7 Big Companies With Great Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that social media is one of the most dominant marketing tools today. Not only does it allow businesses and brands to send their message and build their brand, but it also enables direct communication with the target audience. Not to mention tons of useful data, instant feedback, and endless opportunities to reach new people. But, this is only possible if you know how to use social media marketing like a pro.

To help you learn from the best, we’ve put together this ultimate list of 10 companies who are nailing their social media. We’ll break them down below and learn what makes their social media marketing so successful.

The Best Brands on Social Media

Let’s take a look at how some of the world’s biggest companies are running their social media and what makes them as successful and globally recognized as they are.

1. Nike

The 231 million followers Nike has on Instagram and 9.3 million on Twitter speak for themselves. So, what is Nike doing that is making people respond so well?

It’s actually quite simple – Nike’s social media is all about the people.

We’re guessing Nike knows that around 44% of people use Instagram to shop weekly and that they need to get their piece of this cake.

Nike Instagram
source: Instagram

They use their social media to showcase athletes and real-life people who are their brand ambassadors. They share these people’s stories trying to inspire, motivate, and lift others who can relate.

2. Spotify

Spotify is truly changing the way we listen to music and is doing so through its powerful social media. Their social media channels are filled with the latest information about the music industry. They cover it all:

  • trending artists
  • latest song releases
  • festivals
  • top charts
  • podcasts

They are helping their followers find the music they love and discover everything that Spotify has to offer. What’s more – they’re sharing meaningful stories from artists and giving the whole music experience another level.

Spotify stories

source: Instagram

This way, they’re turning their company into more than just a music and podcasts platform. They’re building an emotional sensation around it, making people feel every song, lyrics, and note they hear.

3. National Geographic

National Geographic Instagram account was the first non-Instagram brand to acquire over 100 million followers. That was back in 2019 and today they have a stunning number of 235 million followers.

They managed to create a community of photographers who create and submit user-generated content. Aside from that, they create original, visually amazing content that draws the attention of nature lovers, travelers, animal lovers, and all other categories of their target audience.

National geographic Instagram

source: Instagram

4. Fashion Nova

If you’ve heard about Fashion Nova, you’ve probably heard of Nova Babes – which is what they call the influencers who represent their brand on social media. This fashion brand uses influencer marketing better than anyone else.

The women who represent them are so diverse and different. You’ll find Nova Babes of all sizes, colors, and shapes. This brand understands the importance of embracing all body types and inclusivity towards everyone who wants to be fashionable. The result – more than 1.7 million results for the #NovaBabe hashtag.

Fashion Nova Instagram

source: Instagram

5. Coca-Cola

When it comes to brand image and positive brand associations, Coca-Cola is the brand to look up to. They’ve practically abducted the color red and made it their own, along with the typical curvy font and colorful visual elements to paint the whole picture.

On social media, they rely heavily on videos, and always try to send the same message – fun is where there’s Coca-Cola!

Coca-Cola twitter

source: Twitter

6. GoPro

Go Pro has a huge follower base across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They rely heavily on popularizing their hashtags, the most famous ones being #GoPro, #GoProFamily, #GoProSummer, and the ones promoting their latest product addition- #GoProHERO10.

They post images and videos shot with their cameras and credit the authors for their creativity, adventurism, and skills. For instance, they have a series of posts titled Photo of the Day in which they:

  • share user-generated content
  • credit and appreciate their customers
  • promote their products
  • add links to their webshop

Go Pro Facebook

source: Facebook

They also have a Facebook shop set up, so that their followers can get all the information about their products, without having to visit their website.

7. Mint

Colors, infographics, useful images, pie charts, and best financial advice – that’s what Mint’s Instagram is all about. This banking app has turned its Instagram account into the go-to resource for financial advice, as well as tips on being economic, sustainable, and smart about handling your money.

They’ve created a recognizable brand image and use consistency in design to make sure you recognize their posts instantly.

Mint Instagram

source: Instagram

And a Few Smaller Brands With Cool Social Media Marketing

Apart from these big brands, there are small brands that are nailing their social media that we simply have to mention.

8. Olive Clothing

This fashion brand is a true example of how a small brand can use stunning imagery to have an amazing base of followers. Olive Clothing created a profile that is simply beautiful to watch, with a calming note to it that makes it highly recognizable.

You won’t regret taking a look at their Instagram profile.

Olive Clothing Instagram

source: Instagram

9. Inc Magazine

Inc Magazine built a reputation as one of the best sources of the latest information for growing business, and its social media plays an important role. They’re recognizable for the long captions they almost exclusively write.

These captions are informative and entertaining but written in a way to grab the readers’ attention from the first line. If you like this strategy but need help with writing, try Trust My Paper. Their professional writers can help you improve your social media content by editing yours or writing completely original.

Inc Magazine Instagram

source: Instagram

10. Castleknock Hotel

Finally, the Castleknock Hotel from Dublin uses its social media to show what it looks like to spend a day with them. They share moments from their daily offers and help their potential guests imagine what it would be to spend time enjoying their stay.

The images and videos they share, along with the short but fun captions are the reason we love their social media.

Castleknock Hotel Instagram

source: Instagram

How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

Let’s try and define the most valuable lessons we’ve learned from the brands mentioned above. Here’s how to develop a winning social media strategy for your business.

  • Use Humor
    Humor is always a great idea for social media, regardless of the industry or niche you belong to. Add some humor into your daily social media mix and try to put a smile on your followers’ faces.
  • Be Consistent
    Make sure all your posts across all your social media are consistent in voice, tone, and design and similar to one another. This will help people recognize and memorize your brand easily.
  • Pay Attention to the Visual
    The visual aspect of your social media is immensely important. You could be the best business essay writer and know all about content writing. But, you won’t get anywhere without the visual. So, make sure you create signature visuals that will make people stop scrolling and take a closer look.
  • Don’t Forget About User-Generated Content
    Finally, try to motivate people to create and share their content for your business. Then, share this user-generated content to add credibility to your brand.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a lot you can learn from big companies, just by analyzing their social media profiles and pages. The ones we’ve selected for you are diverse in the way they address their audience and present their products.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you learn just how important your social media presence is. Use the insight we’ve shared above and apply the same magic on your social media.

Author’s Bio

Donald Fomby is a digital marketing blogger who specializes in social media. He shares trends, fresh information, and insight on the latest in social media. His goal is to help businesses and brands strive.

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