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Influencer outreach

Search for and connect with hundreds of influencers in 5 minutes or less

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Why use trendHERO for influencer outreach?

All-in-one tool

Easy-to-use workflow

Detailed statistics

One-click access to influencer contacts

trendHERO outreach advantages

All-in-one influencer marketing tool

Search, track, analyze, and connect influencers all in one place. Start your campaign in 5 minutes

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Get detailed statistics, compare offers

Keep track of your Response rate. Get notified as soon as an influencer responds to your offer. Track the full statistics of your outreach: Opens, Clicks, Rejects, and Replies.


Save hundreds of hours a month

No more manual searches for influencers contacts. No more copy/paste. Save hundreds of hours each month with immediate access to influencers' contact information.

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Influencer email outreach automation

No need for Excel list building or HTML templates. Create an offer, choose influencers and click 'Send'. That’s all.

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Personalized emails for influencer outreach

Increase your Response rate with dynamic email templates that get results.

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How our clients take advantage of influencer outreach:

Influencer outreach is mostly used to connect with influencers and Instagram creators. But it’s also used to:


Connect with brands


Offer collaborations with influencers


Find freelancers or specialists


Get influencers email addresses

How much does Instagram influencer outreach cost

Influencer outreach is included in our plans: Pro and Advanced.

Choose the right tier for you based on the number of outreach emails you want to send each month.

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