TOP 8 Rising NFT Creators to Follow on Instagram in 2023

Despite a wide number of new ways to market products, engage with audiences, communicate with friends, and boast of trendy outfits, Instagram is still alive and relevant. Being a highly-visual social media platform, Instagram was and is most likely to keep being a top harbor for artists, photographers, designers, and other content creators whose professional trump card is visuals.

NFT creators also didn’t pass it by, managing to get lots of followers and appreciation in the form of likes and a ‘flame’ emoji from their audiences. If you are related to the art industry or are on the alert of trends, you are likely to hear about such NFT giants as Beeple, XCOPY, FEWOCiOUS, and their huge NFT endeavors. However, the number of creative talents in Web3 only continues to grow, joining the army of celebs and propelling the industry forward.

We have curated a list of eight of the most eye-catching emerging NFT creators who share their art on Instagram and are definitely worthy of your attention. They work in various niches, create in different styles, and convey distinctive messages but all have huge potential to reach the stars.

Tap into the creative flow and discover our selection of the top 8 rising NFT artists to follow on Instagram!

Who is an NFT Creator?

Before getting acquainted with rising NFT artists from our hand-picked list, let’s break down the definition of an NFT creator.

NFT Creator is an individual or brand that designs artworks and/or digital collectibles published in the form of non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. This may include the entire process from conceptualizing a design, working with creative tools to produce a digitized version, and releasing the items for collectors through a marketplace or personal website.

The term “NFT creator“ differentiates artists and creators in the traditional art space from those who have embraced the power of blockchain technology. Beyond creating and publishing digital art, NFT creators build a community around their creations and adopt different initiatives to drive the adoption of the technology. Many artists have leaped from traditional art to becoming NFT creators and have, over time, earned their reputation amongst the most successful NFT artists.

Top 8 NFT Artists to Watch Out For on Instagram in 2023

Instagram is one of the most productive hunting grounds for collectors seeking new NFT artwork for their galleries and for other artists to get inspiration and references for their creative initiatives. If you lurk around Instagram to find new gems, you could land on a gold mine by following any of these fast-rising and gifted NFT artists.

1. Post Wook (495K Followers)


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A post shared by Natasha Chomko (@postwook)

Natasha Chomko, popularly known as Post Wook within the NFT space, is a Los Angeles-based digital artist creating breathtaking landscape collage art. Each collage by Post Wook combines landscapes from all over the globe, reminding her followers that the universe is truly interconnected.

If you want to admire Post Wook’s surreal creations, her Instagram account is a place to go. The gifted artist continuously treats her followers to new art releases and immersive reels of pre-existing designs shared as motion pictures. Her Instagram followers also have a chance to be among the first to learn about Post Wook’s exclusive NFTs releases, collabs, and Web3 initiatives as she always shares lots of updates there. Vibrant, noticeable, and truly incredible Post Wook’s Instagram profile reminds viewers of a colorful encyclopedia or a cosmic atlas that you can’t take your eyes off!

2. Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor (61.7K Followers)

Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor, better known by her pen name, ‘alterlier’, is a Colombian freelance artist, a radical dreamer, and illustrator with myriads of nostalgic artwork depicting life matters that amaze her. Alterlier’s signature style portrays life’s simplicity and the universal cycle of living, dreaming, and dying.

Alterlier is definitely one of the best rising NFT creators to follow on Instagram if you love meaningful art depicting life in a creative way. Carolina’s Instagram feed features posts and reels of her breathtaking artwork, also providing an option to acquire prints and shop the latest merch produced by the artist. Being a truly creative mastermind and one of the rising NFT artists behind surreal and atmospheric pieces of art, Carolina is worth being followed on Instagram to get inspired or simply stay connected for her upcoming NFT drops.

3. Marischa Becker (58.1K Followers)

Marischa Becker is a South African artist who adores telling stories through her art. Some of them are colorful and light, while others are deeper and darker. Every Marischa’s piece tells a unique story and gives viewers an opportunity to plunge into different worlds created by the artist’s powerful imagination.

Following her passion for art, constantly developing and evolving, Marischa Becker found herself creating in the NFT space and making strides there. One of her pieces, dubbed ‘Day Dreaming’ got to the list of top NFT projects in December 2022 determined by NFT Design Awards, standing out with a great idea and fine execution.

While NFT collectors can find Becker’s prominent artwork on popular marketplaces like SuperRare, OpenSea, Foundation, and MakersPlace, Instagram is the place for fans to discover the complete lineup of colorful artwork produced by Marischa Becker and get much aesthetic pleasure.

4. Oscar Llorens (54.9K Followers)

Spanish illustrator Oscar Llorens belongs to a special group of creators who produce nostalgic artwork inspired by memorable childhood experiences. His signature style portrays these lifelong memories conveyed through colorful characters and everyday scenes, marking that unique phase of human existence.

Oscar Llorens is one of the renowned rising NFT creators, generating lots of interest from collectors, creators, and NFT admirers at heart. The artist’s growth has largely been fueled by a strong connection with his collector community. Oscar uses his Instagram account to share the latest pieces and entertaining reels to keep his fan base updated and treat them with inspirational and eye-pleasing art.

5. Oak Arrow (47.7K Followers)


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A post shared by OAK + ARROW (@oaknarrow)

Canadian artist Oak Arrow is another fast-rising NFT creator gaining a strong following on Instagram. His creations combine photography and digital prints to form adult-themed collage art that resonates with mature audiences. The artist’s signature style, and unique execution, backed up with striking meaning embedded in his pieces are truly distinct.

Oak Arrow’s impressive artwork usually attracts considerable engagement on Instagram. The artist’s profile resembles an art magazine that you can’t stop leafing through.

6. Jake-Andrew (20.8K Followers)

England-based Jake Andrew is a multi-disciplinary artist with a knack for creating vivid paintings that express how the mind perceives color and sound. Jake’s focus on phygital art moved him to the NFT realm where he continues creating and exposing his art to collectors.

Jake Andrew boasts active followership on Instagram, where his fan base can be among the first to learn of his latest NFT projects and keep an eye on the artist’s painting process from start to finish.

7. Lord Neutron (10.5K Followers)


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A post shared by LORD™ (@lordneutron)

Lord Neutron is a Brazilian 3D artist who taps into the minds of his audience through esoteric-themed pieces. He adds life to his designs by applying motion graphics and visual effects (VFX). Lord Neutron’s art radiates a universal feeling conveyed through a magical concept that viewers find appealing and absorbing.

The artist made his entry into the NFT realm back in 2021. Since then, several of his artworks have been traded on OpenSea, SuperRare, Foundation, and Nifty Gateway.

Lord Neutron’s Instagram account is a creative portfolio of the artist’s vibrant pieces that transmit his zest and passion for art.

8. Chema Mendez (10.1K Followers)

Chema Mendez is a Spanish multidisciplinary digital artist that expresses his thoughts through surreal artworks. With over ten years of experience in artistic design, he has joined forces with several famous musicians and magazine publishers to design captivating album and magazine covers. Chema has also worked as an in-house designer and creative director with several companies and now works as an Art Director with the electronic music label Dirtybird Records.

Chema Mendez has paved his way into the NFT realm where he managed to gain admirers and collectors of his art. Among his top artworks that appealed to many is ‘I Guess I’ll See You Next Life’, bringing the idea of digital surrealism to the contemporary art realm. The artist’s other piece, dubbed ‘Intrusive Thoughts’ was awarded as one of the best artworks in December 2022 by NFT Design Awards for high-quality aesthetics and deep meaning.

The artist has managed to amass lots of followers on Instagram, sharing his surreal art pieces that are worthy of being exposed in the most renowned galleries across the world. Check it our for yourself!


If you’re on the lookout for inspiration and have the desire to dive deeper into the NFT world our line-up of ascendant NFT creators is the right springboard. Being the representatives of different styles and approaches, all of the artists are united with a passion for making impressive art and strengthening their images in the NFT realm.

Keep the finger on the pulse of the non-fungible realm and seismic shifts in the art industry, by following these creatives on Instagram!


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