Top 17 Food Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Inspirers with taste, masters of chef d’oeuvres, gods of culinary art … It’s all about people who make our mouths water every time we scroll Instagram feed. It’s all about food influencers who prompt us to rush to the kitchen to make culinary experiments.

The niche of food on Instagram is one of the most popular. A lot of people share their recipes, tips and tricks, test special kitchen equipment, and lots more. Nevertheless, as in any affair, there are prominent personalities that significantly stand out from the crowd, and I want to talk about them today.

Let’s get acquainted with the top 17 Instagram food bloggers with charisma, unsurpassed craftsmanship, and a unique approach to the affair.

The best food bloggers on Instagram

Before we start, I’d recommend you to have a tasty meal, first. Reading this article on an empty stomach is torture for your organism (joking!)


Gordon Ramsay



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Gordon Ramsay worthily takes the honorable first place on this list. He is a renowned British chef, restaurateur, TV host, and author of popular cookery books.

At the age of 31, Gordon opened his first restaurant that quickly won three Michelin stars. In 2006, he got the Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to the industry.

In total, Gordon Ramsay’s operating restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars.

Besides prominent offline presence, Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous social media food influencers. He posts the pics of his dishes on Instagram as well as uploads tutorials such as “Ramsay in 10” to IGTV.


Jamie Oliver



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Jamie Oliver is a stellar chef, TV host, restaurateur, and popularizer of home cooking and healthy nutrition from Great Britain. He is also an author of renowned cookery books.

Jamie Oliver tries to improve the health of the nation in every way possible. The UK allocated several million pounds to support his healthy nutrition program for schools.

He’s an outstanding, bright personality that attracts attention not only with recipes but also with his charisma and wit.

Millions of people follow his lifestyle offline and online. His Instagram account is full of mouth-watering dishes, various tutorials, tips, and tricks to add more taste to people’s lives.


Rosanna Pansino


Rosanna Pansino is an actress, author, singer, and what is important, baker. She started the cooking series Nerdy Nummies in 2010, and it gained popularity on YouTube very quickly, becoming one of the most well-known.

Rosanna is also one of Instagram food influencers with a huge fanbase. She shares the recipes of her cakes, cookies, buns as well as posts various tutorials and mouth-watering pics of her chef d’oeuvres.

There is also her shop Rosanna Pansino with cookbooks, apparel, pins, etc.


Rena | Healthy Fitness Meals


Rena is one of the most famous health food influencers. She is the founder of Healthy Fitness Meals, the creator of wholesome and family-friendly recipes.

Rena is deeply convinced that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating tasteless food. “People may think eating healthy is boring but that’s furthest from the truth. You can still enjoy delicious tasting meals with healthier alternatives”, says Rena.

Her Instagram account is a collection of various dishes that are gluten, sugar, or dairy-free, kid-friendly, and vegetarian. The same recipes described in more detail you can find on Rena’s official website.

Rena believes that everything works out when it is in moderation. Occasionally, she cooks “cheat meals” and all her family enjoys them.


MARIAM | Cookin’ with Mima


Mariam was always passionate about food. However, not everyone knows that she could go another way, working in the federal government field. But you cannot escape your destiny.

Her initial motivation was to experience the flavors of her childhood. The flavours that she tasted in the kitchens of her grandmother, aunt, and mother. Mariam started teaching herself to cook, applying her skills, and growing as a professional. At present, she is one of the most popular food bloggers and advocates of a tasty lifestyle.

“Good food doesn’t have to be difficult, and anyone can learn how to cook. I love to give back to others because I’ve lost it all before and know what it’s like to have nothing”, says Mariam.


Deliciously Ella


Ella Mills or Deliciously Ella is a plant-based food blogger, podcaster, entrepreneur, and writer. She is a trustworthy Instagram food influencer who shares appealing pics of wholesome dishes and writes all the recipes in detail in her account. Sometimes it’s enough just to look for a minute at the pic, and you don’t feel hungry anymore (joking).

Ella started with a blog and then created an app, podcast, deli, books. Her primary goal was to encourage herself to make healthy eating delicious but it all went further. At present, she inspires millions to form healthy nutrition habits.

“Deliciously Ella is a resource to help you live better and make vegetables cool”, written on the official website.


Yotam Ottolenghi


Yoyam Ottolenghi is an Israeli-English chef, restaurateur, one of the best-selling cookbook authors, and a social media food influencer. He co-owns a group of restaurants and fine-dining destinations.

Having his column in the Guardian, Yotam constantly cooks and tests new recipes. This renowned chef shares his dishes with Israeli and British twists on his Instagram account. Too mouth-watering to be true)




“Simple recipes that make you feel good”, written in BIO in the MINIMALIST BAKER account. Dana Shultz with her team is elaborating recipes that require just 10 ingredients, 1 bowl, and 30 minutes or less for cooking.

There is so much inspiration and various meal options in this account that will help diversify your eating habits and indulge in new dishes every day.

Here is the official website to familiarize yourself better with the cooking arts of MINIMALIST BAKER.


Sam Schnur



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A post shared by Sam Schnur (@thenaughtyfork)

Samantha Schnur is a creator of @thenaughtywork that is one of the best food Instagram accounts. She started with showcasing her passion for food, drink, and photography on Instagram and evolved into the company that services all entities in the food industry.

Sam as a food influencer partners with such brands as Oreo, McDonald’s, and Burger King to promote their content. She is also a co-founder of the HoneySpot food app that allows people to discover great restaurants, bars, and hotels as well as see the recommendations from their own social circle.

Coming back to the Instagram account, it brings a true gastronomic and aesthetic delight, featuring a lot of amazing dishes. Just check!


Yumna | Feel Good Foodie


Meet Yumna – a foodie by day, also a foodie by night. This is how she describes herself on Instagram BIO. She created Feel Good Foodie based on the belief that “food should be nutritious, wholesome, and make you feel good”.

Primarily, Yumna’s insta food is not just appealing externally but also very nutritious and delicious. She adores experimenting with tastes, textures, providing healthy alternatives to everyday staples. There is no doubt that Yumna’s dishes as well as her charm will captivate you and make you stay for a long time once you drop in her Instagram account.


Tieghan Gerard (halfbakedharvest)


“My hope is to inspire a love for amazing food, as well as the courage to try something new!”, writes Tieghan on her website.

Tieghan Gerard is a social media food influencer, author of two famous cookbooks “The Half Baked Harvest”, and “The Half Baked Harvest Super Simple”, and a distinguished kitchen maven.

The first thing Tieghan cooked was chocolate chip banana pancakes for her mom. Since then, Tieghan’s skills and knowledge of cuisine have significantly evolved, and now she is one of the best in this niche.

Tieghan prefers a simple lifestyle, slow and steady growth, and consistency.

Her Instagram account is bustling with mouth-watering dishes and their recipes that you can recreate yourself without much effort.





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Jonathan Cheban is the creator behind Foodgod. He is an American food blogger that gained fame starring in “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and other spinoffs.

With time, Jonathan decided to rebrand himself and started looking for something that sparks him inside. “And then I was like, ‘What’s my thing?’ I eat all day. I love to eat. My whole day revolves around food!”, says Jonathan.

Despite the fact that Jonathan does not have a professional culinary background, he is one of the greatest food bloggers who appoints himself a preeminent tastemaker.

His desire to show outrageous and outlandish food as he is himself has already attracted more than 3 million people to his Instagram account.

Jonathan has created truffle ketchup under the Foodgod brand as well as opened Sushi MiKasa restaurant in Miami and the fast-food restaurant Burger Bandit in Long Island.


Michaela Vais


Michaela Vais or better known as ElaVegan is a vegan food blogger, food stylist, recipe creator, and photographer. Michaela is passionate about eating healthy and wants to attract more people to support and follow such a lifestyle.

In the @elavegan account, you will find an array of vegan dishes (desserts and main courses), and sugar-free, gluten-free, and easy to repeat recipes.

“I want to spread the vegan message and inspire people from all around the world with my easy recipes”, says Michaela.


Gaby Dalkin


Gaby Dalkin is the personality behind What’s Gaby Cooking. Gaby is an Instagram food influencer, chef, recipe developer, entrepreneur, and author of cookery books.

Her “tasty story” started in 2009 when she made up her mind to go to the culinary school. While studying, she got a job as a private chef for a few fantastic families in LA. It was her springboard for diving deeper and deeper into the world of tastes, recipes, and culinary masterpieces.

Gaby will steal your heart with her amazing dishes and gain your favour with her friendliness that is felt even through the screen.


Molly Yeh



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What an amazing smiling lady! I would describe Molly Yeh as the most optimistic food blogger on Earth. But that’s not all, of course.

She is an author of a cookbook, a host of the culinary show Food Network Girl Meets Farm, the wild lover of food and cooking.

Having Jewish and Asian roots, a lot of Molly’s recipes are inspired by these cultures.

Each Molly’s dish is a masterpiece that looks perfectly on the pic and incredibly in the stomach (no doubt).


Matt Adlard



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A self-taught baker, a pastry chef, YouTuber, food blogger and founder of an online school Bake it Better. This is Matt Adlard.

Matt’s father was a Michelin star chef and his family life was unimaginable without food.

However, Matt discovered his passion for cooking in his twenties. He was constantly watching tutorials online and moving forward despite numerous failures in the kitchen.

He became known through his YouTube channel Topless Baker, where he shared his recipes, tips, and tricks. Matt has recently shifted the focus and came back to himself. “I decided to hang up my apron, and be me, Matt Adlard!”, says an ambitious guy.

In addition to the roles mentioned above, Matt is the judge on Food Network in the US at present.

Coming back to the bakery, I invite you to look at Matt’s masterpieces on his Instagram account. They are Ah-mazing!


Gaz Oakley



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If you ever hear the word combination “avant-garde vegan”, rest assured that Gaz Oakley is nearby. Gaz is a chef, author of cookbooks, and one of the most prominent among the healthy food bloggers.

One day he decided to become vegan but still wanted to eat tasty meals. He was looking for ways to make his food vibrant and delicious and finally he succeeded. The results impressed Gaz so much that he could not but create the Avant-Garde Vegan brand to share his discoveries with people.

Gaz is a true advocate of a healthy lifestyle stealing people’s hearts with delicious-looking and tasting dishes. Just take a look!


Here is our handpicked list of the top 17 food bloggers to follow on Instagram. Appealing pics of delicious dishes, tips, and recipes to recreate them at your kitchen, 17 sources of inspiration and encouragement. Choose your favourite (or favourites), and embark on a tasty journey!

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