Top 26 Mental Health Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2022

Sometimes there is no need to visit a psychologist or consume lots of medications to bring your mental health in order. The first step on the way to self-control, calmness, and comfort is finding a good example to follow or a person to trust. How can you do that? In the modern era of the Internet, the fastest way to meet such a person is to browse profiles of the best mental health influencers. These people give advice, help get rid of depression and make your mind clear in the way that does not look like treatment.

Would you like to check their pages and get inspiration?

Look: this article focuses on top Instagram mental health accounts and people hidden behind them to help you make your own choice of the best one.

List of the best mental health influencers on Instagram

Since every 5th American suffers from one of mental illness types, it makes sense to subscribe to the pages of the following best mental health Instagrams and follow the way to full recovery.

Brené Brown @brenebrown

Over 3.5 million people adore Brene Brown’s account on IG. She is a storyteller, writer, and research professor who has spent over 2 decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. Being Texan by origin she is 55 years old, has two great kids and has written 5 bestsellers that can help everyone improve mental health. In 2009 Houston Woman Magazine voted Brown one of the city’s most influential women. She has also received teaching awards and her podcasts get over 40 million views too.


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Допис, поширений Brené Brown (@brenebrown)

Nedra Glover Tawwab @nedratawwab

Nedra Glover Tawwab is a therapist, content creator and author who helps people build healthy relationships. She is also the New York Times best-selling author and her advice is valuable for all people interested in happy living as a couple. Her number of followers on Instagram has almost reached 1 million people since all her content is definitely educational and useful. You can learn lots of new things including 6 hard truths, nonjudgement practice techniques, things to stop doing in relationships, and many others.


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Допис, поширений Nedra Glover Tawwab, Therapist (@nedratawwab)

Beth Evans @bethdrawsthings

This popular influencer can be hardly ever recognized in the street since she uses her art to create posts on the topic of mental health issues and their solutions. She makes funny drawings and provides them with statements on the topic. All her posts are witty and raise serious problems in a light manner, so have a look at them too.


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Допис, поширений Beth Evans (@bethdrawsthings)

Hannah Daisy @makedaisychains

The best way to solve mental issues is to smile and this is exactly the thing Hannah Daisy offers to her readers. She creates artistic posts with funny wording on a variety of topics including self-care, intrusive thoughts and anxiety. This woman protects rights of the LGBTQ community and is direct in her expressions, so over 165k followers appreciate that.


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Допис, поширений Hannah Daisy ?️‍? (@makedaisychains)

Dr. Jessica Clemons @askdrjess

Dr. Jess is a board-certified therapist from New York City. Her Instagram is followed by over 85k people where she promotes #BeWell events dedicated to mental health discussions. Her posts can`t be called informative but they help to find out other sources to learn her ideas. She conducts informative conversations with famous personalities and inspires many people for new achievements.


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Допис, поширений Jessica Clemons, MD (@askdrjess)

Divija Bhasin @awkwardgoat3

A popular mental health therapist is Divija Bhasin. This 55-year-old professional offers grounding techniques to reduce anxiety. She offers to use senses for this purpose, but she still insists on the importance of professional help too.


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Допис, поширений Divija Bhasin | Mental health (@awkwardgoat3)

Dr Courtney Tracy @The.Truth.Doctor

Known as the “Truth Doctor” on social media Tracy has developed programs whose mission is to heal the pain, trauma and addictions of others. She has been featured in Sunrise Australia, SheKnows, Yahoo, Nutritious Life, Bustle and more. She is definitely a professional with Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California and a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University.


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Допис, поширений Dr. Courtney Tracy, LCSW, PsyD (

Dr. Mariel Buquè @dr.marielbuque

With the following of over 170 thousand people Dr. Mariel Buque is a holistic psychologist, Intergenerational Trauma expert, and sound bath meditation healer whose goal is to help people heal emotional wounds. Her posts focus on different aspects including trauma, soul wounds, inner child healing, shadow work, developing healthy coping, boundary setting practice, and so much more.


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Допис, поширений Dr. Mariel Buqué – she/her (@dr.marielbuque)

Dr. Brendan Nierenberg @dreadbehemoth

Would you learn more about mental health from a Doctor of psychology? The account of Dr. Brendan Nierenberg. His audience has almost reached 70k followers. He adds not only photos but also adorns them with tips, pieces of advice, quotes, and other interesting phrases. Being a family and marriage therapist he has experience in dealing with the following problems: traumatic brain injury, substance abuse, eating disorders, couples and relationship issues, gender identity issues, borderline personality disorder, and men’s issues.


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Допис, поширений Dr. Brendan Nierenberg, PsyD (@dreadbehemoth)

The Latest Kate @thelatestkate

Kate Allan is a mental health author and illustrator. Her drawings are very positive and inspiring with professional advice and encouragement. These are mainly cute animals teaching readers to love their bodies, promote self-love and self-care, and battle depression and anxiety.


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Допис, поширений користувачем @thelatestkate

Bianca L. Rodriguez @youarecomplete

This pretty lady offers therapy for people looking for spirituality. Her following is not that big but this woman from California US makes effort to help everyone who has issues with depression, anxiety and alcohol.


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Допис, поширений Bianca L. Rodriguez, Ed.M (@youarecomplete)

Joanna Konstantopoulou @healthpsychologyclinic

Being a recognized health psychologist in the UK Joanna Konstantopoulou focuses on the intersection of both physical and mental health. She offers tips on how to cope with mental health issues, advice on nutrition, and words of encouragement.


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Допис, поширений Joanna Konstantopoulou (@healthpsychologyclinic)

Heidi Williams @heidiwilliams89

When you look through the photos of Heidi you can see gorgeous yoga poses and beautiful photos of hers. She took up this activity after surviving in her own personal suicidal depression. She began to study trauma and neuropsychology and now helps others to heal their mental wounds.


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Допис, поширений heidiwilliams89 (@heidiwilliams89)

Sara-Jayne Poletti @sarajayne.poletti

Sara-Jayne Poletti has experienced a deep mental disorder caused by anxiety and stress. Her Instagram account is dominated by warm and soft colors as well as meaningful photos and images with quotes. She wants to share with others how a person with mental problems feels and fights the problem.


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Допис, поширений Sara-Jayne | Learn With SJP (@sarajayne.poletti)

Christina Wolfgram @itsthecwolf

There are two directions in Christina’s IG account: firstly, she is a funny comedian who raises people’s moods; secondly, she is a mental health healer who admitted having some mental health struggles and dealing with them with the help of humor. This post has received lots of positive comments and she began to help people with similar problems too.


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Допис, поширений Christina Wolfgram ™ (@itsthecwolf)

Akanksha Bhatia @thatsappywriter

This cute lady offers readers to talk about mental health issues in a quite simple and adorable way. She posts not only photos but also images with encouraging statements and problems faced. Her personal experience with anxiety at the age of 16 inspired her to create a space where people can share their daily struggles and feel love from others.


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Допис, поширений Akanksha Bhatia (@thatsappywriter)

Beth Brawley @life_without_anxiety

Beth calls her account a support one and has nothing to do with therapy. It has a unique style since all her posts include hand-written thoughts and tips on a colorful piece of paper. However, when you open each of them, you get lots of useful advice and support from her too. Currently, she is a psychologist who treats different disorders like anxiety, OCD, and body-focused repetitive behaviors


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Допис, поширений Beth Brawley MA, LPC (@life_without_anxiety)

Marcela Sabiá @marcelailustra

This Brazilian illustrator has a bright and inspiring Instagram account where she mainly depicts herself and adds reasonable quotes to each of them. She encourages positive relationships with mental health, teaches how to cope with depression and anxiety, as well as encourages a positive attitude to everything.


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Допис, поширений Marcela Sabiá (@marcelailustra)

Kate Speer @kate_speer

Kate Speer is a renowned mental health advocate. She speaks and writes with brazen honesty about mental health and her past experiences with a decade-long, psychosis-inducing misdiagnosis. She mentions how important it is to ask for help and share struggles with others.


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Допис, поширений Kate Speer (@kate_speer)

Kelsey Lindell @kelsey_lindell

Yoga can be a powerful tool in healing mental health issues and Kelsey Lindell helps others to cope with problems in this way too. She promotes discussions on this topic and shares her own experience when she was on the point of suicide and receievd help from a professional disorder therapist.


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Допис, поширений Kelsey Lindell (@kelsey_lindell)

Michaela’s Motto @ michaelas_motto

Michaels helps people with mental problems through physical activities. She is a personal trainer, pilates instructor, macro nutrition coach, dancer, etc. She experienced an eating disorder and managed to recover from it, so now she helps people with similar problems.


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Допис, поширений Michaela Bell (@michaelas_motto)

Diandra Moreira @thesugarbadger

Diandra is a mental health blogger who dwells on recovery in her own manner. She covers the topic of food obsession since she once has experienced this problem too. Now she connects with people who face this challenge too and shares her own approach to recovery.


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Допис, поширений Diandra Moreira | Recovery (@thesugarbadger)

Dr. Colleen Reichmann @drcolleenreichmann

Dr. Colleen Reichmann is a clinical psychologist and the author of “The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery”. Her Instagram page consists of quotes from her book and her personal ideas represented on a pure orange, beige, and pink background. She wants to encourage people and gives advice connected with eating disorder and recovery from it.


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Допис, поширений Dr. Colleen Reichmann (@drcolleenreichmann)

Still Blooming Me PTSD @stillbloomingme

A young lady shares her life with PTSD as a Boston Marathon bombing survivor on the IG page. The account has received this beautiful name since the majority of images with encouraging quotes and tips have a flowery background. It is managed by Elena Breese who suffered from PTSD and began journaling immediately when she was hospitalized.


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Допис, поширений Still Blooming Me PTSD (@stillbloomingme)

Mari Stracke @maristracke

This woman runs a mental health blog being a writer and storyteller, first of all. Her IG account is full of photos from her everyday and professional life. She began blogging after being diagnosed with depression and anxiety and later with PTSD. All her posts mention how she was struggling with this disease and she managed to build a quite impressive community with over 50k followers.


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Допис, поширений Mari Stracke (@maristracke)

Roxanne Emery @roxanne_emery

Do you want to find out how to enjoy life after addiction to alcohol? Roxanne shares these and many other mental health pieces of advice. Furthermore, she promotes love for your body and feeling sober in any situation.


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Допис, поширений ROXANNE EMERY (@roxanne_emery)

How to find best mental health Instagrams

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All you need is to choose the right filters and click on the search button. Let’s imagine you need to find mental health influencers from Los Angeles. Start from microinfluencers:

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You’ll get a list of mental Instagram influencers. If you need to specify search (for example, you are looking for people who write about psychotherapy or pregnancy) use keywords.


Each of these bloggers has already helped thousands of people to identify mental problems if there are any as well as heal any issues following their example and advice.

Their main goal is to show that any disorder is part-time and it is enough to admit the problem to be able to get rid of it. Check accounts of these bloggers and decide which of them is worth your attention too!

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