How can Instagram Ads help your business grow

Instagram is more than simply a place to share photos and videos.

It evolved to present a plethora of features and prospects for promoting various kinds of small businesses ranging from local cafes and small-scale service businesses to even an online boutique on Shopify selling various products like custom jerseys or custom beanies.

Instagram has been much more business-friendly since upgrading its “Activity” button for users and replacing it with the “Shop” in 2020.

While creating a marketing strategy with social media, do not underestimate the influence of Instagram ads. Why? Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users in 2018, generating $8 billion in ad revenue. It established itself as one of the most important marketing mediums.

NB! In this article we’ll discuss promotion using tools from Instagram.
Read How to create a successful influencer marketing campaign, if you need to learn more about promoting with the help of influencers.

Let us look at how your business can reap exponential benefits from Instagram Ads.

Why use Instagram ads?

Before we jump into how Instagram ads can benefit your business, let us understand what the podium has to offer:

1. Has immense reach

Instagram provenly has increased user presence than other social media platforms. It has over 500 million active users daily, compared to 326 million Twitter users and 150 million users on Snapchat.

When it comes to business, 72% of users purchase after seeing a product on Instagram, and 60% of users use Instagram to learn about new items.

2. Instagram has elite features to help businesses

Instagram has numerous features that make shopping easier for shoppers and help businesses sell efficiently.

For example, the link in the story allows people to follow the link, which redirects them to the product page. It has even availed the ‘shop now’ or ‘buy’ button to clear the intent of businesses.

Recently, Instagram also introduced a feature that lets you connect your Shopify store with your Instagram accounts.

3. Instagram ads are easy to use

If you have utilized Facebook for organic and sponsored growth via advertisements, you know it is simple to extend your reach and efforts to their sibling site since they are linked through Facebook Ads Manager.

Now that Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads Manager are connected, you can enjoy the benefits of the majority of campaign goals, optimization choices, and targeting options.

Since you see why to use Instagram ads in marketing your business, let us look at two different kinds of advertising possible on Instagram.

Advertising methods on Instagram

On Instagram, there are two advertising options: free advertising and paid advertising.

Advertising without capital investment

If you currently have a personal account, you will need to create a new account for your small company. You can learn how to set up a business account on Instagram using this guide.

Integrate your online e-commerce business, such as a Shopify store, with Instagram and Facebook to sell directly to your followers.

Begin by publishing relevant photographs and videos to expand your audience and get followers. Build your brand online and naturally attract new consumers. Focusing on the quality of your content is crucial to advertising without paying for ads.

Your material should be focused, appealing, and of excellent quality. Consider hiring a photographer or leveraging your best photography gears to take top-notch pictures.

You should also plan your content by determining the best time to publish on Instagram for maximum interaction.

Advertising using premium Instagram features

You can take advantage of premium Instagram ad features with editor platforms such as ad manager, power editor, and Facebook API.

Set the intention for your ads, adjust your target audience requirements, and set your budget. Access Facebook’s guide to using Instagram ads with an ad manager to learn more.

There are four different types of paid ads on Instagram that can benefit you in different ways.

  1. Photo ads to promote a product with high-quality pictures.
  2. Video ads present the product in action with videos for up to 60 seconds.
  3. Carousel ads allow swiping through the post to see pictures and videos with a CTA directing to your product’s web page.
  4. Ads on stories, a full-screen advertisement presented between viewing stories, allow swiping up to take the user to your online store.

How Instagram Ads Benefit Your Business Growth

1. Instagram ads help reach the target audience

Instagram advertisements can help small companies stand out from the crowd by allowing marketers to cut through the clutter and reach the right people at the right time with the appropriate message.

Since Instagram is linked to Facebook, targeting your audience based on Facebook data is much simpler.

You can use Meta tools to target individuals based on their location, activity, hobbies, and age. You may target certain audiences who are likely to buy your items when you employ such sophisticated targeting choices.

You can also retarget audiences using the targeting settings, another element of Facebook advertisements. People who are being retargeted have previously heard or seen your company or brand.

They might also be customers who have not purchased anything yet but have viewed your website.

So, for example, customers who visited your online POD business page, will receive ads as a reminder to keep considering your products.

2. Instagram gives high audience engagement

As mentioned above, Instagram has more active users than any other social media platform. If nothing, you raise company exposure by using several ad choices and features to reach a large audience and earn more Instagram followers.

A brand that is visible on Instagram and has a large following enhances the level of visibility and engagement of the company.

Instagram allows you to acquire extensive reach that continues to provide results long after a campaign has ended. Outside of advertising, one may use the power of their audience via increased interaction and organic growth techniques to go even further.

trendHERO’s analytical features allow brands and influencers to understand the growth of their audience by providing crucial audience information such as demographics, interest, and type (fake or not).

3. Increase your ROI

While Instagram marketing requires effort and commitment, it yields the highest results. It is more effective and takes less time than other internet marketing strategies. Instagram Ads allow tracking performance through ads manage to constantly work on your strategies.

You may easily determine your ROI by calculating the cost per result for each campaign you’ve run, including link hits that lead to conversions.

Knowing these data points allows you to gauge your performance since you can see the cost of reaching benchmarks.

When combined with trendHERO, you understand your audience, which gives you a better idea of where to spend your money when generating or changing your Instagram advertising.

Summing up

Instagram is the cool kid on the block and one of the trendiest platforms for marketing small businesses.

The influence of Instagram is set to show a continuous increase over time. If you operate in eCommerce, Instagram is a critical success factor due to its undeniably efficient shopping-centric social media advertising strategies.

Consider using Instagram in your entire marketing plan to determine if and how it can be included in your funnel and assist boost your bottom line.

In combination with trendHERO’s state-of-the-art features to monitor competitors, keep track of what works for them, and apply it to your business strategy.

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