How To Find Bloggers In Your Niche (Helpful Guide)

Shopify reports that the influencer marketing industry expects to reach $16 billion in 2022. While influencer marketing is booming, finding relevant blogger influencers in your niche can be tricky.

Luckily, we’ve created this helpful guide on finding bloggers in your niche. With the right blogger, your business will get the attention it deserves from a ready-to-convert audience.

How To Search For Bloggers

Before you start reaching out to relevant bloggers for sponsored content, you’ll need to do some research in order to find the best bloggers for your brand. You’ll need to use some tools and methods to find some suitable bloggers and then reach out to them. We outline all these steps below:

Choose Your Blogger Criteria

Before you search for a blogger, you first need to choose measurable criteria. Having criteria in place will help you separate the good bloggers from the bad.

Here are some of our favorite criteria for finding good blogger partners, no matter your niche.

  • Audience size: How many followers do they have? Of course, you want to work with bloggers that have a large audience as it means greater reach. However, don’t discount nano- or micro-influencer bloggers with highly engaged followers that match your target audience.
  • Engagements: Does the audience often leave comments, like, or interact with the blogger’s content? If yes, then you know they’ve got active followers. An engaged audience is more likely to share content. They’re also easier to convert into sales.
  • Ethical behavior: You don’t want to partner with a blogger that promotes unethical content, hate speech, or derogatory posts. When you associate with this type of blogger, you risk harming your brand’s image.
  • Relevance: You want your blogging partner to be relevant to your industry or niche. For example, a beauty influencer’s audience might not be interested in the latest motor oil. When the blogger’s target audience is relevant to your niche, you’ll get traffic that is more ready to convert!
  • Competition: Do they work with other professionals or other brands in the same niche? You want an influencer to focus on your brand and not the competition.

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Search For Bloggers

Here are three ways you can find bloggers to work with easily:

Google Search

To find the right bloggers to work with, you can do a quick Google search. All you need to do is search for the following:

  • Top blogs + “my niche”
  • Best sites + “my niche”
  • Top influencers + “my niche”
  • Major bloggers + “my niche”

Your Google search results will first display the most popular bloggers with relevant blogs in your niche.

Make sure to visit each blogger’s website or social media accounts and begin making your list of the best ones to approach.

Doing additional research on the blogger will also help you identify whether they’re still active and engaging with their followers.

Create a shortlist of all the top bloggers that meet your criteria.

Do A Hashtag Search On Social Media

If you don’t want to search for your next blogging partner via Google, consider using relevant hashtags on social media.

Hashtags are popular on social media. Many bloggers and influencers use hashtags to build their audience and get noticed. You can use the same tricks to find popular bloggers in your industry.

Ensure your search results only show the top ones for the particular platform. This feature helps to filter out the lesser-quality content and bloggers with smaller audiences. Use the same list of criteria to qualify your bloggers.

Check out our handy how to find someone on Instagram guide if you’re stuck. It’ll be easy to find the right social media profiles.

Remember to create a shortlist before you reach out to your bloggers.

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Use trendHERO

If doing manual research to find the perfect influencer for your brand sounds time-consuming, use a software tool to automate it.

trendHERO can help you quickly find influencers in your niche.

For example, say you found a blogger’s tone that is perfect for your industry. In that case, you could use trendHERO’s “Top Similar Influencers” feature. This feature can find up to 300 similar bloggers with the same reach and profile as the one you like.

trendHERO significantly reduces your research time, meaning you can reach out to bloggers more efficiently and launch your influencer marketing campaigns sooner.

How To Reach Out To Bloggers You Want To Work With

Now that you have your short list of potential blogging partners, it’s time to reach out to them. Here’s how to conduct blogger outreach:

1. Start Following Them On Social Media

Start slowly. Follow your potential blogging partner or influencer on social media platforms and interact with their content.

Your goal is to get noticed by the blogger eventually. Interact with their content, and leave replies, suggestions, or ideas to inspire and encourage them. Feel free to share their content.

If your company is lucky to get noticed, the influencer may approach you and apply for your affiliate program.

They may recognize your company’s name even if they don’t approach you. That’ll help you move quickly onto the next stage of business.

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2. Reach Out With An Email

After getting your company noticed, try approaching the blogger through a well-crafted email.

From email personalization to follow-up emails, it’s crucial to do this well. Some of our favorite tips include the following:

  • Be straightforward: Popular bloggers and influencers get many requests daily. Shifting through hundreds of proposals can be time-consuming for them. It’s crucial to keep your email as simple as possible without being careless.Take a personal approach: Every blogger is different, so tailor your email to fit them. Use your research gathered to craft an appealing proposal.
  • Add an incentive: Whether it’s a free product or money, offering them an attractive incentive will result in them reviewing your products more often.
  • Send a follow-up email: Wait about 1 to 2 weeks to send a follow-up email. You don’t want to spam their inbox, which will discourage them from working with you.
  • Be genuine: When forming a relationship with your chosen influencer, be honest. This is essential to working together again in the future.

Follow these rules, and reaching out to your favorite blogger will be easier. Remember, the key is to make the email about them. Offer the blogger an incentive, and tell them how your brand can help them achieve their goals.

To make this process easier, use influencer or blogger outreach software like trendHERO. It automates the email outreach process and personalizes it too, which helps to boost response rates!

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3. Get Creative, Be Flexible

Successful bloggers get hundreds of pitches monthly. Your goal is to provide them with an exciting, unique, irresistible incentive.

Suppose you researched by following your potential blogging partner on social media. In that case, you’d know what they like and dislike. Use this to help you narrow down the perfect incentive.

Here are a few ideas you can use with an interesting angle for your collaboration. You could:

  • Suggest a product review. Send the influencer a product, sample, or free trial of your service. Encourage the blogger to openly and honestly review it.
  • Offer an influencer discount code. They can share the discount with their community, creating FOMO (fear of missing out) and getting more visitors to your site.
  • Work with the influencer or blogger and offer a grand giveaway. Readers can comment, share, or like content, and the blogger can pick a winner.
  • Use an unboxing video, how-to guide, guest post, infographic, and other share-worthy resources to make it easy for the blogger to promote your brand.

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Now You Know How To Find Bloggers

While finding influential bloggers can be a long process, it’ll do wonders for your product or service. All you have to do is:

  1. Find your blogger using a search engine, social media, or trendHERO.
  2. Get to know your preferred blogger, their likes, and dislikes.
  3. Understand the type of content they create and how it fits your niche.
  4. Craft an irresistible proposal with a juicy incentive to build and encourage excitement around your collaboration.
  5. Encourage open communication and establish an authentic relationship.

When you follow all these steps, your brand will quickly gain new loyal followers and enjoy years of success.

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