How Many Influencers are There in 2023

There are more than 64 million influencers’ accounts on Instagram all over the world. 

In the digital age, the role of influencers in shaping consumer behavior and trends cannot be overstated. With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, the world has seen a significant surge in the number of influencers, individuals who leverage their online following to sway public opinion, promote brands, and even drive social change.

As of 2023, estimates suggest that there are millions of influencers worldwide, a testament to the growing relevance of this phenomenon.

This rise in influencers is not just a passing trend but a reflection of a fundamental shift in the way information is disseminated and consumed. Influencers are no longer confined to the realms of entertainment and lifestyle. They span various fields and interests, from fashion and travel to technology and finance, making them a crucial aspect of contemporary digital culture.

In this article, you will get statistical data for Instagram influencers based on the trendHERO database:

  • How many influencers are there by size
  • How many influencers are there by country

Who do we count as influencers? 

In brief:

  • They need to have a certain number of followers.
  • They are persons, not brands or media.
  • They have real followers.
  • They have influence or engagement.

There are 4 types of influencers by size: 

  1. Nano (1 – 10k)
  2. Micro (10 – 100k)
  3. Macro (100k – 1M)
  4. Celebrities (1M and more)

The second characteristic that describes an influencer is a personal account. This account is about a person or personal brand. Usually we are talking about a creator in contrast to brands or media. Makeup artists, food bloggers, teachers, etc. Influencers should have real followers. 

The most discussable part of this term is ‘influence’. 

What impact on the audience should an account have to be called an influencer? We know that there are key opinion leaders, people with a certain expertise in some topics. For instance, a photographer can write about camera lenses or photoshop hacks, or a doctor can describe some healthy habits. But there are also a lot of creators without any qualifications. A sportsman who promotes a shampoo, or the girl who makes comedy sketches adding a national supermarket network promo to her content. In this case we are talking about audience engagement as an influence metric. 

How many influencers are there by size

types of influencers on Instagram

  • Celebrities 34,3k
  • Macro influencers 0.5M
  • Micro influencers 5.1M
  • Nano influencers 58.2M

We can explore influencer types distribution by size and country:

influencers with 1 million followers

We can see the trend for different countries.

For example, 0.18% for Turkey means that only 0.18% of all influencers have more than 1M followers.

This metric depends on such factors as country population, cultural influence, and how much Instagram is popular in a country.

You can compare the previous graph with graphs below:

On average, 91% of influencers are nano influencers (86% for USA and 90% for Italy).

How many influencers are there by countries

  • Brazil 5.4M
  • United States 4.7M
  • India 2.3M
  • Russian Federation 1.6M
  • Indonesia 1.1M
  • Italy 1M
  • United Kingdom 0.7M
  • Argentina 0.7M
  • Iran 0.69M
  • Turkey 0.68M
  • Ukraine 0.63M
  • Spain 0.61M
  • Mexico 0.45M
  • Germany 0.44M
  • France 0.39M

How are they distributed all over the world?

How Many Influencers are There in 2023 celebrities

How Many Influencers are There in 2023 macro influencers

It’s interesting to compare number of influencers and population by country:

number of influencers compared to country population

Here we see that in the USA, there are:

  • 21.5 influencers with 1M+ followers per million people.
  • 14.1 influencers per thousand of the population.

It can be a metric to see how much Instagram is popular in a country.


How Many Influencers are There in 2023 USA

  • Celebrities 7.1k
  • Macro influencers 75.3k
  • Micro influencers 0.54M
  • Nano influencers 4M


How many influencers are there in Brazil

  • Celebrities 3.1k
  • Macro influencers 48.5k
  • Micro influencers 0.6M
  • Nano influencers 4.7M


How many influencers are there in India

  • Celebrities 2.2k
  • Macro influencers 32.1k
  • Micro influencers 0.27M
  • Nano influencers 2M


How many influencers are there in Indonesia

  • Celebrities 1k
  • Macro influencers 14.5k
  • Micro influencers 0.13M
  • Nano influencers 0.98M


How many influencers are there in Italy

  • Celebrities 0.6k
  • Macro influencers 8.27k
  • Micro influencers 86k
  • Nano influencers 0.9M


How many influencers are there in Spain

  • Celebrities 0.5k
  • Macro influencers 7.2k
  • Micro influencers 66k
  • Nano influencers 0.54M


How many influencers are there in Mexico

  • Celebrities 0.64k
  • Macro influencers 7.8k
  • Micro influencers 58.4k
  • Nano influencers 0.38M

There is a benchmark report available. : State of influencer marketing in Mexico in 2023


How many influencers are there in Germany

  • Celebrities 0.31k
  • Macro influencers 6.5k
  • Micro influencers 56k
  • Nano influencers 0.37M

There is a benchmark report available: State of Influencer Marketing in Instagram 2023 – Germany

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