TOP-20 Financial Influencers to Follow in 2021

Money is never enough. As soon as you start earning your own money, you truly understand the value of budgeting. Alas, not too many of us are financially savvy. Good thing there are financial influencers – the people who can manage their own finances and teach you how to do that.

And there is no lack of them on Instagram, the most influential social media channel. This comes as no surprise. After all, personal budget management is one of the most popular topics among social media users. Even if you are nowhere near being a financial expert, it’s quite likely you take interest in all matters related to personal/family budgeting. Here is a list of Instagram influencers who can help you with that.

Best Personal Finance Influencers on Instagram

1. The Financial Diet @thefinancialdiet

Category: fundamentals of personal economy

The Financial Diet is a team of authors comprised of 8 women based in New York, USA. It wasn’t always like that, though. TFD appeared on the personal budgeting scene back in 2014 when Chelsea Fagan decided to start a personal blog. Born as a small personal contribution to the complex topic of finance management, TFD managed to develop into a cross-platform undertaking. Now you can enjoy this treasure trove of useful finance advice on Instagram too.

The Financial Diet was created by women and for women and goes far beyond the topic of budgeting. Here you can find all you ever wanted to know about personal finance, from basics and personal stories to professional opinion.

According to the authors, their goal is to let their audience discover the world of personal finance. And to realize that it’s not as frighteningly complicated as it might seem.

2. Kevin O’Leary @kevinolearytv

Category: venture capital, investment, entrepreneurship.

A Canadian citizen, Kevin O’Leary is quite well known both in Canada and the US as an entrepreneur, politician, and TV personality. During the late 90s, he sold a tech company he founded which made him a multimillionaire. Since then he’s been managing his money on his own. 66-year old O’Leary made a name for himself as an investor and he wants to share some of his wisdom with you.

But even if capital investment isn’t exactly your thing, follow him for some professional advice on finance basics and personal business management.

3. Tiffany Aliche @thebudgetnista

Category: personal finance

Tiffany Aliche spent a decade teaching preschoolers in Newark, NJ. Now she teaches people how to manage their money right. And it seems like her experience served this 41-old financial educator and author well. She has that undoubted talent for explaining complex things with simple words. Thanks to her, thousands of women gained more confidence in their personal financial skills. Tiffany explains how to save, get rid of debts, and gives general finance advice in a good-humored, down-to-earth manner.

Aliche has multiple social media channels but her Instagram account is one of the most popular ones. But social media isn’t the only place where you can see her. She appeared on TV shows, there were articles about her published in New York Times and Forbes. What’s more, her first book, Get Good With Money, will be available for purchasing very soon.

4. Clever Girl Finance @clevergirlfinance

Category: finance-related motivational group for women

Clever Girl Finance (CGF) is an online platform started by Bola Sokunbi, a professional financial expert and educator. Today, CGF is a team of five finance pros that offer women the support and education they often need when navigating the complicated world of personal finance.

While so many bloggers out there might tempt you to splurge, CGF teaches how to stay within your budget. In fact, it teaches more than that. Thanks to them, you’ll learn how to avoid financial mistakes or getting into debt, thrift, and build financial security. They know that staying within budget can give you the peace of mind so many of us need. And they can help you understand that being happy means spending on what you need rather than what you want.

5. Jeremy Schneider @personalfinanceclub

Category: personal finance & investment

Jeremy Schneider from San Diego, California wasn’t a successful businessman his entire life. According to him, he used to work for under $40. 000 a year and could barely make ends meet. However, he was able to build his small startup and is on his way to earning his first million. Jeremy is here to let you know that frugal spending habits and competent investing are the things that pave your way to financial security and true wealth.

Jeremy Schneider is great at explaining how all of your financial decisions have consequences. There’s no doubt we all could use this kind of advice and avoid many pitfalls.

6. Haley Sacks @mrsdowjones


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Category: finance basics

Let’s admit it: more often than not, we avoid learning more about the important subject of personal finance just because it seems to very serious and complicated. Well, you won’t have that problem with Haley Sacks from New York so you are officially out of excuses.

Haley is gifted enough to teach you financial literacy in a relatable and lighthearted way. Trust me, you’ll enjoy learning how to become more financially efficient by thrifting, spending mindfully, and building your future wealth step by step.

Sacks calls herself a financial popstar and makes sure that this title is fully justified. Just like the best of teachers, she’ll entertain you as she lets you learn how to be better at personal finance.

7. Anthony O’Neal @anthonyoneal

Category: personal money management for students

As a 19-year old college student, Anthony O’Neal faced the problem so many college students like him have to deal with. He kept overcharging his credit card until he ended up with over $30. 000 debt and homeless. However, he was able to pull himself together and changed his life for the better. Now, he wants to teach other American students to manage their money sensibly and get out of debt. Or never get into it in the first place.

It took Anthony several years to go from rock bottom to the top. You don’t have to go through the same experience – thanks to his advice.

8.Tonya Rapley @myfabfinance

Category: personal money management

Tonya Rapley started her personal blog called My Fab Finance when she was in a very dark place. She just got out of a dysfunctional relationship with a violent partner, hardly had any money on her hands, and wasn’t sure where to go from there.

Her story is yet another proof of the fact that no matter how difficult your life can get, you can always change it for the better.

Tonya teaches women how to be free; free of the stress of living hand-to-mouth. By making reasonable financial decisions, you can save up and still have time and resources for doing something you enjoy.

9. Tori Dunlap @herfirst100k

Category: finance improvement for women

Tori Dunlap learned the basics of entrepreneurship when she started her candy vending machine business. She earned her first $100. 000 when she was 25. She always knew what she had to do to build her financial security. Now she wants to teach other women the same.

Tori is convinced that women don’t need to look for a source of power as they struggle to gain financial independence. They already have it inside them. So all they need is to embrace it and start treating their money better.

10. Allison Baggerly @inspiredbudget

Category: personal finance improvement

Allison Baggerly is a budget expert and she’s here to help you make your life better and easier. The way to your financial well-being is hard and it’s likely that you berate yourself for bad financial decisions or deny yourself a lot of things. Allison is convinced that you don’t have to do that. Smart budgeting will boost your confidence and give you the possibility to treat yourself to something nice.

When budgeting and frugality sound depressing, Allison offers you motivation to move forward and build a better, debt-free future.

11. Katie Swanson @coupon_katie

Category: money-saving advice

Have you ever been obsessed with couponing? Yes, I know this sounds weird. Collecting coupons has hardly ever been considered a classy thing to do. But you’ll only think that until you get to know Katie Swanson, a mother of two and, using her own words, “certifiably insane couponer”. She’ll explain why couponing is actually cool and how you can save tons of money if you do it right. She also knows all about reasonable spending and thrifting, the skills that will definitely be handy to all moms out there.

12. Miss Wise @wisewomanwallet

Category: a personal financial struggle

There are a lot of people on this list who have already achieved financial success. Miss Wise, an American teacher who currently works and lives in China, is different. Her financial struggle isn’t over: she still has a debt to pay off and she invites you to join her on this journey.

Learn about her ups and downs, her mistakes, and happy discoveries. Compare her experience to her own and achieve your financial goals together with her.

13. Talaat and Tai McNeely @hisandhermoney

Category: family budgeting

So far you’ve seen influencers that work on their own and influencers who team up to achieve a common goal. This time it’s neither. Talaat and Tai McNeely are a married couple who managed to get debt-free and want you to know how to do that for yourself.

It’s no secret that married life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, including in terms of financial security (or lack thereof). Talaat and Tai McNeely will share their own experience and teach you how to ditch that debt that poisons your married life.

14. Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez @zerobasedbudget

Category: personal budgeting & paying off debt

Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez is another New Yorker and her story would sound pretty familiar to many people who know what school debt is. Her journey to financial freedom started when she finished law school and got a nice job but had an insane debt of over $200.000. Like some other people, Cindy decided that this could be a learning experience both for herself and other people. That’s how she started her Instagram blog inviting others to walk by her side as she worked on paying off that huge debt.

Now she is absolutely debt-free but she continues to help others make better financial decisions and shares her wisdom as well as some information on her life.

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15. Dannie @penniestowealth

Category: personal budget management, financial coaching

When Dannie gives you advice, you can be sure she speaks based on personal experience. She used to be yet another victim of a huge debt but she managed to pay it off and get to the top. Now she shares her journey to the place where she is now, as well as super useful advice on how to be reasonable with money.

Dannie works hard to help others get out of the mindset that dictates that living from paycheck to paycheck and stressing over lack of money is normal.

16. Emma Edwards @the.brokegeneration

Category: financial optimization

Emma Edwards describes herself as a “spendaholic” and a “natural born spender”. Let’s admit it; many of us can relate to that. Do you tend to compulsively spend more than you reasonably have to? Do you find yourself helpless and lost as you are hemorrhaging money? If yes, this blog is for you. Emma knows what it’s like. She knows how it feels. She’s been in your shoes. That’s why listening to her and reading what she has to say often feels like talking to a best friend.

She’ll explain how you can get more sensible spending habits and how to avoid all the traps prepared for us by modern marketing.

17. Paige Pritchard @thepurposefulpenny

Category: finance-related motivational blog

This is another story that started with student loans. It took her and her husband a decade to pay off nearly $100. 000 of debt but you don’t have to struggle as much. Paige is convinced that good budget planning is a key to success. Her blog is full of useful tips and tricks on how to build wealth stress-free, no matter if you struggle alone or with a partner.

18. Kendall @babeonabudgetblog

Category: a personal journey to being debt-free

Kendall is yet another former law school student with a hefty student loan to pay off. Her Instagram profile is a platform that helps her on her way to being debt-free as she tracks every step she makes and shares her experience. She thinks it’s important to share not only her accomplishments but also her mistakes. What’s more, she helps others see how they can save a lot of money on little things.

19. Sahirenys Pierce @poisedfinancelifestyle

Category: money motivation

Sahirenys Pierce, daughter of Dominican immigrants, thinks that money shouldn’t be a complicated subject. And she proves it over and over again to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences.

Financial planning isn’t just her chosen life journey; it’s also her profession. And she wants to share her financial acumen with her followers by teaching them how to plan their budget, especially if they are married and have children.

20. Debts to Riches @debtstoriches

Category: debt management

For many people both in the US and Canada, debt is a huge problem. No matter its history, debt has to be dealt with before it’s too late. That’s what Canadian-based team Debts to Riches is all about. They offer valuable advice on debt management (especially student debt) through better budgeting and share their own experience of paying off a large debt as soon as within 4 years.


All of the influencers mentioned above are living proof of one inspiring fact. No matter what kind of financial trouble you are in, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. You don’t have to struggle alone. Look at these people, learn more about their experience and start your own journey to financial freedom.

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