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Followers Growth+18.7KSuspicious of the audience look authentic12%Audience typeReal61%Suspicious11%Commercial10%Mass followers16%Influencers1.8%Audience ReachabilityGood of followers that follow less than 1500 accounts.79%
How can you use trendHERO Instagram account analysis:

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What will you find in the Instagram account analytics report

Instagram followers demographics

Find out if the influencer’s audience fits your target demographic.

An influencer may have real followers, but they may not be able to purchase from you because they live in another country etc.

This means they’ll show up as engaged and active followers but will not benefit your campaign. Check the country, city, and gender of followers.

Audience Location010%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%USCABRASLTITAudience TypeReal61%Suspicious11%Commercial10%Mass followers16%Influencers1.8%

Check fake followers

Work only with real influencers

This section will showcase suspicious accounts among the influencer's audience via charts that allow you to have a complete picture of authentic versus fake followers.

Audience ReachabilityGood of the audience are following haveless than 1500 accounts79%Audience AuthenticitySuspicious look authentic of the audience12%

Account Quality Score (AQS) and Engagement rate

Know if you want to work with this influencer within seconds

AQS presents the quality of the influencers content, followers, and engagement. This score sums up all of the metrics in the full report and gives you a quick evaluation of the account.

Bad13/100Account Quality Score (AQS)Good53/100Account Quality Score (AQS)

Influencer content analysis

Check the authenticity of likes and comments

Detect fake likes or suspicious patterns in content distribution. View analysis’ for like spread, likes from other influencers or mass followers, as well as comment analysis.

Likes Spread010%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%

Follower count history

See followers growth patterns

Check how an influencer gained their audience to see if it was via viral content, consistent growth or through giveaways. You can also export this data to an Excel file.

Followers Growth40%30%20%10%0%

Instagram audience interests and similar accounts

Be sure to find the best audience for your campaign

Use in-depth influencer analytics to see account followers' interests. Find similar influencers based on the audience following niche creators and brands.

87Maria Kravecmkrav32,9kFollowers1,9kFollowing7%ER32Kate Smithsmithkate32,9kFollowers124Following1%ER7Manana FASHIONmfashion33,9kFollowers1,1kFollowing6,1%ERJena DENYjenadeny123,9kfollowersProfile
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How much does Instagram account analysis cost?

Analytics is available in each of our plans: Lite, Pro, and Advanced.

We know that Instagram influencer rates can be expensive; that’s why you can start analyzing influencers in trendHERO for free.

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