influencers than home decor ones. However, the photos of their amazing apartment make an integral part of their couple blog. Christina and Robert have a knack for decorating their space with taste. Each room in their house is embellished with love and is a source of inspiration. Wooden furniture, pottery, a lot of plants and flowers, and other home decor details – this blog will definitely quench your thirst for home improvement.

Kate Marker Interiors

Kate Marker is the creator behind “classic interiors with a fresh modern feel”. Besides, this woman is the founder of Kate Marker Home that is a shop of furniture, home decor, rugs, & lighting as well as a renowned home decor blogger. Kate’s Instagram blog is the album of enticing interiors, designed in her signature style. She is an adherent of timeless interiors that match her client’s vision and incorporate her own aesthetic.

Light interiors, rustic pieces with contemporary details look really great and utterly timeless.

Will Taylor

Will Taylor aka brightbazaar is an interior design expert, author of two design books, and one of the most famous male home decor Instagram influencers.

“Design & style to make you smile” – says Will’s Instagram BIO. Believe us or not, but Will’s interiors are really charged with positive vibes.

Will’s blog is one of the most eye-catching among other home lifestyle blogs. He likes when there is a statement in your space. It can be a cushion with an orange circle, vibrant wallpaper, or bed linen. No matter. If you share Will’s opinion that bright life is the best life, he is the home decor blogger that you are looking for!

Cynthia Harper

Cynthia Harper is a design influencer and an adherent of simple living. She advocates for a relaxed & relatable style both in interior design and life.

Cynthia creates spaces where style and function coexist. She doesn’t support fussy or complicated designs because simplicity is key. Looking through photos Cynthia shares on her Instagram blog, we can really feel that her spaces are so cozy and stylish. It seems that there is nothing superfluous, and each thing is used for its intended purpose: something is for making daily routine easier when something else is for contemplating.

Cynthia is passionate about creating a beautiful home in which we can make memories. What else do we need to say to make you take a look at her Instagram blog?

Wendy | Home Decor Blogger

Each photo in Wendy’s home lifestyle blogs is a finding for the fanatics of home decor. Rugs, pillows, cutlery, flowers, shelves, furniture, bed linen … The desire to buy all this stuff and bring it to your house appears instantly as soon as you get into Wendy’s Instagram account. Her blog offers plenty of ideas for beautifying your home. Wendy is really obsessed with all the details that can make space more appealing, and let us warn you – this is infectious!

The Home Of Lydia & Ali

Welcome to the cozy home of Lydia & Ali! This couple lives in a country house, and the aesthetics of their nestle is modern & rustic. There are a lot of wooden furniture and other details, pottery, textile, florals, and other stuff in their house that makes it so special. It’s a pleasure to look through the photos of their home and get inspired by the aesthetics.

Other home bloggers and interior design influencers on Instagram


If you strive for making your space more appealing and cozy, the home decor influencers from our list will show you exactly where to go. Looking through various Instagram accounts with interiors and stuff for home, you will crystalize your preferences and approach to improving your space. May your castle reflect your sense of style and may it be a pleasure to live in it!

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