Top 30 Travel Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2021

It seems that travelling has never been so popular as it is now. While scrolling Instagram feed, every third person is strolling around the streets of Paris, posing in front of iconic sights, or posting pics from the plane. Have you noticed? Travelling is a trend in the 21st century. Also, it is a well-paid job! There are people who made it their matter of life, and we know these people as travel influencers.

We have hand-picked the top 30 travel influencers on Instagram with a large number of followers, eye-catching pics, and useful tips on journeys. Check them out and get inspired by the fascinating world they share on their accounts!

List of the best travel influencers on Instagram

Are you ready to climb mountains, stroll around narrow streets, and bask in the sun on the beaches near the ocean together with the best Instagram travel bloggers! Let’s go, without further ado!

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a self-taught travel photographer who shares amazing landscapes and other photos from the most stunning corners of the world. Being one of the most followed travel influencers, the account of Chris on Instagram is the source of inspiration for millions of people and a breath of fresh air in the feed.

He also specializes in surf photography. The hallmark of his images is that he catches not only the surfers riding waves but also riding icy beaches. In addition, Chris is a motivational speaker, filmmaker, and artist.

The Bucket List Family

These five are often called social media sensation, and we totally agree! Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan make up a family of travel journalists who have already visited around 100 countries together! In 2015, Garrett and Jessica sold their business and set off on a six-month journey. Since then, it has been still going on.

The Bucket List Family has one of the best travel Instagrams. Their vibrant pics from all over the world have the power to deliver up-beat vibes even through the screen. Check their account to find ideas for a kid-friendly vacation and make sure that traveling with the smallest can be so much fun!

Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tuffen aka izkiz is the owner of one of the most colourful accounts on Instagram. Jennifer’s pics are usually very eye-catching. She is mostly dressed in bright outfits posing in tulip fields, cozy streets, or having breathtaking views or incredible architecture in the background.

Jennifer is one of the most travel influencers on Instagram, and she really deserves to be called so!

Chelsea Yamase

Chelsea Yamase is a Hawaii-based travel blogger and content creator. Her pictures on Instagram are so amazing as if taken somewhere on the other planet. She has a knack for showing the best of planet Earth inspiring people not to sit in place and start exploring the world right now. No matter whether it is South Africa, Hawaii, or Mexico, her content is flawless from any country.

Chelsea Yamase is one of the most influential women on Instagram in the travel niche. If you haven’t heard this name before, take a look at her account! It’s so awe-inspiring!

Alex Strohl

The Instagram account of Alex Strohl is an album of the most breathtaking nature pics. Alex is the deliverer of immersive visual experience through his photography where the boundaries of life and work, humans and nature are blurred.

Inspired by wildest alpine environments, Alex Strohl takes amazing pictures and, fortunately, shares them on his Instagram account to make people go into raptures.

Alex’s work has been appreciated by National Geographic, Outside Magazine, and Gentlemen’s Journal. It’s high time you appreciated it too!

Daniel Kordan

An explorer at heart, Daniel Kordan has an eye for natural grandeur and beauty. Daniel is a world-famous landscape photographer and Instagram travel blogger with a huge army of fans. Daniel has the ability to carry a viewer away to the place he has documented through his photography. Each picture is so atmospheric and powerful that it’s too good to be true! However, it is!

Daniel has been fascinated by photography since early childhood, and it’s absolutely amazing to see how he made it his life’s job!

Lauren Bullen

Lauren Bullen aka gypsea_lust is one of the most famous world travelers and influencers on Instagram. Lauren is a self-taught photographer who pursued her passion and now you see the result. This lady has already collaborated with such big names as American Express, Revolve, just to name a few.

In addition to the dreamy destinations Lauren travels to, she is also very beautiful and stylish. This female is a delight to follow and get inspired by!

Jessica Stein

This list would be incomplete without Jessica Stein aka tuulavintage. Jessica calls herself ‘wanderer in a past life’. We call her one of the most prominent figures in travel blogging. For many years, Jessica has been sharing amazing content from all over the world. Since her daughter was born, most of Jessica’s photos feature this cutie. By the way, Rumi was diagnosed with a chromosome disorder, and Jessica devoted much content on Instagram to telling how they are struggling with the disease.

All in all, Jessica is still sharing stunning pictures on her Instagram account and remains the travel influencer of our hearts.

Jon Olsson Delér

Jon Olsson is a famous travel influencer, YouTuber, and skier. Her Instagram account is a collection of stunning travel and family pictures. Since a sweet boy was born, Jon has been sharing his pics very often.

Being passionate about travelling, Jon gives a lot to this business. His photography is pure inspiration and delight. Amazing places, vibrant colours, and smiling faces of his son and wife, what else needed?

Tara Milk Tea

Tara Milk Tea is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel influencer from Australia. Her blog on Instagram is a true aesthetic pleasure. She creates such brilliant and quality content that other bloggers have a lot to learn from her. Besides beautiful destinations, she shares amazing shots of homeware, jewelry, outfits. The hallmark of Tara’s account is that she alternates posts by colour. The series of light pink photos, then vibrant green, then blue, and so on. This makes her account very stylish and very special.

Louis Cole

“Travel vlogger sharing my adventures & hoping to inspire social change” – this is how Louis Cole describes himself. We will add that he is a real lover of life and one of the best travel influencers. The way he shows the world is breathtaking. The vibe of ‘young and free’ is felt so much through his content. Discover the world together with Louis. He will take you away to the greenest and the most beautiful places on Earth.

Jack Morris

Jack Morris aka doyoutravel is a professional photographer and one of the top travel influencers. Since 2012, Jack has been exploring the world and sharing amazing photography on his social media, especially on Instagram. Jack Morris is an ex-boyfriend of Lauren Bullen (gypsea_lust). Together they visited a lot of beautiful corners of the planet and took a myriad of stunning photos. Millions of people have already appreciated Jack’s adventurous spirit and staggering photos! And you, also, can’t pass his account by!

Altug Galip

Altug Galip aka kyrenian is a Cyprus-based amateur photographer and travel blogger. Having millions of followers on Instagram, Altug delights them with amazing photos of brilliant places around the globe. Altug has already visited more than 50 countries, documenting amazing trips on his Instagram account.

Alen Palander

Being a photographer and creative director, Alen Palander is not a full-time travel blogger. Nevertheless, he often shares amazing shots on his Instagram account. The photos in dark shades by Alen are very atmospheric. He has a knack for capturing the city in such a way that it looks bewitching. Check his account out for great urban and architecture shots!

Ryan Resatka

Mesmerizing landscape photography by Ryan Resatka is so awesome that it takes our breaths away. When it comes to nature pics, Ryan is definitely one of the top photographers in this niche. Ryan is an Instagram wanderluster, travel blogger, and content creator for various world-known brands. Just take a look at how incredibly he captures nature! His pics are worthy of being put on your smartphone wallpaper!

Kiki | The Blonde Abroad

Kiki is a travel influencer that shares impressive photos, videos, and tips on travelling on Instagram. It seems that this lady has already been everywhere, and this strongly inspires everyone to pack the bags and do the same. Kiki’s photos with her nice dog and partner from trips are so cute that it’s difficult to pass by and not press the ‘Follow’ button.

Chris Hau

Chris Hau is a digital creator who is passionate about photography. His landscape shots are really great that’s why we can enroll Chris in the ranks of travel influencers with a clear conscience. Chris explores the world and shares his findings with several thousands of followers.

He has already collaborated on commercials with such brands as Mercedes-Benz, Adobe, Corona, Grey Goose, and Google. Chris’s content on Instagram is really impressive. Take a look and see for yourself!

Callum Snape

The way this guy sees the world through is unparalleled. Callum Snape is a photographer and storyteller from Canada. Also, he is one of the best travel influencers on Instagram with a massive audience. Prodigious landscapes captured by Callum are worth millions of likes.

Through his photography, Callum wants to show that we live in an incredible world with stunning nature and it’s vital to take care of it.

Murad and Nataly Osmann

Murad and Nataly Osmann are the creators behind the renowned #followmeto movement on Instagram. Once they took a picture where Nataly was taking Murad’s hand and leading him to the iconic place in Barcelona. Since then, they have taken hundreds of such shots in the most amazing spots, having encouraged other travelers to repeat the same trick.

At present, they are the owners of one of the top Instagram travel accounts with staggering photography. If you haven’t followed them yet, fix it immediately!

Eric Stoen

Eric Stoen aka travelbabbo is the world’s #4 most influential traveler according to Forbes. Eric is famous for his travelers around the world with kids, and, agree, this is worthy of respect. On his Instagram account, Eric shares amazing pics and tells stories about his adventures. It’s very interesting to follow him and discover the world together with his family.

Other famous world travelers to follow on Instagram


Each of the accounts listed above is a source of inspiration, delight, and tips on travels around the world. It has never been so easy to explore the world as it is now. Thanks to amazing photography of the most iconic places captured by travel influencers, we can be transported there in our minds. Choose your favourites and set off on an amazing journey!

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