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Get Influencers to Work With You With These 5 Digital Marketing Psychology Tricks

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing. Around 93% of marketers use influencer marketing to boost sales, and 57% of businesses use it to promote their products and services.

Customers respond to influencer marketing. They trust recommendations from people they admire; therefore, getting an influencer your audience trusts to promote your business optimizes sales. However, winning qualified influencers over is challenging. Without a positive prior relationship and a strategic approach, any attempt to initiate a collaboration might be followed by a rejection email.

So, how do you convince influencers your business is a good match? Adopting specific psychology hacks will help. This article will show how to convince influencers to work with you using five practical digital marketing psychology tricks.

Let’s get started.

5 digital marketing psychology strategies to make influencers work with you

5 digital marketing psychology strategies to make influencers work with you

Here are five effective psychology hacks you can implement to win influencers over.

1. Build great relationships with emails

Influencers love working with brands they trust. And the way to build trust is by establishing excellent relationships that get them comfortable with your brand. Email marketing is a powerful way to build relationships when done correctly. So, rather than send random emails requesting partnerships from influencers you don’t have relationships with, connect with them first.

Personalization is an excellent way to resonate with your recipients. No one likes generic emails, so take your time to craft emails that pique your influencer’s unique interests and goals. Get their attention with emails that show your interest in their brands and that you are open to building a meaningful connection with them. Opt on their email list if they have one, and constantly engage with their posts.

Email campaigns are another great way to build strong relationships with influencers.

By sending them regular, personalized messages that resonate with their interests, you can establish trust and foster collaboration opportunities. And the best part? You don’t need to break the bank on platforms like ActiveCampaign just because your competitors are using it.

With a plethora of affordable email platforms, you can simplify your communication process and send captivating emails quickly and efficiently.

In fact, there are many great ActiveCampaign alternatives that offer seamless onboarding processes, robust functionality, and a range of pricing plans to suit any budget. So why not give it a try and see how it can help you interact with influencers consistently and effectively?

2. Create contracts

create contracts

Contracts help you establish credibility and professionalism. Influencers often wonder if brands will stick to their end of the bargain, so a legal contract is how to get doubts out of the way. Besides, if you are unsure of an influencer’s credibility and integrity, a contract also establishes some layers of trust. In addition, it enlightens both parties on the terms and agreement involved, ensuring you are on the same page before you start a project.

So, initiate contracts when offering partnerships to influencers. First, it fosters trust. Second, it allows influencers to examine the rules and regulations binding a project to see if they agree.

Consequently, legal contracts prevent misunderstandings that may lead to a bridge of contract or lawsuits in the future. Creating contracts from scratch is time-consuming, so streamline the process with legal contract templates. They are ready-made samples you can tweak to suit your desired purpose. So, rather than develop a contract from the beginning, find a legal contract templates that best fits your goals and sign digital contracts with influencers effortlessly.

3. Show them you value their work

People love to be commended for what they do. So, a good way to break the ice with influencers is to start by discussing how much you value their hard work. Many influencers are likely to come across tons of appreciation posts every day. So, how do you stand out? Be specific. Mention a certain event, launch, or achievement you’ve noticed while reviewing their brand.

So, rather than say, “Great work you do!” Get a little more detailed. For example, you can say, “ I love the dedication and commitment you put into your work. I notice how you show up on social media regularly and reply to every comment. Commendable!”. Statements like this don’t show you value their work only. It shows you’ve taken your time to get to know them and how they work, which helps influencers warm up to you quickly.

Another way to show how much you value an influencer’s work is to engage with their posts constantly. Follow them on social media, share their content, and provide feedback. This shows you are genuinely interested in their brand, enabling them to become more receptive to your offer.

4. Provide value

Asides from paying them for their work, what other benefits can your business offer? Top influencers are likely to receive mouthwatering monetary opportunities often, so a good way to stand out from the park is to offer other forms of value alongside their commissions. To do this, understand their needs. What gaps exist, and how can your business help?

Your proposal shouldn’t just be about how influencers can help your business; it should also include how your company can impact its brands. For example, does your business’s value align with theirs? How can promoting your product and services influence their reputation, increase their credibility and attract more deals? Put your best foot forward by offering the unique opportunities your business will provide. Doing this increases your chances of working with influencers needing your value.

5. Find mutual connections

A personal introduction from someone an influencer knows is a quick way to get an influencer to work with you. So, check for mutual connections and contact them for an introduction. If they’ve worked with a brand you know, contact them and ask them to recommend your business to the influencer. You can also go through mutual connections on social media to find people you know and ask them to drop in a good word.

Harnessing common connections is effective in getting noticed by your target influencer. Also, since people trust personal recommendations from people they know, an influencer is more likely to work with your business based on their existing relationship with your mutuals. So, reach out to mutuals for recommendations to enable partnerships with your desired influencers.

How to drive sales with influencer marketing

how to drive sales with influencer marketing

Once you’ve got your desired influencer to work with you, you must maximize the opportunity to reach your sales goals. Here’s how to make it work.

Give exclusive discounts codes to influencers

Discounts are excellent incentives to get customers to buy your products. So, leverage discounts to maximize your influencer marketing results. To do this, offer influencers unique discount codes that let customers visit your website from influencers’ promotions.

These offers can be limited-time discounts, encouraging their followers to click and enjoy your offerings. Users are more likely to jump on this offer because it gives them an opportunity to save costs. Offers like time-limited discounts also project scarcity, enabling them to opt for the promotions quickly, increasing sales. So, give influencers discount codes to increase their chances of driving more sales to your business.

Organize contests and giveaways

You can tap into a human’s competitive spirit to enhance sales with influencer marketing. So, encourage influencers to launch a contest and offer giveaways when their followers take specific actions. This may include following your business’s page, engaging with your posts, or visiting your website. You can also ask them to answer questions about your business to foster audience participation.

Contests and giveaways are great ways to increase your brand awareness and drive engagement for your business. By organizing contests and encouraging customers to follow and engage with your content, more people will notice and get interested in your business. In addition, search engine and social media algorithms rank your content higher when people engage with your business, increasing your brand awareness and generating sales.

Ask influencers to use hashtags

Targeted marketing helps you make the most of your influencer marketing. So, encourage influencers to use hashtags. From generic to campaign-specific hashtags, an effective hashtag strategy attracts the right attention to your business.

So, when you share content, run contests and campaigns, and use related hashtags to ensure your ideal audience sees your posts. Therefore, instead of targeting a generalized market, you are streamlining your influencer marketing to those who matter to your business. As a result, you will achieve faster results with your marketing efforts.

Encourage unboxing videos from influencer

Unboxing videos allow users to see your product’s features from all angles. It’s also an opportunity to discuss the product’s features, benefits, usage, etc. So, encourage influencers to show unboxing videos to followers. Doing this will give users insight into your products and how they work, enabling them to make informed purchase decisions.

Gain influencers with digital marketing psychology tricks

Although it’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to attract top influencers, it’s easier to navigate the process with specific psychology hacks. Remember, it’s not enough to offer monetary benefits; you must provide value in other ways. This may include enhancing their reputation and positioning them for more deals. It’s also critical to build trust through positive relationships and legal contracts. Finally, show genuine interest in their work and reach out to mutual connections for recommendations.

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