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How to find influencers in new countries and niches in trendHERO

A comprehensive guide how to use keyword search to get a hudred influencers knowing nothing about the niche.

Most of the time you are familiar with influencers you wanna work with. Or you know influencer personas – how it should look and what he or she is writing about.

But sometimes you need to find completely new influencers. It can be a specific request from a new client, new country or locale, undiscovered niche, etc.

So, we decided to show you how to perform this search and get 100+ accounts in less than half an hour.

The task: to find Spanish-speaking influencers who write about marketing.

Solution: keyword search.

Disclaimer: I don’t speak Spanish, I don’t know brands or agencies in Spain, as well as local opinion leaders. Otherwise, I would use the Top Similar Accounts feature: you can get a list of accounts followed by the account followers. For example, if I know some marketing guru in Spain, I’ll check his similar accounts to explore local opinion leaders.

So, let’s start with one world.

Step 1. Main keyword

The search gives me many accounts, not all of them are suitable for me. But it’s a perfect opportunity to find new keywords in their bio.

Pay attention. I use a keyword not a category, because I need to explore accounts by myself.

Step 2. One more word

I see such an account:

I understand that we can add the word ‘digital’.

How does keywords search work? At first we get accounts with both words, and then with only one. In this way you’ll get more relevant accounts first. So it’s quite smart strategy to add as much keywords as you can.

Step 3. More words

Such accounts appear in my search. I understand that I can pull the keys from them:

Emprendedores, Mentioras, Tips…

I add all these words in the key to improve the search results:

Step 4. Required words

More words = more results. And it can be a quite complicated task to figure out which ones to take seriously.

You can add a word as required if you only need to explore only a part of the results. So trendHERO will show only those people who have this word.

For example, I’ll add the word ‘tips’ as required and check all the accounts with it.

It’s not necessary but it helps to get things done.

Step 5. Find brands and agencies

For example:

We can use keywords, but you can partner or search for similar accounts in two clicks.

Step 6. Similar accounts

You find an influencer you think is perfect. Check his or her similar accounts. You’ll get:

  • up to 300 accounts followed by this account followers (brands, influencers, etc),
  • analysis of audience interests,
  • clear vision if the account suits you. If there are no other marketing gurus in similar it means that an audience is not really fond of marketing.


  1. Use lists to store influencers you like. Your task is to find more influencers and add it to one large list. Start with 100 accounts. Don’t try to filter them in the beginning.
  2. Don’t try to find one perfect influencer. When talking about a new niche or country the more you explore the more you’ll know.
  3. Take care about your mental health. It’s not about influencer discovery, but you need to do it.
  4. Use lists to filter influencers. In this case you’ll be able to outreach or share these opinion leaders in the future.
  5. Try nano and micro influencers. Start your search from 5k followers.


After all, I have a list of a dozen influencers in half an hour (for example, here is a link to the list I have in 5 minutes).

The more I study them, the more I find new words to search for, and also better understand who I need (well, and Spanish too)

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