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  • 90+ metrics for account analytics and
    checks for fake followers on Instagram.
  • Tracking, Ad Posts Database, Audience
    overlaps and more advanced features

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Why you should use trendHERO

To find the right influencer

Find creators and influencers who will reach your target audience.

To check for fake followers

Find out which influencers will yield results and who will not bring sales or subscribers.

To save costs

Don’t waste your budget on inflated accounts with fake followers.

To know your audience

Analyse the quality and growth of instagram followers.

Account analytics

  • Audience analytics

    Audience by gender, city and country

    Check out the demographics of followers and accounts that like the influencer

    Subscribers and subscriptions grow

    See how and why an influencer’s subscribers are growing

    Audience interests

    Compare your audience’s interests with those of the influencer you’re looking to buy ads from

    Audience type

    Check the influencer’s account for inflating followers and fake followers
  • Checking comments

    Author’s comments

    Check how the blogger replies to comments and how closely they are in contact with their followers

    Short comments

    Check how the audience are engaged in the content – e.g. short comments indicate a low degree of interest, or contests
  • Сontent analysis

    Likes spread

    Immediately check for prize draws, competitions and inflation of likes or comments

    Percentage of likes from subscribers.

    Find out the level of outreach the blogger receives from their subscribers
  • Analysis of mentions

    Advertising in mentions

    Find out who the influencer is advertising for and how often

    Find similar bloggers

    Easily see all the blogger’s ‘friends’

Searching for influencers and opinion leaders

  • Advanced search

    Search by demographic

    Search by the influencer’s city (town), country, and language

    Search by subscribers

    Find macro and micro-influencers, also search by follower growth

    Search by engagement

    Search by Engagement Rate, average number of likes and comments

    Search by active accounts

    Get the list of only those who have posted recently
  • 500 similar profiles

    List of 500 influencers

    Receive a list of 500 similar accounts based of interests of followers

    Two clicks

    It’s really quick and simple way of influencers discovery

    Look-a-like audience

    You need to find only one influencer to get a list of accounts with followers interested in the same category


    500 is a large number. That’s why you can sort by followers count, correlation or Engagement rate
  • The largest base

    Over 80 million bloggers

    The largest and most up-to-date Instagram accounts database from 1,000 subscribers and up

    ​​A large selection

    Get the list of the bloggers you need, even if they don’t sell advertising on an exchange

Influencers ad posts and stories monitoring

  • Competitors monitoring

    Ad post and stories

    Find out where and how often your competitors promote their profiles

    Influencers by categories

    Search for nano, micro and macroinfluencer for your ad campaigns

    Ad posts results

    See ad posts’ amounts of likes, comments and views of video

    Search by date

    Find out when competitors start active campaigns
  • Influencers check

    Ad posts history

    Know all brands an influencer has promoted before

    Percent of ad posts

    See all current live and past influencer ads (even deleted ones)

    Posts vs Ad posts

    Find out any difference in likes between common and ad posts.

    Search by keywords or hashtags

    Find influnecers matching your audience interests

Other features

PDF report export

Easy way to show a bunch of influencers to your client

Export lists to Excel

Get a list of accounts in xls table

Favourites and lists

Create your own collections of influencers (for example fashion influencer form Ontario)


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Who will benefit from trendHERO

  • Digital agencies

    • Find and check hundreds of influencers by city, audience type or other filters
    • Check influencers and creators previous ads and integrations
    • Download a professional report to check for your customer
  • Business owners

    • Monitor the account quality
    • Check the bloggers that offer advertising
    • Carry out an audit of the contractor’s work
  • SMM-marketers

    • Analyse their audience and improve the content for the target audience
    • Track advertising results
  • Influencers

    • Monitor your audience quality
    • Track your competitors’ growth
    • Provide the customer with reliable account stats

Our advantages:

No need to connect your account
We check business and personal accounts
Clear evidence with in-depth followers check
Machine learning for checking algorithms

Our prices

Free 🍬

Basic influencers discovery and analysis
0.7 за дополнительную проверку
  • Influencers Engagement Rate
  • Followers growth
  • Favourites

Lite 🧑‍💻

Check or create your own list of influencers from search
Tree trial
0.7 for additional report
  • Influencer Discovery
  • 10 reports/mo
  • Tracking 3 accounts
  • Unlimited lists
  • Likers and active audience analysis
  • Ad efficiency
  • Unused reports transfer to a next month in a case of renewal

Pro 😎

Comprehensive search and ads monitoring
Try free
0.7 for additional report
  • Influencer Discovery
  • 50 reports/mo
  • Tracking 20 accounts
  • Unlimited lists
  • Likers and active audience analysis
  • Ad efficiency
  • Unused reports transfer to a next month in a case of renewal
  • 10 influencers audience overlaps
  • 500 similar accounts
  • Ad Posts database

Advanced 🚀

For marketers who deal with influencers on a daily basis
Try free
0.7 for additional report
  • Influencer Discovery
  • 200 reports/mo
  • Tracking 50 accounts
  • Unlimited lists
  • Likers and active audience analysis
  • Ad efficiency
  • Unused reports transfer to a next month in a case of renewal
  • 100 influencers audience overlaps
  • 500 similar accounts
  • Ad Posts database
  • Priority support
  • [Soon] CRM and influencers contacts

90+ million

Instagram accounts in the influencer database

330 000

influencers’ accounts already checked using trendHERO

15 565

marketers and business owners are already with us

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