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33 Instagram Post Ideas For Every Day: How To Search For Content Topics

Every Instagram blogger and SMM specialist eventually wonders where to find fresh Instagram post ideas. What else is there to say to the audience? Additionally, the muse might desert both professionals and beginners.

This post explains where and how to get fresh topics for your blog and business account so that you may routinely update the material on your Instagram account.

Where to get topics and Instagram post ideas

Follow news feeds

That is, react to notable events, use popular memes, pay attention to what’s being discussed in the news, upload seasonal content, and employ situational marketing. Of course, you don’t have to comment on every news story, especially if it has nothing to do with what you do, but you can occasionally employ this tactic.

However, instead of responding to every breaking news story with a meme, offering your insight or analysis is preferable.

As an example, the blogger-targeter may provide his perspective on the most recent high-profile events and invite readers to react with their thoughts.

You can search for current newsbreaks on Google Trends.

Explore search queries

One way to find ideas is to look at what people have searched for on your topic in search engines and what the frequency of those searches is.

What tools to use:

  • Google Keyword Planner;
  • Key Collector;
  • Serpstat.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any tools particularly for analyzing Instagram search queries; instead, services for finding hashtags, like Keyword Tool, are available. However, you may also choose a number of content topics depending on the inquiries in common search engines.

Use the brainstorming technique

Despite how clichéd it may sound, there are moments when you simply need to sit and think. Take a sheet of paper and a pen and start jotting down all the ideas that come to mind for the direction of your Instagram profile using the brainstorming process. To brainstorm more efficiently, consider using the mind mapping technique and a mind map maker to create a clear mind map and organize your thoughts in the best possible way. Select the greatest topics for your contributions towards the end.

Follow the news in your field

For example, you are an expert in SMM and you have an expert account on Instagram. There are updates in social networks, the algorithms for ranking publications have changed, a new social network has appeared – it is worth writing a post about it.

Let the audience ask you questions

Publish a post or stories with a question: “What topic would you like a new post on?” or “What would you like to learn about psychology/social networking/SEO (insert your topic)? An appropriate interactive sticker will help you collect the questions in the post.

33 ideas for instagram posts

Read comments below the posts

Both yours and those of your competitors. They might ask you questions or provide recommendations, and you might use those as the basis for new post topics. Furthermore, “less is not worse”.

Analyze your most popular posts

Look at how they captured readers’ attention, the publications’ topics, and the responses. You can post related articles or expand on the subject. For example, if a post with life hacks had a good response, try posting more of these posts.

Watch what competitors are posting

It is preferable to concentrate on those competitors who have greater popularity than you do. Look at what they share and how their followers respond to it. You can create your own topics and publications based on those of others; you are not required to reproduce them exactly.

Read foreign blogs

You can find information in them that has not yet reached you. For example, you can find out about new updates on social networks or news before your competitors do. The only difficulty is adapting the news to your audience and generally finding something that will be relevant to your followers.

Search topics on question sites

To think of subjects for posts and stories, consider the queries that your target audience is posing. For example, you manage a relationship-related Instagram profile. Enter “relationship” into Reddit to find a few post subjects.

Be more attentive to the surrounding reality

Occasionally, a topic can appear seemingly out of nowhere; you only need to be attentive. You can update your subscribers if something strange happened at home, at work, or when you were on your way to a meeting. For example, describe how you avoided missing the plane but managed to navigate and find a solution.

Create useful collections and tutorials

People like lists and step-by-step instructions and frequently bookmark them. You can compile a list of the movies, books, software, and daily activities that you use. The target audience should find the content beneficial, and that is what matters most. As an example, consider the list of the “Top 5 strategies to enhance the profile in 2022”.

Post personal recommendations

You use a particular video editing application, you’ve learned a cool meditation technique, or you learned a new trick; now you have a post idea waiting to be written.

Talk about your habits

You may mention that you go to a party with friends every December 31st, run every morning, or follow a keto diet.

Tell about yourself

Tell interesting facts about yourself. Or introduce subscribers to a new employee if you’re promoting a company account.

Update old posts

There are undoubtedly outdated posts that could be expanded upon or updated with newer data. For instance, you might have written instructions on how to use Instagram a few years ago, but since then, the social network has updated, making the earlier post outdated. You might publish a new one that incorporates the modifications. Besides, if you have a problem that you can’t figure out how to write a post well, you can talk to a professional writer from PayForEssay and learn some helpful tips on how to break your creative block.

Take Instagram post ideas from other social networks

Search Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit for posts on your topic, then pick the ones you haven’t discussed on your Instagram profile.

Shoot backstages

Show the behind-the-scenes action, such as how you set up for a crucial meeting or webinar, how you develop content, and what your coworkers do while you take a break.

Make an infographic

Gather eye-catching data and information concerning the subject of your profile and share them. Using ideas and tips, you can accomplish this. You must make the infographic itself in addition to the text.

Tell about the product

Concerning its use and the issues that it can help the client with. In order for the consumer to understand. Put your numerous products in different posts if you have a lot of them.

Tell what your profile is about

Also what information you can find in it. Here, you can be as open as you can about your motivations for blogging, your objectives, and your areas of primary attention. You can ask your readers what other topics they would like to see on your profile at the end of the post.

Create serial content, such as advice posts

Choose your own topics for serial content, but don’t post them all at once. Instead, mix them in with postings on other topics. Creating a folder in Highlights for each topic and shooting a series of entries is also a good idea.

Tell about an important event of the day, month, year

As an example, a human design coach discusses the development of a new cooperative enterprise and friendship as a significant event in 2022. This means that you can post about every significant event, such as the birth of a child, a move, or the completion of a new project.

Tell about training

This is relevant to those who lead marathons, webinars, and courses. You can publish about each day of training, including what you’re going to cover and the takeaways for the students, to draw in new clients. It is ideal if you sell courses both in real-time and on videos, as the post can be viewed after the course has ended. It is preferable to post stories for webinars and live courses.

Share your motivation and life rules

Describe the rules of life that you defined for yourself when you were 20 years old and still stick to them.

Dispel myths and stereotypes

Look for widespread misconceptions regarding the subject of your profile and work to dispel them.

Post announcements

Inform your followers of upcoming events, special offers, and new products.

Play the game “True or False”

Write down a few facts about you or your product, then ask your subscribers to identify what facts are true and what facts are false in the comments.

But only one or two posts of this type should be published at a time. A topic like this lets readers learn more about you, and it also lets you monitor how well your audience understands you.

Close objections and respond to negativity

If you have a large audience, this is a never-ending source of Instagram post ideas. Gather the most frequent objections from the comments and address them in a post. This is a good response to an objection, for instance: “I don’t dye my hair because I’m frightened of damaging it.” What types of comments may you make on this one:

  • Which hair dye does not damage the structure of your hair;
  • 5 guidelines for dying hair without damaging it;
  • How to maintain the health of colored hair;
  • Is there a safe coloring for hair that is thin and damaged?

Capture a moment in life and post about it

Subscribers like real emotion captured in the process. Ask a friend, family, spouse, or child to shoot random photos of you; you might get some interesting ones to post on Instagram.

Post cases

Share a case study if you offer services to businesses or educate aspiring professionals. First, there may be many such cases (i.e., you will have post topics), and second, positive outcomes encourage you to get in touch with people.

Take topics for posts from travel

Posting trip reports is the simplest thing to do, but you can also share fascinating events that happened to you, people you met, and insights you gained while traveling.

Makeup minigames

Such posts are necessary for the comments to be active. An example of a game is “Continue a Thought”. The first part of the thought can be written in the post, such as “When I become a millionaire, then…”, and readers should leave their responses in the comments. Alternately, let the followers create the first phrase, and the subsequent commentator should complete it. The hashtags #game and #insta-game can be used to create your own games or to find others.


Though there are undoubtedly a lot more ways to obtain Instagram post ideas than those listed in this article. Use these suggestions, and you’ll never run out of things to write about. They work for other social networks in addition to Instagram.

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