12 Awesome Instagram Food Influencers To Follow

When it comes to food influencers, Instagram has a ton to offer. You can find food pictures, delicious recipes, how-to videos, food blogging, and restaurant reviewers.

Professional chefs share their own recipes and creative processes. Simple foodies upload their everyday recipes and fave restaurant brands. It’s the perfect social media platform to go to when looking for anything food.

This article will share our favorite and top food influencers on Instagram. These are accounts that post recipes, display food pictures, and share other food industry titbits.

Why Food Influencers?

Running a food blog or working as a food writer is no new thing. It’s an industry that’s been around for ages and evolved with the growth of social media platforms and the internet.

As you would expect, influencer marketing has become a key part of the food media space.

In particular, food brands and restaurants are working with more and more food influencers on Instagram. Instagram, as a photo-sharing platform, is a suitable visual space for sharing food images and visuals of recipes.

Ever heard of the phrase “You eat with your eyes?” Well, that’s exactly what it is. And it’s clear in the constantly growing number of food influencers on Instagram.

Dish of pasta

And What Can Food Influencers On Instagram Do For Your Business?

Collaborating with food influencers is the perfect way to increase your brand visibility, test out new food ideas, and more. They can be the perfect brand ambassadors for a variety of culinary businesses including apps, nutritional companies, etc.

You gain access to the influencers’ audience and leverage their dedication to the influencer’s content.

It’s not just an increase in influencer marketing that has impacted the popularity of food influencers on Instagram. Audiences have also made a clear move towards eating healthy. They’re constantly looking for easy-to-make but tasty recipes and exciting eating spots.

Food is a majorly popular niche on social media and influencers are the tool you can use to leverage its popularity.

12 Top Food Influencers On Instagram You Should Be Following

These are some of the top food influencers you should follow or consider for collaboration on Instagram.

Jeffrey Boadi (@jeffreyboadi) – 103k followers


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First up, we’ve got vegan recipe guru, Jeffrey Boadi. The food entrepreneur, founder, and content producer of Wealth of Health made the move to veganism in 2018.

Boadi promotes simple movements toward a vegan lifestyle by creating content that centers around vegan food recipes. This food influencer aims to show people that they can make delicious meals with vegan and plant-based recipes.

Ella Mills (@deliciouslyella) – 2.1M followers

Ella Mills is another founder and content creator making moves with her food business. Her work as a food blogger and influencer comes together to form a food ecosystem she called Deliciously Ella.

The Deliciously Ella food network includes a food and drink company that manufactures completely plant-based, healthy foods. It also includes an app you can access on a web or mobile app.

The app gives you access to hundreds of yummy healthy recipes. It also has workout and fitness sessions, wellness techniques, and other resources.

Paulina Nienartowicz (@artrawpaulina) – 70.4k followers

Looking for more of a sweet or rich treat? Paulina Nienartowicz could be just the person you’re looking for. She’s a vegan and raw vegan cook who deals with everything dessert-related from tarts and brownies to cakes.

Her raw vegan specialty goes beyond just dessert, though. She has her own cookbook, ‘The Art Of Raw Food’, which includes recipes for all breakfasts, snacks, mains, soups, side dishes, and dressings.

Sara Kiyo Popowa (@shisodelicious) – 104k followers

Another food influencer that works with healthy food recipes and conscious eating is Sara Kiyo Popowa. Sara is an author, cook, and photographer who works on veggie and plant-based eats on her IG page.

Her skill as a food photographer also means she posts beautiful food pictures that will have you wanting to stick your hand into the screen.

Her published food recipe books include Bento Power: Brilliantly Powered Lunchbox Recipes and An Opinionated Guide To Vegan London.

Gordon Ramsay (@gordongram) – 13.8M followers


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We’ve got a celebrity chef on the list of our most popular food influencers and you certainly know him. Gordon Ramsay (aka the guy who screams at cooks on TV) is a well-known food figure. In addition to being a chef and harsh critic, Ramsay is a restaurateur and food writer.

His fame was skyrocketed by his numerous television shows and appearances and successful restaurants.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay has had three Michelin stars since the early 2000s. He is certainly an influential chef and culinary industry icon. One could argue that he isn’t just a top food influencer, but the top one.

Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) – 9.2M followers


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A post shared by Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver)

Another celebrated culinary personality and food influencer you’d know is Jamie Oliver, chef, and restaurateur. Although he started as a pastry chef, Oliver now has his fingers in all the pots. The British chef has books, TV shows, healthy food school programs, and, of course, his Instagram.

Like many of the other food influencers on this list, he is invested in sharing nutritional but yummy meals. He designs his food experiences and widely successful food blog around simple food recipes. It’s all about minimalism, and clean and fresh organic ingredients.

KS T (@ks_ate_here) – 137k followers


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If you’re not really looking for something you can make yourself but want to try a good spot out, this is the go-to Instagram feed. Ks_ate_here is a funky and vibrant look into the London food scene. He takes you through the best recommendations of breakfast and brunch cafes, street bars, and laid-back dining.

Although London is his main focus, his IG is also a food and travel website. He travels all over the world, sharing all the amazing places he chows down on the road. If it’s affordable and serves delicious food, you’ll find it on this Instagram account.

Kevin Curry (@fitmencook) – 1.6M followers


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Kevin Curry is one of the best food influencers on Instagram for fitness. He founded Fit Men Cook, a digital community dedicated to people towards healthy lifestyles. The company aims to make fitness and health attractive and not boring.

When brands look for the best food influencers to work with in wellness and fitness, Curry makes it to the top of their list.

Allthingsmeaty (@allthingsmeaty) – 32.7k followers

We’ve had a ton of healthy eating, vegan, and vegetarian accounts so far on this list. Now, we bring an influencer for all the meat eaters. The name says everything you need to know about this Instagram feed. It’s a meat feast of restaurants all over the world.

Barbeques, burgers, grills, marinades- when we say everything meat, we mean it. And clearly, this food influencer has got the right idea since he has just over thirty-two thousand followers drooling over his chops.

Ashley Alexander (@gatherandfeast) – 338k followers

If you’re looking for easy-to-follow and simple recipes, Ashley Alexander’s what you’re looking for. Not only does her Instagram feed look scrumptious but she posts detailed recipes on her website (Gather & Feast) so that you can make the same meals at home.

From baked goods to easy dinner recipes, Ashley is a food influencer who does it all!

Nicole Cogan (@nobread) – 212k followers


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Of course, we had to include a gluten-free foodie on our list. Nicole Cogan started her influencer journey when she found out she was allergic to gluten and started a blog that centered around restaurants that provided gluten-free options.

Since then, her blog (and brand) NOBREAD has taken off. On Instagram, she posts delicious breadless recipes, reviews various products, and provides tips and hacks. You can find all her recipes and more on her website here.

Peyton Pratte (@choosing_balance) – 590k followers

Peyton Pratte is a top food influencer on Instagram known for her simple healthy food recipes. Her goal is to help people achieve a more balanced lifestyle through healthier eating.

From nutritious salads to pasta recipes and sweet treats, Payton’s feed is full of delicious recipes that you can start making right away.

How To Find Food Influencers On Instagram

Looking to work with an influencer for your culinary business or just looking for what’s trending in food? There are two main ways that you can find the top food influencers on Instagram.

First, you can use the Instagram Explore page by doing hashtag and keyword research. You would be wasting your time if you spent your day trying to find the highest ranking or trending hashtags on Insta.

There are way too many out there and it would be almost impossible to correctly guess the ones that fit what you’re looking for.

The best way to do this is to use a hashtag generator or analytics tool. It will help you track, monitor, and find hashtags for your business.

Another tool you can use is an influencer marketing platform, like ours. You can use it to find influencers, contact them, and manage your collaboration with them.

Aesthetic food arrangement


Food influencers on Instagram are changing the culinary game. And the name of that game is variety! Instagram offers you food bloggers, food news, wellness and fitness guidance, and more.

With numerous food influencers and a variety of specialties, you can learn how to cook delicious meals or travel the world through food pics. Find vegetarian meals, vegan recipes, gluten-free diet plans, and other clean-living resources. Or, if you’re in the mood to satisfy your food cravings, you can discover recipes or quick-fix street and fast food recommendations. We guarantee any Instagram page on this list will leave you satisfied.

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