TOP 17 Lifestyle Influencers to Follow on Instagram in 2021

In 2021, influencer marketing on Instagram doesn’t stop thriving. There are a lot of influencers in every niche: from fashion to finance, from home decor to beauty, from fitness to marketing. Besides a defined niche, there are lifestyle influencers who attract the audience by their daily routine, interests, attitude to life, nice visuals, and everything in between. The range of topics Instagram lifestyle bloggers cover is wide. People adore such influencers and follow their every step with genuine interest. Let’s get acquainted with the top 17 lifestyle influencers on Instagram who share personal stories, and (each in his own way) inspire and motivate huge audiences every day.

List of the most followed Lifestyle Instagram Influencers

Whether you are looking for lifestyle Instagram influencers to enhance your marketing campaign, new faces to start following, or people to motivate you on changes in life, influencers from our list will come in handy for any matter.

Zoë Sugg

Zoë Sugg or Zoella is one of the most followed lifestyle influencers on Instagram. Besides being an Instagram influencer, Zoë is also a YouTuber and author of several books. By the way, her debut novel Girl Online that was released in November 2014, broke the record for the highest first-week sales.

Millions of people follow Zoë on Instagram. This lady covers such topics as fashion, beauty, food, and everything that makes an integral part of her life. Sincere stories, vibrant visuals, and nice Zoë’s smile can’t make anyone indifferent.

Besides Instagram and YouTube, Zoë has a written blog that aims at helping gals and guys to conquer the world.

Julie Sarinana

Julie Sarinana aka sincerelyjules is a famous fashion and lifestyle influencer. Her Instagram blog is about fashion, modeling, travels, favourite things, and experiences. Julie adores sharing parts of her life with the community, and her followers, in their turn, adore applying Julie’s tips to improve theirs.

“I hope sharing with you parts of my life and journey, can somehow inspire you to live out your own dreams!” – writes Julie. “Dream, Believe, Achieve” is her slogan, and it really motivates when you see how this incredible woman does in her life. Oh yes, and photos in Julie’s Instagram blog are worthy of glossy magazine covers! Colour palette, composition, outfits – everything is great!

Marie Lopez

This girl is better known on social media as enjoyphoenix but her real name is Marie Lopez. Marie is a French-speaking lifestyle influencer from Lyon, currently living in Belgium. She is a YouTuber with a huge audience, traveller, founder of the “Leaves And Clouds” boutique of beauty and decor products, and owner of a very cute dog. Marie is really, as say, a “self-made” woman, and her followers love her for what she is.

Marie shares her daily routine, reflections, ups and downs, and her blog deserves to be called one of the most popular lifestyle blogs on Instagram.

Caitlin Covington

Caitlin Covington is a North Carolina girl, a wife, a mother of sweet Kennedy, and a creator behind one of the best lifestyle blogs. Southern Curls and Pearls is Caitlin’s written blog where she writes longreads on outfits, beauty, wellness, travel, etc. These topics, paired with appealing visuals, she also covers on Instagram.

Caitlin is very feminine and charming. It’s so eye-pleasing to take a look at her family moments, outfits, healthy habits, and life in general. This woman is a source of inspiration for everyone who wants to learn how to enjoy every moment.

Julia Berolzheimer

Julia Berolzheimer’s blog should definitely be included in the top 10 lifestyle blogs. Travel, gardening, parenthood, style, beauty are the main topics she covers. Julia believes that aesthetics enriches our lives and shares appealing content on her Instagram account.

Julia’s lifestyle blog is a breath of fresh air. Looking through her photos and reading her texts, you get charged with positive vibes and want to change something in your life for the better immediately.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is a famous reality star, designer, entrepreneur, author, and influential person in the lifestyle niche.

Everyone can find something for themselves in Lauren’s Instagram blog. Being the founder of a clothing shop for women and kids, she has a fine taste in fashion. Being a creator of a makeup and skincare line, Lauren can give tips on wellness and beauty. Parenthood, recipes, home decor, charity – the list of topics Lauren touches in her blog is quite wide. Being a versatile personality, Lauren Conrad attracts different people, and they adore her – everyone in his own way.

Janni Olsson Delér

Janni Olsson Delér is a Swedish blonde currently living in Monaco. She is a mom of two, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and Instagram lifestyle blogger. Janni adores fashion, travel, sports, and food, and shares content on these topics. Being also interested in photography, Janni’s has an aesthetically pleasing Instagram blog. Despite the fact that she lives in Monaco, Janni doesn’t show off luxurious life. Her lifestyle blog is very nice and cozy, and Janni herself awakens only positive vibes.

Christine Andrew

Christine Andrew started her Hello Fashion blog in 2011. It all started as an online diary but evolved into a fully-fledged lifestyle blog. At present, Christine Andrew has one of the top lifestyle blogs on Instagram with a huge audience. She is a mother of four cute children, and it seems her family is living its dream. They travel together, shoot funny videos, and just go crazy.

Christine is in good shape, very stylish, and also friendly. It’s a pleasure to follow her adventure called life. And this is not just our opinion, there are more than a million people who think the same.

Meghan Rienks

Meghan Rienks is an actress, YouTuber, podcaster, and lifestyle blogger on Instagram. This lady is a favourite of many women (and men, also, we guess). She is very funny and unpretentious, caring and kind. A lot of people are sympathetic towards her ideas and follow her on social media with pleasure. Despite the fact that Meghan calls herself “depressed Leo”, it seems she is always full of energy.

In the ‘Don’t Blame Me Podcast’, Meghan and Melisa Monts give advice on love, relationship, and sex. On her Instagram blog, Meghan often raises these topics as well as self-love, mental health, and women’s rights. She is like a long-time friend who is always there for you. And we all need one, right?

Courtney Quinn

Courtney Quinn aka Color Queen is the owner of the brightest lifestyle Instagram accounts. Her blog is a burst of colour and a storm of pleasant emotions. Courtney calls her Instagram blog “ the most positive place on the web”, and we cannot disagree. Her bright outfits, beaming face, french bulldog Waffles, and funny videos will make even the most serious person smile. This woman is a great example of a person who is not afraid of being different and thinking out of the box. It’s so inspiring!


Mother of Hudson and Charlie, a true fan of orange and mustard colours, and one of the most famous lifestyle influencers – this is the intro for Steffy. This woman just lives her happy life and shares the moments with her Instagram community. Motherhood, home decor, fashion, relationship are the highlights of Steffy’s blog. There are hues of orange or mustard almost on her each pic, and this makes her account warm and cozy.

Olivia Rink

Olivia Rink is a charming petite blonde owning one of the best lifestyle blogs on Instagram. It all started with her written blog with an intention to help the same petite girls to discover brands and find outfits. At present, Olivia also has a YouTube channel. However, she creates more content for her Instagram lifestyle blog.

Olivia shares fashion tips, fitness recommendations, travels, personal stories, and experiences. Her Instagram account is a collection of amazing photos which pairs with engaging texts, and the result is a great lifestyle blog.

Joanna Goddard

Joanna Goddard aka Cup of Jo is the creator behind the daily women’s lifestyle blog. It all started with a site with the same name in 2007 that became one of the most favourite resources for females. With the advent of Instagram, Jo started covering the same topics there. At present, she is one of the most famous lifestyle influencers on Instagram. It’s worth noticing that the website is still thriving too.

Joanna writes about fashion, recipes, motherhood, design, travels, relationships. She is true support, inspiration, and encouragement for many women. They love her for the simplicity and energy she gives with her content.

Camille Styles

Camille Styles is a lifestyle Instagram influencer who dedicates her blog to everyone who wants to make the most of their lives. Through her images and storytelling, she does her best to inspire people to find their way and create the best version of themselves. Camille’s Instagram blog is about entertainment, food, style, design, wellness, and lots more.

“Consider this your go-to guide to living well and truly happy. Live life like you mean it” – tells Camille. If this message resonates with you, embark on a journey to a happy life!

Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha is an Indian fashion and lifestyle influencer. Her blog is mainly focused on travel, beauty, fashion, and luxury. This lady also tells a lot about events she is invited to and experiences she gains navigating through life. Akanksha has been documenting her path since 2010. At present, she has one of the most recognized lifestyle Instagram accounts. Akanksha’s blog was voted as one of the top trend blogs in India according to the Economic Times!

Jess Kirby

Being the advocate of sustainable living, Jess Kirby’s blog is fully dedicated to this. Motherhood, slow fashion, clean beauty, mental health are the main topics Jess covers. The main idea of her lifestyle blog is to help women stay informed, know themselves better, and, thus, change the world. Jess’s Instagram account has a very peaceful and pleasant vibe. Jess knows how to slow down in this modern hectic life and not and not lose choosing this way but only win.

Simply Taralynn

Being 11 years in blogging, Taralynn McNitt aka Simply Taralynn can be boldly called the creator behind one of the most popular lifestyle blogs. The main focus of her Instagram blog was on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. At present, travels, recipes, pets, home decor, gardening, and other topics have been added to the blog of Taralynn McNitt.

Taralynn writes about everything and shows her life as it is, without embellishments. This is what her audience loves her for.


Every influencer from this list is a versatile and interesting person. They all do their best to help people change their lifestyles for the better. Hope you will find someone whose ideas and way of life resonate with you and contribute to your self-development, self-love or any area you would like to upgrade.

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