15 Ways to Get 10K Followers on Instagram

Have you ever thought of becoming an influencer? It is a dream of over 80% IG users who have a smaller following and have not reached this monetizing status yet. However, years of active posting on the platform have not helped to achieve this goal. You will agree that it is enough to become at least a nano-influencer and get 10k followers to get the first income and become popular. But how to attract so many people as fast as possible?

Look: stories of success and advice from Instagram marketing experts have helped to figure out 15 effective ways how to grow the follower number and beat the threshold of 10k.

How do I get 10K followers on Instagram?

Monetization and recognition are only some of the reasons that make Instagrammers pave their way to their 10k subscribers.

However, it is clear that this is a daunting task and not everyone can ever reach it. There are celebrities who started their account and gained millions of followers. But we won’t talk about them here, cause not everybody couil become a star of popular TV show like Jennifer Aniston.

At the same time, there are many examples of accounts that managed to get 10k followers on Instagram in one day, week or month.  These stories of success have inspired our experts to analyze how they could achieve that and share this experience with our readers. These are 15 ways that can contribute to the growth of your account, so try each of them to understand which ones work the best personally for you.

1. Collect the foundation followers

When you create an account on the second most visited social media platform, you do not have any followers at all. It is possible to collect the first hundred following people you know and they will do the same with your account too.

These can be friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, college friends, etc. You can find them by name, look through the accounts suggested by the IG system and add a list of contacts from other networks such as Facebook or Twitter, for example. Brands that register on the platform can first attract their regular clients and then start to increase the number of followers too.

2. Content consistency and regular posting

The first question you need to ask yourself — why anybody should follow me. People follow TV stars to know their lifestyle, they follow friends to know how they are doing, and a large group of people follows trainers with fitness content in the vain hope to lose weight with 7 minutes daily workout.

So, you need to figure out what content you could provide.

It’s not necessary to create something outstanding or time-consuming. But it should be consistent.

  1. Choose one topic, for example: recipes, jokes, travel guides, branding, or UX lifehacks.
  2. Add something special: drunken, quick, cat, piano, cosplay, etc.

Then start posting at least once a week.

Otherwise, people just can’t understand why they need to follow you. “Here is a fine selfie. Like and goodbye. Oh, is this your cat? Like and goodbye.”


It is natural that posts play the most important role in your Instagram account. This is a visual platform so you should offer images and short videos of high quality, bright and colorful, exclusive, and inspiring.

Moreover, consistency is an important feature of all posts that must have eye-catching captions, location, eloquent descriptions, mentions, etc.

3. Make your profile optimized

We’re pursuing 2 goals:

  • Make people understand what your account is about at first glance.
  • Provide clear ways to contact with you.

It’s a pity, but I’m not Robert Downey Jr. I can’t just type ‘You know who I am’ in bio. I need to write exactly what I’m posting about in a hope that my profile will be shown in a case of people search.

Also, when you target at the title of an influencer with a 10k following, you should understand that your username will be known to a big number of people who might wish to learn more about you. It means that your bio should be adjusted too.

You should choose a high-quality photo, describe who you are and your goals using a minimum of words, and provide contact details as well as a link to your website or profile on other social media websites to satisfy their appetite for information.

4. Benefit from similar content of the most successful competitors

It goes without saying that an account holder should know his closest competitors very well. It means that you should check their posts on a regular basis and remember hints that work well with the audience. Moreover, you should identify the most active followers and subscribe to the accounts or interact with them under other posts they comment to attract their attention to your own page.

5. Schedule your posting

Naturally, it is important to add posts regularly and frequently to your account. Influencers admit posting on a daily basis and even several times a day to keep their audience engaged. Therefore, marketers advise getting an app that helps to schedule posts and add them at a definite time. You can plan your posts for several days ahead and the app will add them at the time when your audience is the most active.

6. Keep your audience constantly engaged

The content you add must be not only appealing but also engaging. It should inspire followers to like it, leave comments, repost. When your app notifies you about a new comment, it is very important to respond to it as fast as possible and encourage people for further discussion. Interaction is a key to growing engagement, while the last one will pop up the position of your post due to that, and more personalities will see it. As a result, those who will like it to can become your new subscribers too.

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7. Use Instagram Followers Apps to your benefit

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It is possible to grow audience significantly leveraging applications that were created to boost Instagram Followers. Some of them increase not only the total number but also engagement – your posts can get extra likes too. GetInsta, Follower Analyzer, Followers for Instagram, FollowMeter, etc. Each of them has its benefits, but they work more efficiently in combination with tracking tools.

8. Cooperate with bloggers and other influencers

One of the ways to grow to 10k followers is to partner up with other bloggers and help each other.

It is called shoutout when you find an influencer account similar to yours and with approximately the same number of subscribers and makes reposts of each other content and interact with the audience of your partner. At the same time, the choice of influencer is a responsible task since people tend to have fake followers and attract other users’ audience in this way. Therefore, you should check the account before offering shoutout solutions using trendHERO service.

9. Use all social media platforms

Your Instagram could be the main, but it’s not a sin to use YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

In general, it’s a wise strategy not to use only one platform. Your account can be suspended for no reason and you’ll lose all the audience. I had a pretty bad day, when it had happened with my Instagram.

On the other hand. other platforms can give us additional viral reach. For example, you can post your video to TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Reels. Ask the audience to follow you on Instagram. For a large ammount of new Instagram nanoinfluencer TikTok is answer on ‘how to get 10k followers on Instagram’. It’s sad, but it’s true.

10. Become a star

Being an influencer means being popular with a quite big number of people.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to contribute to this success and try to be spotted in other ways too. You can visit popular TV shows, create a YouTube channel, and post actively there, become a hero of a video that will go viral, etc. All this will become a magnet for your IG account and more people will be interested in it.

11. Make reposts of the content that went viral

Though Instagram has made it impossible to repost other users’ content without their consent, you will agree that other people are also interested in promoting their accounts. It means that they would rather agree for a repost with the mention of their account and be noticed by a bigger number of users than stay alone with their awesome content.

12. Select proper hashtags

One of the most important features of every post you add is hashtags. It is possible to add up to 30 of them to every post, but eventually, you will come across 5-7 hashtags that work better thanks to analytics tools. It is a way to the relevant audience interested in your niche, so do not lose this great chance.

13. Mention brands you like

If you use products of some famous companies, why not mention them in your post too. It often happens that these brand accounts with thousands of followers repost content that advertises their products and your post can access such a huge audience in one click only. Someone can like it and follow you back, can’t he?

14. Organize regular giveaways with clear rules

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How do I get 10k followers? There is no sense buying them directly, but there is another interesting way to ‘purchase’ them. Everyone likes to get gifts for doing a minimum of things. You can ask your current followers to ask their friend to subscribe to your account and mention his username in the comment to be able to participate in the giveaway. It is enough to try and you will see the results immediately!

15. Track analytics provided in IG insights

trendhero instagram analytics tool

One of the most important stages to complete is to change your IG account for a business one. It gives access to the Insights – statistics data that can help you grow your account greatly. You will see which posts perform better, the number of people they reached, learn the engagement rate, and many other details. You can also check your account on trendHERO and learn more about your audience and who you should target in the future.

Strategy to gain 10K Instagram followers

It is clear that the creation of an Instagram account is associated with certain goals. If you are determined to beat the threshold of 10,000 followers, but only start your way to success, there is a simple strategy to follow:

  1. Analyze your BIO and make it convincing and informative.
  2. Choose a memorable photo for your profile.
  3. Attract as many followers as you can: friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, schoolmates, groupmates, Facebook friends, etc.
  4. Post quality content with catchy headings, images with high resolution, efficient hashtags, and intriguing descriptions consistently and frequently.
  5. Look for pods in your niche and join them.
  6. Analyze the competition and take an example from the most successful approaches.
  7. Use helpful tools, apps, services, metrics.
  8. Promote both your account and yourself.
  9. Find bloggers to cooperate with.
  10. Engage, interact, communicate, respond – do everything to make your audience feel needed and interested.

What happens when you get to 10K followers

10K followers balloons
Every second Insta user dreams to get as little as 10k followers, but what will change when you manage to do that?

Firstly, you can already boast the status of an influencer and get monetary benefits. Cooperation with brands, direct purchases, giveaways is only some of the ways how accounts with 10k followers can earn money.

Secondly, you become popular and your advice is considered important for many people, so now you should be very careful in expressions and recommendations not to disappoint them.

Thirdly, you get higher chances to speed up the growth of your account and keep on developing as an influencer.

Why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers

It is possible to get 10,000 followers in a matter of days buying them for real money, but is there sense to do that?

In fact, it is only one of the ways to waste your income and get nothing in return. Purchased accounts are usually created by bots and have no value because they do not contribute to your engagement. They simply increase the number under your username but this decision can lead to the loss of credibility with the real accounts subscribed to you too.

Moreover, if you believe that it is the only number that makes your account appealing to brands, you are mistaken. Influencer marketing has existed for several years already and each of the companies checks accounts on such services as trendHERO before contacting their holders. It means that you can be hardly ever offered any cooperation with so many fake subscribers.

Tips & Tricks

It is predictable that there are many other interesting ways invented by Instagram users to boost the following of their accounts. You can also try them in addition to the strategy mentioned above.

  • Provide links to your IG account in your blog and on other social media accounts;
  • Follow and interact with people who are active on your competitors’ posts;
  • Ask influencers to make a repost of your great post;
  • Offer your services to brands;
  • Have a consistent style in your posts;
    Ask your friends and customers to make a repost and share photos with your product or brand;
  • Find your personal aesthetics;
  • Use geotags;
  • Take advantage of various content including stories, live streaming etc.;
  • Invest in ads offered by Instagram.


As you can see, it is possible to reach any goal if to put some effort, so 10k followers on Instagram is a reality – it is enough to set a target and pave your way to it.

Many people complain about tough competition but it is important to take a unique niche that appeals to you personally and your passion will draw other people to it too.

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