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Gen Z Influencers: How To Engage with the Next Wave of Digital Content Creators

A new breed of content creators has emerged in today’s digital landscape. They are helping both brands in their marketing strategies and consumers in their purchase decisions—Generation Z!

Also known as Zoomers, Gen Z is an age group between the millennial cohort and generation Alpha. Gen Zers have become the most targeted demographic for companies and organizations worldwide. But on the flip side, influencers of this generation can be tapped by brands to help their businesses.

This page delves into Gen Z influencers as a new wave of digital content creators. Read on to understand what they are and how to engage with them to promote your business.

The Rise of Gen Z Influencers and Their Power in Business

Influencer marketing has recently become all the rage. A form of social media marketing, it involves product placements and promotions from online content creators. According to Statista, its global market size has more than doubled since 2019, projected to hit $21.1 billion this year.

More than 50 million individuals now consider themselves influencers or digital content creators. On Instagram alone, there are over 64 million influencers worldwide. Statista also reported that TikTok has 106 influencers globally.

However, a powerful force has emerged in the business world—the Generation Z influencers. They have become prominent and influential on social media channels capable of impacting both brands and consumers.

Explore the rise of Gen Z influencers and learn the power they hold in uplifting your brand and shaping consumer behavior.

Who Is Gen Z?

Gen Z consists of individuals born between 1997 and 2012. They are those who succeeded the millennials. This generation has grown up with advanced technology, digital connectivity, and social media dominance.

According to Insense, we can sum up Generation Z as those who are:

  • Interested in the values and social impact of companies
  • Conscious and critical consumers in today’s business landscape
  • Employing digital capabilities to engage with brands

This generation has never experienced a world without the internet, smartphones, and social media platforms. Gen Zers are exposed to the digital landscape, allowing them to create and consume content across different platforms. As such, they are known for their digital expertise, often seen as tech-savvy, socially conscious, and entrepreneurial.

Top Generation Z influencers

We created a list of these influencers with actual data (number of followers and engagement rate). Check the list

What Can Gen Z Influencers Do for Your Business?

Gen Z influencers can do a lot for your company, from promoting your products or services to engaging with your customers. That’s why businesses of all sizes across different industries can no longer ignore the power of influencer marketing. And they can capitalize on Generation Z due to their digital capabilities.

Here’s what Gen Z Influencers can perform for your business:

  • Serve as Brand Ambassadors. They can represent your brand in the best light possible and endorse your products or services to their audiences. As trusted figures, they can influence their followers’ purchase decisions and establish brand loyalty.
  • Create Sponsored Content. They can produce content to promote your business and sell your products or services. However, they get paid for doing so, whether for promotional video clips, images, or blog posts.
  • Employ Affiliate Marketing. Many influencers engage in affiliate marketing by promoting products or services on their digital platforms. When consumers click the links and avail of these offers, the influencers get commissions.
  • Hold Contests and Giveaways. Some influencers host contests and offer giveaways to build and maintain relationships with their followers. It’s a great way to engage with customers and increase sales, so you should consider working with Gen Z influencers.

How Can Gen Z Influencers Help Your Business?

Gen Z influencers can work wonders on your business. They can expand your brand reach, increase brand awareness, enhance customer engagement, and influence purchase decisions. They can contribute to your growth and success in this ever-evolving digital landscape. That’s why over nine (93%) out of ten marketers have used influencer marketing.

Specifically, Gen Z influencers can help you achieve the following business objectives.

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness. They can directly or indirectly promote your business to their audiences or followers. Through content creation and promotion, they expose your brand to people who were previously unaware of your business.
  • Increased Online Visibility. They allow your business to take up space on your digital platforms, whether social media, blogs, or online forums. That can translate into a boost in web presence and prominence.
  • Improved Website Traffic. They can drive potential customers to your business websites. By exposing your brand and enticing customers, prospects might end up visiting your site.
  • High Customer Engagement. It’s no secret that they can create high levels of customer engagement. Working with influencers lets you earn likes, comments, and shares for published content about your business.
  • Online Community of Supporters. They can go as far as helping you establish an online community of loyal supporters. They will continue to inform, engage, and provide value to your regular customers via their online platforms.
  • A Boost in Sales Revenue. Collaboration with Gen Z influencers can increase your sales revenue. Of course, they can endorse your products or services to their followers. They are really good at it!
  • Business Growth and Success. Tapping into the Gen Z influencers’ digital skills and powerful influence can lead to business growth and success. You’ll be surprised at how they can win new customers and keep regular ones for your business.

Gen Z Influencer Engagement: Top Tips for Working with Digital Content Creators

Influencer Marketing Hub conducted a survey and created a report about the state of influencer marketing in 2023. Over 83% of its surveyed respondents still believe it to be an effective form of marketing, albeit there is more negative thinking surrounding it.

As such, what better way to proceed than to leverage the right Gen Z digital content creators who can work wonders on your influencer marketing? However, hire the right partners and work with them to ensure a successful implementation.

Below are the top engagement tips for working with Gen Z influencers.

1. Look for Relevant Influencers

The success of your influencer marketing boils down to hiring the right Gen Z digital content creator. Start by checking online platforms related to your industry and listing some prospects. Then, screen them based on their backgrounds, content, and followers. The goal is to identify the right influencers for your business.

First off, search for relevant influencers that cater to your business niche. Ensure your hired influencers have trust and confidence in your brand and use your products or services. That’s when they can go ahead and promote your business.

2. Build Solid Relationships

Contracting with the relevant contractors is one thing; ensuring successful business partnerships is another. Hiring digital content creators doesn’t mean you leave everything to them. Start building good relationships with them for effective and sustainable engagement.

After picking influencers and agreeing on terms, set an influencer agreement. It’s best to create a formal contract that defines the service expectations and deliverables, not to mention the payment structure and specific clauses. But a far more vital aspect than this legally binding document is getting to know your influencer and establishing solid partnerships with them.

3. Co-create Content Pieces

You often think of influencer marketing as tapping influencers to create content to promote your business. However, it’s better if you’re actively involved in their projects without taking away their creative freedom. That is by communicating your vision and collaborating with them.

You can get influencers to work with you using some psychology tricks in digital marketing. Once done, work as a team to produce appealing content that conveys powerful messages. Then, entrust the final execution to your influencers since they are the ones who will publish content on their platforms and engage with their followers (your target market).

4. Employ User-generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is exactly what it sounds like—content created and shared by individuals not necessarily affiliated with your company. For influencer marketing, it entails encouraging your hired influencers and their followers to produce content pieces and share them with others.

Suppose your e-commerce business aims to have a successful product launch. In this case, you can tap into your influencers to try your products. Then, let them showcase how they use your goods or items and ask their followers to do the same. Ultimately, UGC can go a long way in expanding your network and accessing new markets.

5. Focus on Storytelling

Coty Perry, CMO at Anglers believes in the power of storytelling. “There’s power in storytelling, and Gen Zers are particularly good at creating and sharing stories on digital platforms. That’s why it’s best to leverage the influencers of this generation to entice your target market and win the customers’ hearts.”

But what does storytelling entail? Ditch out the traditional and direct way of promoting your brand and selling your products. Create heartwarming, entertaining, or compelling stories showcasing how they use your products or services. In short, don’t tell; show instead.

6. Engage in Live Streaming

It’s easy to see influencers perform live streaming on their social media channels, whether on Facebook or TikTok. While some hold big-time online events, others only have casual interactions. You’ll be surprised at how their followers join the real-time engagement and stay till it ends.

Live streaming is an effective way to create dynamic interactions and build solid relationships with followers. As such, let your hired influencers promote your brand during the actual broadcast. For instance, allow them to showcase how to use your products or services in real-time.

7. Harness the Power of Social Media

There’s no denying the power of social media, whether for personal interactions or business purposes. These channels are where people live and breathe. As such, work with your Gen Z influencers to create social media marketing strategies. Here are a few recommendations for influencer marketing:

  • Let influencers do live streaming on Facebook to promote your products or services.
  • Employ product photography and have influencers publish product images on Instagram.
  • Ask influencers to post ads on some of their viral videos on YouTube.
  • Let famous TikTok influencers add products on their yellow baskets as affiliates.

Final Words

As we’re embracing the digital era, Generation Z plays a crucial role in today’s business landscape. Gen Z influencers are at the forefront, helping brands in their marketing promotion and influencing consumers in their purchase decisions.

It’s best to tap into Gen Zers for their business interest, consumer consciousness, and digital capabilities. Consider hiring relevant influencers to help promote your brand and sell your products or services. More importantly, follow our practical tips for engaging with Gen Z digital content creators.

Working with the right Gen Z influencers can increase your brand awareness, online visibility, website traffic, customer engagement, and sales revenue. Ultimately, they can be instrumental to your overall business growth and success!

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