6 Best Landing Page Builders for 2022

Most business owners focus their marketing efforts on building a solid digital presence and following significant social media metrics. Quite unfortunately, though, they seem to neglect to take care of their landing pages. But what good will it do to reach out to prospects through your overall marketing strategy if you fail to convert them once they land?

Digital marketing has everything to do with acquiring leads with a proven potential to purchase your product or service. A successful landing page is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to drive revenue, reduce your website’s bounce rates, and increase email subscriptions. That’s a lot to lose, right?

To make sure there are no such losses, you should stay away from generic, ineffective landing pages and create functional and easy-to-navigate pages. They should also have an attractive layout that makes them stand out from the ones launched by your competitors. Of course, making sure your landing pages fill in all the boxes is a job easier said than done.

And that’s where modern landing page builders come in to take the pressure off. With them, almost anyone can build an eye-catching and optimized landing page design. Making the right choice is crucial to your overall success – and we’re happy to help by presenting you with the 6 best landing page builders for professionally-built pages that hit their target.


Moosend is an email marketing automation platform that provides solutions for managing newsletters, automation workflows, landing pages, and more. But let’s focus on its landing page builder, with sophisticated features, and at an affordable price too.

Key Features

Moosend’s landing page builder is easy for anyone – even beginners – to grasp, with an intuitive interface. You can customize your landing page by adding, removing, resizing, and previewing elements through its drag and drop functionality. Among them you’ll find a countdown timer widget that creates a sense of urgency, prompting visitors to take immediate action on your landing page offer.

When it comes to landing pages, optimization for different device types is key. Moosend offers you the chance to create responsive designs that look equally amazing on any device. What’s more, there’s the option of previewing different page versions, switching instantly from desktop to mobile view, and customizing each version separately.

Want to save even more effort? Benefit from the variety of ready-to-use, stylish, and fully customizable landing page templates – you don’t have to create one from scratch, but you can readjust it to your liking. Moosend also offers you fast-loading pages, quick publication through its WordPress plugin, a flexible form builder, anti-bot protection, a broad selection of integrations, and CRM tools.

Moosend Pricing

Moosend’s pricing starts at $9/month with its Pro plan, which offers landing pages, an SMTP server, and unlimited emails. Moosend has a flexible and reasonable pricing model to adjust to your business needs. There’s also a 30-day free trial that includes unlimited emails, automation workflows, and 1 landing page.


Leadpages has switched from a landing page builder to a lead generation platform with a website creator that focuses on conversions and sales. Its drag-and-drop builder is easy to grasp and contains a variety of templates.

Key Features

With Leadpages, you have the ability to use and customize effective templates – no tech skills required. Not only that but there’s the option of designing a website from scratch if you don’t already have one. A checkout builder is also available so that you build your entire sales funnel. You can either use it to add checkouts to pages as a widget or create a separate checkout page.

Your landing pages can be published on your own domain or a Leadpage one, which gives some peace of mind for temporary campaigns. And it has nothing to envy from competitive software in terms of integrations – you can even find options to integrate your landing pages with webinar providers like Zoom or alternatives to Zoom.

Leadpages isn’t limited to landing pages, though – there are various lead generation elements like popups, opt-in forms, or alert bars for you to add and gain leads from any page on your website. You could also leverage its easy-to-read analytics dashboard to monitor how your landing pages are performing through real-time metrics.

Leadpages Pricing

Leadpages pricing starts at $27 a month (paid annually) for 1 website but unlimited landing pages and leads. If you need A/B testing or built-in payments, you’ll have to opt for a higher package. You can check how Leadpages works for your business through its 14-days free trial.


Instapage is an advanced landing page builder and one of the most popular tools to turn traffic into conversions. And, as its name implies, it does so instantly.

Key Features

Instapage brags for one of the best visual editors in the market. Through it, you gain access to more than 100 pre-designed templates for various uses like product launches, online course registrations, appointment scheduling, and more. Its landing page creator is simple to use and doesn’t require code skills.
You can either create your landing page from scratch or have one of its reusable block templates tweaked to your preferences. Also, you’ll get access to its image library containing non-generic images and videos for you to add to your landing page through its drag and drop functionality.

With Instapge, you get your landing pages published and integrated with third-party services like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, or almost every leading ESP from within the Instablock builder. There are also features such as heatmap tracking to visualize visitor behavior, built-in dynamic text replacement to match your landing page copy to your ad copy, or the comment mode to easily collaborate with team members.

Instapage Pricing

Instapage’s plans start at $199 a month (paid annually) for its Building plan, offering unlimited conversions and domains and access to its A/B testing. However, there are limitations on the number of visitors, published landing pages, and team members. To avoid them, opt for a higher plan that can be customized to your business needs. There’s also a 14-day trial plan available.


Lander is a notorious landing page builder that focuses on crafting engaging landing pages in minutes. It’s also one of the most affordable tools in the market.

Key Features

Lander’s editor comes packed with a vast collection of ready-made, beautiful templates which can be leveraged for different objectives, ranging from app downloads to product or service launches, lead capture, event announcements, and more.

Some of its features include its handy drag-and-drop editor, dynamic text replacement, Facebook landing pages, and an A/B testing tool available for every Lander package. The landing page creator comes with a mobile version to enhance your mobile conversion rates. There’s also a countdown timer widget to use for motivating visitors to act on your landing page copy.

What you’ll probably love about Lander is that you can fully customize the code of its landing page templates – if you have the know-how, that is. This option gives you complete control over your landing pages so that you optimize them to load even faster.

Lander Pricing

The basic plan starts at $16 a month (paid annually) and gives you 3 custom domains and up to 5,000 visitors. If you think this option is limiting, the Business plan costs $83 and offers 10 custom domains and up to 25,000 visitors. You could also check its 14-day free trial, available for every Lander package.


Wishpond is a marketing platform that contains a broad range of features. Apart from its landing page creator, it provides several tools like marketing funnels or e-commerce features.

Key Features

Wishpond boasts about having a landing page editor with a friendly interface and a variety of templates that are also mobile responsive. It’s also flexible enough since you can add, remove, and move around widgets to create your ideal landing page. Your landing pages can be optimized for mobile and later get published on your website or social media.

A feature that stands out is the appointment scheduler, created for businesses that need to book appointments directly through their landing pages. It’s also a great tool to manage your workforce’s availability and run your business smoothly.

But what’s unique about this software is its social promotion features, offering you the chance to create your own social media contests and giveaways to generate traffic and drive more leads. It supports several contest types such as photo contests, leaderboard contests, or Instagram hashtag contests and other actions to hack your Instagram growth and motivate your audience to spread the word about your brand.

Wishpond Pricing

We should note that Wishpond pricing depends on your leads’ number. The Starting Out plan costs $49 a month (paid annually), giving you unlimited landing pages, social contests, and pop-ups, but is capped at 1,000 leads. The number of leads goes up with the higher plans available, while all packages offer a 14-day free trial.


Unbounce was one of the first landing page builders – and is still highly reputed. Its advanced features enable you to create and launch effective landing pages, while also offering you the flexibility to tweak elements to your preferences.

Key Features

Unbounce’s landing page editor is loaded with stylish templates that you can optimize through various customization options. There’s a large selection, suitable for different business models like agencies, e-commerce, consulting, and more. You also have access to a large library of stock images – not only that, but you can optimize them to look exactly as you want without having to use additional software.

Unbounce’s drag and drop builder supports custom scripts and numerous integrations such as Google Ads or Zapier. It also comes with a unique AI optimization tool that automatically directs users to the most appropriate page for them to convert. Also, there’s an A/B testing suite that lets you set up landing page variations from within the editor.

This platform includes tools for creating popups and sticky bars too. There are several triggers to use when setting them up that help your brand target specific visitors and improve your website traffic.

Unbounce Pricing

Plans start off at $80 a month (paid annually) with the Launch plan that includes 1 domain and up to 500 conversions. Once that limit is reached, you’ll have to switch to one of the higher packages – then, you’ll also gain access to more landing page templates and the option to add client sub-accounts.

Final Thoughts

Beautiful and responsive landing pages are a prerequisite for your lead generation efforts to succeed. Remember that they have proven to drive better conversions than other web pages or any type of opt-in form. An effective landing page builder makes your life easier, allowing you to create engaging landing pages without having to learn how to code or hire conversion experts.

Exploring all potential options to find the best landing page builder is never an easy task. First and foremost, you must find out which features are essential for your business objectives. Perhaps even try some of the tools suggested before deciding.

Then, select the winner according to its reliability and your business budget. We’re perfectly sure that if you opt for one of the builders listed in this article, you’ll get one step closer to boosting your conversions and hacking your brand’s growth in 2022.


Maria Fintanidou works as a Copywriter for email marketing automation software Moosend, having created the Help Articles (FAQs) and overseen the platform’s translations in Greek and Spanish. She loves exploring new cultures and ways of thinking through traveling, reading, and language learning.

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