10 Best Influencer Marketing Tools to Use in 2021

Influencer marketing has its problems but it continues to actively grow. Just in three years (2019-2021), the industry managed to double its worth. So it comes as no surprise that the number of influencer search tools you can find online is overwhelming. So how do you choose the best influencer marketing tools? Which ones are the best for your marketing strategy and niche? Find the answers below.

What are influencer marketing tools?

Influencer marketing tools are online platforms that offer solutions to make your life as a marketer much easier. They also tend to help you save money in the process. Yes, the majority of them are paid services and some might seem pricey. However, at the end of the day, they turn out to be fairly cost-efficient. Just think how much time it would save you.

While all of them allow discovering the content creators most suitable for your campaign, influencer search is not all they can do. Nowadays, influencer marketing tools allow automating your influencer marketing campaigns from A to Z.

TOP 10 Instagram influencer marketing tools

1. trendHERO.


trendHERO is one of the most extensive analytics tools you can find online. Is searching for influencers, analyzing their profiles, and getting detailed analytics reports on your marketing campaign performance what you need? Then search no further, trendHERO’s got you covered. Apart from that, you can track your own Instagram account performance or analyze your competitors. You event don’t need to connect your account to use all the tools.

Tools available

  • Influencer discovery;
  • Detailed Instagram profile analytics (ER, audience quality & authenticity, audience analysis, etc.);
  • Profile mentions tracking;
  • Sponsored content efficiency analytics;
  • Audience overlaps.


trendHERO offers three subscription plans priced $9,99 – $119,99 a month. You can choose the best option based on your marketing needs. You can also get 14 days trial and check 1 Instagram account up to 10 000 followers for free.



2. Tagger


As one of the most efficient influencer marketing platforms, Tagger takes care of all the main aspects of influencer marketing campaigns. First of all, it’s a marketplace that offers a database of a few million content creators. But you’ll easily discover it’s far from all this service can do. Campaign management? Check. Reporting? Check. And if you want in-depth analytics, Tagger will deliver as well. The service works better for larger brands.

Tools available

  • Powerful CRM and end-to-end campaign management;
  • Detailed profile analytics;
  • Research and insights;
  • Social media monitoring.


Customizable. There are no pricing options listed on the website but you can fill in the form to find the best solution for you.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

3. PostForRent


If you want a service that offers help at every step of your influencer marketing campaigns, PostForRent is the place to go. Discover content creators, analyze their audiences, manage your campaigns or let the experienced professionals manage them for you. This is the platform that caters to all kinds of brands, big and small, as well as agencies.

Tools available

  • Influencer search (including profile comparison and fraud detector);
  • Campaign manager (campaigns worldwide, results forecast, automated payments, reporting);
  • Managed service (marketing strategy development, influencer communications, content creation and optimization, in-depth analytics).


When it comes to pricing, PostForRent offers a customizable system based on your needs as a marketer. Under this system, a single profile analysis will cost you $5. All services like influencer search, campaign management, analytics, and the use of multiple accounts and marketing teams have a separate price. In case you want to hire professionals to manage your campaigns for you, contact the PFR support team for more details.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and standalone blogs.

4. Fourstarrz Media

fourstarzz media

Fourstarzz Media is a great influencer marketing tool for smaller brands. It offers a marketplace with nearly a million content creators to choose from and a powerful influencer search engine with detailed filters. You can also compare various creator profiles based on metrics like ER and reach. Apart from that, they are ready to help you with campaign management.

Tools available

  • Influencer discovery;
  • Influencer lists, comparison, and analytics;
  • Creator partnership management;
  • Campaign monitoring & analytics.


Fourstarrz chooses to keep it simple. To gain full access to all the service’s features, you’ll have to pay $59 per month with no added charges.


Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and standalone blogs.

5. Socialbakers


Socialbakers offers everything you could want in influencer marketing software. It will help you manage social media profiles and marketing campaigns, create efficient content strategies and keep track of analytics. Unlike many tools you can find on this list, they don’t put a special focus on influencer discovery: the search engine is rather simple. But if you want in-depth research, analysis, monitoring, and campaign management, this is the place for you.

Tools available

  • Social media research;
  • Content strategy development;
  • Trends tracking tool;
  • Creator discovery, tracking, and reporting;
  • Social media management across multiple accounts;
  • Analytics.


You can purchase the Essential package and pay $200 per 10 profiles a month or $400 per 20 profiles a month. Alternatively, you can pay for the full set of services. Contact the Socialbakers team to find out your monthly/annual fee.


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram.

6. Unbox Social

unbox social

Unbox Social is one of those online tools that help you manage all aspects of your social media campaigns and make the process really simple. Where it really shines is social media analytics and reporting. The service assists in collecting in-depth data on multiple metrics and tracking campaign performance over time. The influencer database includes creators of all sizes, from celebs to nano-influencers.

Tools available

  • Competition tracking;
  • Social media analytics;
  • Influencer search;
  • Profile reporting;
  • Fraud check;
  • Social listening.


Unbox Social doesn’t list any pricing guidelines on the website but you can contact the service’s team to work out the best solution based on what your brand needs.


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

7. Shoutcart


Shoutcart keeps it simple. Unlike many tools on this list, it doesn’t offer comprehensive campaign management solutions. What it does offer is searching, analyzing, and partnering up with creators who can offer your brand appropriate exposure. If you want a shoutout from an influential creator from your niche, give it a go.

Tools available

  • Influencer search;
  • Detailed follower search filters;
  • Tracking & analytics;
  • Partnership management.


You can sign up for the service for free. There are no fixed subscription plans listen on the website. How much you pay completely depends on how many influencers you collaborate with.


Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.

8. Captiv8


Captiv8 is an all-in-one influencer marketing tool that has it all when it comes to marketing campaigns. It offers powerful software to discover and analyze influencers in your niche, build creator partnerships, and manage campaigns from A to Z. What’s more, with Captiv8 you can gain access to analytics that can predict your campaign results as well as to crucial information like audience relevance scoring and fraud detection.

Tools available

  • Strategic planning (creator lists & social listening);
  • Content production;
  • Post search;
  • Insights & Analytics;
  • Creator search & analysis;
  • Campaign management and CRM;
  • Payment management;
  • Reporting.


There is no specific information for pricing on the Captiv8 website. Book a demo to find out the best solutions for your brand.

9. Meltwater


Meltwater is powerful social media analytics & social listening platform. Influencer marketing is just one of the multiple services it offers but you can be sure it will deliver on every front when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns. Here you can find creators, get access to in-depth analytics, manage your influencer partnerships and track your campaign performance.

Tools available

  • Creator discovery;
  • Influencer analytics;
  • CRM and campaign workflow;
  • ROI measurement.


Customizable. Request a demo version of the service to see what suits your brand and its marketing needs best.


All major social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

10. Phlanx


Phlanx has all the tools to make your marketing campaign management as easy as possible. What’s great about it is that some of these tools are free. Thie unique set of software allows searching for influencers, managing your content creator partnerships, and tracking your campaign performance. What makes it special is that you can also collaborate with other brands to give one another valuable exposure. Besides, there’s a set of highly useful tools like an engagement calculator or contract template generator.

Tools available

  • Influencer directory;
  • Collaborations (partnership proposals);
  • Social media audit;
  • Engagement calculator;
  • Marketing campaign manager;
  • Contract generator;
  • Competitor tracking.


There are three subscription options, Basic ($25/month), Premium ($35/month), and Business ($50/month). A yearly billing allows using the service for free for 3 months.


Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok.

How to choose the most suitable influencer marketing tool for your brand

An influencer marketing tool can either make your life as a marketer much easier or become a total waste of money and time. It’s important to remember that none of them are perfect. You must make your choice based on a specific situation, your marketing campaign requirements, and the budget at your disposal. Choose the tools that solve your current problems. And while you are at it, take note of the following factors:

1. Features.

Do they have all the tools you require? Remember that these services are usually costly. This means that you don’t want to sign up for a subscription only to find out that something is missing. As a result, you might end up paying more than expected.

2. Simplicity and user-friendliness.

One of the main reasons to use these tools is that they save a great deal of time. However, when the website UI or certain features are overly complicated or not clearly explained, you might waste a lot of valuable time figuring them out. Look for user reviews or ask other marketers for more information.

3. Multiple features.

There’s no denying that influencer discovery is an important and valuable feature But a modern influencer marketing tool must feature more than that. Today, the majority of these services offer comprehensive analytics, end-to-end campaign management, ROI measurement, and much more. Make sure you get the best value for your money.

4. Price.

Again, influencer marketing tools can be pricey. But an expensive marketing tool doesn’t always mean it’s useful for your campaign goals specifically. Make sure that the price you pay completely matches the choice and the quality of features you get (as well as their usefulness for you personally).


An effective marketing campaign takes more than just collecting analytics data. It’s also about market research, tracking and assessment of competitors, and a well-oiled mechanism of communication with your influencer partners. All this will allow you to optimize your marketing strategy, use the right channels of communication with your target audience and get a competitive edge in the market. Make use of the tools on our list and drive your campaigns to success!

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