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Find, check and outreach the ideal influencers on Instagram

100M+ database, the best fake follower check, send your first influencers outreach email in 5 minutes

Get 14 days trial + check 1 Instagram account up to 10 000 followers for FREE

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Why trendHERO?

Influencer marketing campaigns

Find, analyze, track and outreach influencers using advanced search filters and in-depth reports

Fake Follower Check

Check any influencer’s audience authenticity score

Competitor analysis and monitoring

Get all of the info you need about your competitors. Follower growth history, content engagement, and ad buys

Other popular use cases

Export contacts to Excel, niche monitoring, influencer ratings, track your own or clients accounts

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Account analytics and fake follower check

Audience by gender, city and country

Check out the demographics of followers and accounts that like the influencer

Audience type (fake follower check)

Check the influencer’s account for fake followers

Audience interests

Compare your audience’s interests with those of the influencer you’re looking to collaborate with

Followers growth

See how an influencer’s followers count is growing and what the growth aligns with

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Find influencers and opinion leaders

Search by demographic

Search by the influencers city, country, and language

Search by follower count

Find nano, micro, and macro influencers

Search by engagement

Search by Engagement Rate, number of likes and comments

Search by active accounts

Get a list of only the influencers with high audience quality score

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Influencer ad posts and stories monitoring

Ad post and stories

Find out where and how often your competitors promote their brand

Influencers by categories

Search for nano, micro and macro influencers that will connect you to your ideal customers

Ad posts analytics

See other ad posts by this influencer and check the number of likes, comments, and views

Search by date

Find out when competitors have started campaigns

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Influencer outreach

Connect with hundreds of influencers in 5 minutes

Find and connect with influencers and creators that matter for your business

No more searching

Choose the influencers and connect. No more searching for contact information. Save hundreds of hours each month

All-in-one influencer marketing tool

Find, track, analyze, and connect all in one place. Start your campaign in half the time

Keep track of your responsive rate

Get the full statistics about your emails: Opens, Clicks, Rejects, and Replies

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Other features


Check daily follower growth and count history for any non-private account

Best time for posting

Check the most effective time for posting. For you and your competitors


Find influencers with common or unique audience. Check up to 5 accounts at a time


Save important data about influencers

Export report to PDF

Showcase your portfolio of influencers to your client

Export lists to Excel

Export and use data in the way you prefer

Favourites and lists

Create your own collections of influencers (for example fashion influencer from Ontario)


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What clients are saying about trendHERO:

It offers an analytical depth previously only available to the most notable of brands with the largest of budgets.

Now, all you need is an internet connection and $15.99 each month to get the kind of intel those big brands have been relying on for years.

trendHERO is an advanced influencer-marketing tool for Instagram.

Its core features are influencer discovery (a database with 90m+ accounts) and analytics (comprising fake-follower detection and audience-interest checks).

trendHERO simplifies the ‘common’ features of influencer marketing platforms – influencer discovery, fake followers detection, audience analysis, influencer marketing campaign and growth tracking

Get 14 days trial + check 1 Instagram account up to 10 000 followers for FREE

Try it free

No credit card required

No software to install