How to Apply Guest Posting In order to Improve Your SEO

Effective SEO promotion is impossible without quality content. This statement, which no specialist will argue with, applies not only to texts and articles on the company’s website, blog, or online store.

Content on third-party resources should also be strong. At the same time, the more authoritative the site on which the guest post is placed, the better it should be. And for such text to benefit the original Internet resource, it includes backlinks. Today we will talk about guest posts and backlinks.

What is a guest post and backlink

In every industry, there are authoritative online publications, platforms, and resources that users trust. An article posted on such a site is extremely useful for any company. Firstly, it is an opportunity to significantly expand your reach, declare yourself as a company and increase your authority and recognition. But you can get the expected result only if the receiving site is really of a very high level. It is better to publish one text on an authoritative site than 10 articles on sites of average recognition and less trust.

A backlink is a hyperlink with anchor text that links two sites, the source site and the destination site. The better the content that uses the backlink, the higher the likelihood that the user will follow the link and end up on the original site, which, is the purpose of guest posts.

Benefits of Using Guest Posting for SEO

Many companies are phasing out the use of guest content in their promotion campaigns and SEO strategy. The reason is simple – too much time and financial expenditure. This is the absolute truth! But all costs are fully paid off since it is the publication of third-party resources that often builds the correct and effective promotion strategy. To understand why guest posting is so effective, you need to consider its benefits.

1. Brand promotion and confidence building

Posting to a site that your target audience trusts aligns your brand with that trusted source of information. If this publication published content with a link to the company’s website, then the authoritative site trusts the source site, and this, in turn, means that the company can also be trusted.

But in this context, there is a very big temptation to oversaturate the text with anchor links to increase traffic. Under no circumstances should this be desired. Google severely punishes such attempts to turn a guest post into a link mass for a third-party resource. If the article is useful to the user, then not only the search engine will appreciate it, but the readers themselves will follow the backlinks with interest to get to know the source in more detail.

2. Backlink Ranking

Google doesn’t like gimmicks and deceit, and trying to get around its constantly updating ranking algorithms doesn’t lead to anything good. But the service treats backlinks very favorably, it accepts them when ranking, but subject to several conditions:

  • The link and anchor text must fully comply with the topic and the text of the guest post;
  • The portfolio of backlinks should consist of different queries in the anchor text.
  • The higher the ranking of the receiving site and its position in the search engine results, the higher Google values the link.

If you want your guest content to be accepted on an authoritative site, and for its publication to give the expected effect, the article must be of very high quality and written primarily for people, not for the search engine.

3. Advertising longevity

What is the difference between an authoritative site and a spam site? First of all, a narrow niche, an interested audience and durability. It is the last point that is of great importance. A quality guest post with good backlinks has no expiration date or statute of limitations. It will send traffic to the source site for as long as the topic of the post is relevant. And this can take years with the right choice of venue and topic.

How to choose a site for guest posting

Focusing on reach is a sure step to making a placement mistake. Some niches have a very wide audience, but they will not be interested in your topic at all, so the backlinks will not work, which means all the time and effort is wasted.

For example, a company is engaged in the repair of refrigeration equipment. It is not advisable to post your content on sites about movies or fashion. The theme of cooking will lie closer since the products need to be stored somewhere. Guest posting with food bloggers or recipe sites is already more appropriate. But a post on a profile site dedicated to trading or other special equipment will work best.

A good example of backlink relevancy is the placement of NYX on a site about fashion, beauty, and shopping. Look at the screenshot below. Among other things, the article used a very successful marketing ploy. Loyal readers who own these Gucci glasses may be interested in the lipstick, as the editors say they match perfectly.

Remember that publications also serve as a way to increase loyalty. If you share your publication in a reputable publication on your social networks or your website, then the credibility among customers and partners will increase. Therefore, if you are looking for a site to host a guest post, and are not sure that an article on the selected resource will create a wow effect, look further. There is sure to be the right venue that will satisfy all your requirements.

Another condition is checking the requirements for content on the site. Many sites do not allow links in the text. This, of course, can reduce organic traffic flow, but it will not reduce other benefits – long-term, advertising, and brand awareness. It is up to the SEO specialist to decide whether or not to post articles on such sites.

TOP 3 services for guest posting

To increase effect from your guest posts, you need a comprehensive tool for SEO specialists. Here is the list of necessary ones:


. With it, you can find out the credibility of the site, find new sites for placement, select effective anchors, and much more.


This is a full-cycle guest posting service with a huge database of sites with a high level of trust from search engines. Here you can order content and publication. With you gain access to platforms where self-hosting is very difficult or even impossible.

Google Trends

It will help to track trends and understand what is currently relevant among users. The service was created specifically for monitoring trends. You can choose any period you are interested in and analyze the changes. For more accurate data, do not forget to set the relevant region.


There are a lot of differences between content on a company website and guest posts. The text for a third-party resource is written primarily for people, but optimization should not be forgotten either. Keep in mind the right tags, headings, and other tools and then the guest post will become a powerful promotion tool.


Kevin White is a freelance blogger. He’s got experience in writing quality pieces on various topics. You may feel free to reach out to him at [email protected] or [email protected] for collaboration suggestions.

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