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How Much to Charge for an Instagram Post

With the advent of influencer marketing, the revolution happened to the universe of advertising. We do not trust banner ads, TV, or radio advertising anymore. However,...
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How to Get Rid of Fake Followers on Instagram

Bots and fake followers is a racking headache of Instagram. They have flooded the social network because there was a high demand for them. A while ago people sought...
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What are Bots on Instagram

Being one of the most rapidly-growing social media platforms, Instagram is moving forward by leaps and bounds. It introduces new features and updates every passing...
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What Makes You a Great Brand Ambassador

Nowadays there is an array of marketing tools to suit all tastes. However, personal recommendations about products and services are still the most powerful. Digitalization,...
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Influencer Marketing Best Practices 2021

Since 2015, a constant increase in the involvement of influencers in the processes of promoting goods and services has been noticed. This is not surprising. People...

Effective Influencer Marketing Techniques

People always needed someone to look up to and trust. The cult of personality went from religion to politics, and then to celebrities who appeared everywhere on the...

Get Blogger Verification Case Studies

We analyze in detail what examples you will see in the report of different types of accounts.